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  1. Thank you, Sharon Campbell
  2. Tell me about the Holland American Z
  3. Tell me about the Holland American Z
  4. Thank you so much! It worked for Me! Sharon Campbell
  5. Thanks everyone for your great responses.
  6. Where is cruisering? I would love to read about your cruises.
  7. Who has taken a trip on the Explorer of the Seas.
  8. The same thing happend to us on Feb. 10, but we were lucky enough to have the manager come out and speak to us. Sharon Campbell
  9. We were turned away form Rendezvous Resort on Feb. 10th the reason being, that they had a bug, I wonder if they really had a bug or they thought we would be bringing in a bug since so many sick on the Princess ships. It was a real disappointment because it looked so beautiful. Hope to go there some day in the future.
  10. Thanks so much Carol I hope your right.
  11. I just made a reservation with the resort. They have changed there afternoon hours now, they sent me a e-mail stating that the afternoon hours were from noon to 6PM. I would of liked it much better the other way since our ship leaves at 5:00.
  12. has anyone gone out of New York this week on the Miracle.
  13. From my experience the longer the cruise the better!!! Thanks for the reply, Sharon
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