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  1. Haiti has had tens of billions of dollars given to it over years. In an island split between them and the Dominican Republic, the DR is spoiled compared to them. Endless poverty. Destruction of their own resources by themselves. Begging by children from generation to generation. But we go to Labadee and it is out of sight except for the people in employment who even beg a bit from us visitors.
  2. Should they have had to wear them in the first place? Since this was a political issue over a medical one in importance.
  3. It is how you look at it. There are people who look at cruising as an entitled comfort with price meaning nothing and others as a luxury on a budget to do.
  4. 8 billion people...And the those living the best spill endless champagne in a 4 ounce glass with it overflowing spouting how they feel the pain.
  5. Cruises going to their cays in short duration will make out. Shorter ones will profit. It is for the more economically minded and /or partying people. The cruise lines know this. But the longer cruises are in the way because of the politics of people who want more power.
  6. i have skin allergies. my family was eating at an MDR dinner on Royal and a ship lady employee was suggesting a seafood product. I told her I had allergies and she got nervous. And thought she would get fired. At least that was her reaction.
  7. If the men and women who work on the ships need the vaccines, it would be prudent to offer their families in their home countries that option if they wanted it and there was no access.
  8. That is a good post. If they were aloud to be salty it would be a bit different.
  9. You undervalue what the media, entertainers and Politicians have done o0ver the last dozen years or so. There has been an affect.
  10. Local news TV stations are running near 24 hrs a day "take your shot " beggings". Advertising for free gifts with your shots by companies. Employees being goosed to get the shot. Yeah...this is a real pandemic. People re affected. Depending on age and immunity and issues. We lost control of our government to overlords a long time ago.
  11. Freedom is earned and with vigilance. A civilian public school teacher earning a hundred thousand dollars a year and a Catholic school nun earning a few thousand are two different vouchers. Loving a job for some true belief over just working a job for human pay scales. I mean for fifty years now we are graduating idiots our of inner city schools. And I would probably want to be educated by the public school system if I had a choice.
  12. BlerkOne...we all screw up over and over in life. The powerful makes thing worse when they do the same.
  13. I got sent to the naughty room three times on the Covid issue with this site. To me until my death, liberty and freedom is the main issue. Even though we are not that. I do not want to upset anyone. And be ignorant. Cruising is freedom. To do what we want! The people in charge being in our faces is not good. To all of you ion the vax side...loosen up.
  14. All of you should remember what happened to flying as a passenger on an airline after 9/11. The TSA, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the total revulsion by people on airlines towards passengers that appeared after. With passengers being more and more of the same. Nickel and Diming expanded aggravating passengers with those trying to save a few bucks putting their luggage in the passenger compartment with added costs as options. But then we get into diversity. Well on cruise ships you better get ready for all types of games by people. You guys who cruise a lot. Do you ever talk to peopl
  15. A good start would be for the media and entertainers to tone it down. It is clear they are 95% on one side. And they convinced a lot of people of their way.
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