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  1. Skypad is different. A poster has typed bungee trampoline. On Enchantment if that what what was meant, it is a small area on one side of the ship. And it was closed both times I was on the ship for cruises every day. Definitely wind may affect it or there was not much concern for it.
  2. Do you have to remove cable connections from the TV? And change what the ship gives to its passengers as per contract? Then return it back to that after you violate what you signed up for.
  3. I was on the Enchantment twice. That 75 foot extra section gives it an edge over the others in class. Massive extra public space with a great Lido Deck. However, if maintenance is needed and a few million more dollars are needed, do it! The Royal Caribbean Solariums on the smaller ships need to have the glass ceiling removed. Otherwise it is like a half sauna in the warmer climates. Enchantment has this bouncing device they tie to you with bungee cords as to jump up and down that was closed both times I was there. Get rid of it. They got the Lido deck. Make it the shining jewel. 83 thousand tons of 4 ships less of the class. One is 75 thousand and two other 77 thousand tons.
  4. Whatever political ways, I have grandchildren. And before the oldest goes to first grade in a few years, I would like to take a cruise with them and hopefully paying a bit less. I hope you have a great cruise with them. p.s....learning to pack for them and if a stroller or other things are needed is something to learn.
  5. Add a good entertainment station or two and expand the loops a bit. No political crap. People with children and teenagers may appreciate it more. News stations must be neutral and tell us news or balance it with different stations views.
  6. This is politics. Anglo nations of the world including the EU member states are facing more restrictions.
  7. Seems to be blase for such a destructive virus. The powers that be seem to be side stepping and stringing us along with the fact that they may not be as on the ball as people would hope.
  8. I have spoken to people on cruises and they never paid anything for gratuities and tips. And it did not bother them at all.
  9. Some other forum or thread I saw a post where someone wrote that Carnival sells a 5 drink card for HMC and the price is 25 Dollars. Whether it is fact or not and it covers all drinks and gratuities was not typed.
  10. There are questions all the time. From what I read, it seems the testing can be like a placebo more then science that is truly accurate.
  11. I was on a Royal cruise and a lady in the MDR suggested a seafood item. It may have been a premium like lobster. It did not bother me but I said I have allergies to different types of seafood. She got nervous like she would lose her job. Perhaps she was thinking if I had a sever reaction it would be bad for her. It would be interesting to know what the men and women that work on the ships have to follow in their employment rules.
  12. Differences between the Elation and Paradise which were renovated at the same time. Is one for more partying and the other for more mature?
  13. Royal has put money into several ships. Approximately 100 million dollars or more or so over the last few years in refurbishments. Covid supposedly reduced it on some of the ships scheduled. the negative is building more cabins and taking out some public areas as it is always the case. On the promenade they took out a couple of stores and put a sports bar in called Playtimes I believe. It has pool tables and foosball probably to pay for. It has pay for food but liquor is covered under a liquor package if bought. There may be extra pay restarunts and there is an expanded water slide and some VR entertainment on the back rear of the ship. You can look it up and see what was before and after.
  14. I think it is subjective. There are seasoned cruisers who have written that we pay for amenities on a cruise. Johnny Rockets is a Hamburger emporium. And paying the 10 dollars or so for each person in your party is an added expense since Royal can provide those products for nothing. The more expensive pay emporiums that have proliferated over the years may have more of a worth due to quality of the product.
  15. When Mariner went to Port Canaveral, I read an article it was Amped Up and meant to attract a high percentage of younger passengers on 3 and 4 days cruises. I have been on the Explorer and the Liberty ships from other Florida ports and that was not the case although there were younger people there. A different vibe is present with different groups of people.
  16. When paying for something, all people have a right to be treated well. From flying to cruising.
  17. To allow the powers that be corral us into this way of living is disgusting. From a general abrasive view of Vax and Non Vax, it is breaking down to being specific about the Vaxxed. This is government at its most disruptive. We all see the monopoly Dock workers take our bags to the ship on carts. They get paid several times more then the ship workers who take the bags and bring them all over the ship working several times harder. The ship employees move us on and off very quickly in most ways. Then we get the government involved during disembarkation when the cruise ends. A lot of fun when the quicker movement becomes something mired in glue. So the CDC make laws now for us all.
  18. An important subject. Does the use of these devices give the passenger a claim or request to use a Disability Cabin?
  19. That may be true. There are many people who live within driving distance of a few hours or les of ports who fill up the ships. I was more or less directing the post about them. Although there are people who have families and are on budgets who fly in and maybe have family within driving distance. Interestingly on more diverse Carnival cruises, African Americans are not getting the Vaccination in high percentage.
  20. The Cruise industry before Covid was a well oiled machine. 24 hours a day receiving and departing passengers while keeping the ships going. Running all of the ships in different sizes and duration of cruises to different types of ports. A few cruise lines getting passengers on the ships at the lowest price possible while others with the same intent getting a bit more. If there are less people on the more economical cruises filling up those ships, that will affect the more affluent cruisers prices or the longer cruise prices. That can be reversed also.
  21. A concentration camp realism experience will wake him up.
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