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  1. My email says that March 27th is definitely cancelled!
  2. The short answer to where will we cruise in 2020 is nowhere now. Sigh.....
  3. What good is a FCC if the company goes bust?
  4. Solon

    Binocular help

    Depends on how you want to use them. Most ship to ship marine binoculars are 10x40 if that is how you intend to use them. Then there is price!!! Some are cheap optics while there are much more expensive “stabilising” binoculars useful for a moving vessel. Please provide more information and perhaps we can help you choose.
  5. Thanks for this info, Grandma. There is no ship/little person. I will try a re-install on iOS 12.4. Cheers
  6. Thank you all for your replies. Phil, as usual, you have answered all my questions. Cheers
  7. I am intending to use the cash machine onboard the Quest to get some dollars. Does anyone know if there is a cash limit and any other helpful information such as does it usually work? Thanks...
  8. Most of you are doing far better than me. My app does nothing but show my two booked cruises. Nothing else....
  9. Thanks Grandma Cruising. I did use this link fairly recently for another Azamara cruise. As before, at the end of the booking process you had to tick a preference for either email or telephone and someone will contact you within 48 hours to complete the booking! Strange... When I order stuff on line, I never have to speak with anyone. Maybe this has changed recently. If so, welcome to the modern age Azamara....
  10. Agree with most of the posters. My wife objects to standing in a long line for food and then struggle to find a table.
  11. Had to resort to the old way as well. The new way still does not work. Thanks for the advice. We are taking some friends with us on Azamara. They are seasoned cruisers, but it will be their first time with Azamara. Our friend keeps complaining about their website. For example, he doesn't understand why you can't book packages through the website! You have to email someone etc. Really feels like low tech! I know I will get a complaint when he tries to check in. It is embarrassing for us as we persuaded them to join this cruise! Never again.....
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