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  1. I cancelled a May 26 Canada cruise that I had made full payment on without HAL cancelling (even though most of the ports were Canadian and we wouldn't be going there). I wanted to get all of my payment except for the deposit back. At the same time I also cancelled the 2020 World Cruise anticipating getting my rather large deposit back. The cruises are no longer shown on my account on Holland America but I have heard nothing about a refund. The cancellations were done March 20. A few days before that I had cancelled my excursions that had been booked online and those refunds were processed wit
  2. Don't know about flights originating in US but I had flights from Montreal to Atlanta booked Feb 13 of this year for a return from a cruise to Montreal. I just checked Air Canada's web site and since my flights aren't cancelled I only get a credit for one year, but with no change fee. I will just be out that money since I don't plan to travel anywhere in the next year.
  3. I understood from various blogs written by passengers on the World Cruise that HAL was giving you $1250 toward your flights home. Seems like your travel insurance would also pick up some of the cost.
  4. I believe you misunderstood my post. I was trying (I guess unsuccessfully) to point out how impractical it would be to send the Zaandam and the Rotterdam to The Netherlands for help. We need to help them hear in the US. I don't understand why you thought I or anyone was pointing fingers.
  5. That means the Zaandam would have to seek help from the Netherlands since that is where it is registered. I may be mistaken but I believe all Holland America ships are Netherlands flagged.
  6. Thanks for your great post. It was so nice to follow along with you on the World Cruise. You were always so upbeat and positive and that continued to the end. Thanks for your closing words. Even now people are continuing to ignore how serious this is and endangering not only themselves, but also the lives of others and potentially overwhelming our medical community. Hope to maybe meet you on the 2022 World Cruise. I had planned to do the 2021 but decided against it for health and financial reasons.
  7. You won't lose all your money. And frankly I would rather have most of my money than FCC. HAL isn't really advertising this but I believe they have to honor the Cruise Contract. You should read this on the Holland America web site: Effective with Summer 2020 voyages, the revised policy is as follows: GRAND WORLD, GRAND VOYAGES, ANY SEGMENT OF A GRAND WORLD OR GRAND VOYAGE, 28+ DAY HAWAII, TAHITI & MARQUESAS, AMAZON EXPLORER, INCAN EMPIRES (INCLUDING SEGMENTS), 30+ DAY TRANSATLANTIC VOYAGES AND ANY SEGMENT OF A 30+ DAY TRANSATLANTIC: 120-91 days before commencing travel:
  8. So happy to hear you made it home without too many problems. I have been following your blog but also read your posts here to see the comments. I will miss your daily posts. I, too, have enjoyed the trivia and always tested myself. I will have to study! I have a "hold" deposit for the 2022 World Cruise (canceled my 2021 WC because I am afraid things won't be settled down by then). Hope we are shipmates in 2022. Even though I am not a knitter, I would love to meet you in person! Take care and stay well!
  9. Thanks. You feel like an "old" friend after following you for so long. Please keep us posted.
  10. You have a great attitude! I have enjoyed following you on your journey. It is sad that it had to end prematurely but life is turned upside down for us all. Good to hear that you were able to get off the ship and go to a hotel and that you have good flights booked. Take care and let us know when you get home. Will miss reading your posts!
  11. A friend and I were talking last night and I "jokingly" suggested a cruise ship would be a good quarantine place for those who were infected. In land they are building special places to put trailers. I had no idea that someone would really come up with that idea!
  12. It is not just what you have been through. It is also a financial decision at this point. This has just pointed out how uncertain things are. Maybe 2021. Wishing you safe travels home.
  13. I have been following your blog, 128 Days Around the World, but didn't connect it and you to your cruise critic name. I have really enjoyed your blog posts, especially the trivia questions. I test myself every day! I feel so bad for you and your fellow World Cruisers. It is bad enough here at home, but at least I am in my cozy home not in another country not knowing how or when I will get home. I am signed up for next years World Cruise, but now having second thoughts.
  14. Looks like you will have an overnight in Perth. I did a circumnavigation cruise of Australia two years ago and we docked at Fremantle for Perth. Fremantle is small and has one or two shuttle bus routes that as I recall were free and go to the various attractions in town. We walked all over the downtown area and it is quite charming. Perth is a comfortable train ride from Fremantle and the station was very close to where we docked. We loved Perth. . . took the Hop On Hop Off Bus there.
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