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  1. love_the_sea

    Oceania World Cruise 2020

    Took a quick look and like the countries but it appears to go west and then around South America and then east to Africa. Strange itinerary. Seems like they just put different cruises together to come up with a World Cruise.
  2. love_the_sea

    Comparisons of cruise lines

    What level cabin did you book? Do you have a feel for how Cunard is for solo travelers?
  3. Thanks Keith1010, Tampa Girl, and rkacruiser for your very detailed answers. This really helps. I have never filed for an extension so was not very comfortable with that process and it was easier to ask you all than to check out the IRS site. For the last 5 or 6 years I have done everything online, including my estimated payments which I set up in advance. I would think I could do that before I leave. And as rkacruiser said, I could do everything from Ft. Lauderdale right before we sail. I seem to already be at least half committed to doing the 2020 HAL WV. Just have to make sure all the details will work (I don't have anyone that I want to impose upon to take care of things).
  4. I am seriously considering a WC in Jan 2020 with HAL. The comments on this thread are very helpful. One thing that hasn't been covered is Income Tax. The tentative dates of the cruise are Jan 4 through May 12. How would I handle my taxes? You can't file for an extension until at least January and that gives no extension for payment. I never really know until I get my brokerage statement in January what my final tax bill will be. I have found that even though you have internet access on the ship, it is often not easy to open some web sites and I really wouldn't want to have to open a brokerage site on the ship. It isn't a secure connection, right?
  5. love_the_sea

    Early AM Tour to Monserrat

    who was your guide? and would you recommend?
  6. love_the_sea

    Are there really launderettes on Maasdam?

    Thanks everyone!! Great info! I really appreciate all the "tips" in addition to answering my original question. My travel partner will be especially appreciative. She really didn't want to use HAL's laundry service and while I don't mind, it will be nice to save some money and not have to pack so much on this long cruise!
  7. I see launderettes on the deck plan for Maasdam and am wondering if they really are still there. It does appear that no changes have been made to this ship in the past couple of years. I am going to be on a 32 day cruise so it would be nice to be able to do my own laundry and to have access to an ironing board. Thanks I did a search and turned up some results but the latest was 4 years old.
  8. love_the_sea

    Celebrity Infinity Feb. 5 cruise - WOW!!

    Thanks for the additional info. I knew about the Midnatsol, but not the 2 additional ships.
  9. Thanks, Shawnino. I am now looking at the Fram. I got basically the same advice when I posted a query on the Antarctica Ports of Call sub-forum. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement.
  10. love_the_sea

    Celebrity Infinity Feb. 5 cruise - WOW!!

    HAL does a circumnavigation of Australia cruise (30 days) that looks like it hits all the major points in Australia and goes to the Great Barrier Reef. I am not sure, but you might be able to add on a cruise that then goes to NZ. I didn't look because I have done the NZ/AUS cruise and you are right they are mostly NZ.
  11. love_the_sea

    Celebrity Infinity Feb. 5 cruise - WOW!!

    Thanks to both of you for posting this information. This sounds like the way to go. I wasn't aware that the Fram used a different sort of landing boat. I took a look at this and they seem to be booked for this coming season but maybe closer to the time they will have something come available. The other challenge is that I will be traveling solo unless I can talk my one adventurous travel buddy into going. I may go ahead and just book for the 2018-2019 season. Thanks again.
  12. love_the_sea

    Celebrity Infinity Feb. 5 cruise - WOW!!

    The two different experiences presented here are intriguing. Antarctica has long been on my bucket list as I really enjoy seeing nature more than cities. I am, however, worried about my physical limitations (a not at all active, overweight 70 yr old). I got myself in relatively good shape and went to the Galapagos 6 years ago and had a little trouble getting in and out of the Zodiacs and managed to do the hikes with some difficulty. Three years ago I went to Patagonia and did a week long expedition cruise in the Chilean fjords. That time I had more difficulty getting in and out of the Zodiacs. The landing at Cape Horn was particularly difficult with the sea conditions and the wind and sleet. After that I stayed on board the ship for the landings at the glacier and a major hike. I am very afraid that Antarctica would pose the same challenges to me. If I went on one of the expedition ships as opposed to the Zaandam would it still be better, even if I didn't go on any of the landings? Or should I just settle for a "cruise-by"? Can you see much of the wildlife from a cruise ship? Thanks in advance for your opinions :)
  13. I just ran across this thread today and read your journal. It is so well written and the pictures are all beautiful and some are absolutely spectacular. Antarctica has always been on my bucket list, but I am afraid I am no longer up to it physically. Your journal and pictures were the next best thing to being there myself. Thanks for the great effort you put into it.
  14. love_the_sea

    The Chardonnay Sisters Last Ride

    I too wish there were a LIKE button. A friend sent me the original post and I was so sad when I reached the line that told why you couldn't continue the review. Wish I had discovered your writing sooner. What a delight. So sorry for your loss.
  15. love_the_sea

    Need info on Tampa

    Thanks, I guess I thought that would be Ft.Lauderdale, Miami and Canaveral. I tend to think of Tampa as Gulf Coast. I think I got what I needed in the answers above but I may also go to that Board also.