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  1. If we keep up the current pace of diminution of Covid-19 cases and deaths, and combine that with the accelerating rate of vaccinations, it would be more than reasonable to believe that by the time these cruises roll around cruising will be looked upon as a safe activity.
  2. Assuming that Crystal performs the Covid tests onboard in the three days prior to disembarkation (which they must do for passengers going directly back home to the USA), what happens if a passenger tests positive? Will that passenger be allowed to disembark in the Bahamas? If so, will the passenger need to go into quarantine? If the passenger is not allowed to disembark, then what???
  3. Actually, 100 million people vaccinated in the next 100 days is far from "aggressive." This past week in the United States, we averaged 806,000 vaccinations daily, and virtually all experts agree that so far our rate of vaccination is a dismal failure. So increasing from 800K daily to 1M daily is just a modest increase and hardly takes us out of the "dismal failure" category, in my opinion. I don't understand why this hasn't been recognized more broadly... perhaps because 100M is a large, flashy number and distracts from the reality.
  4. Several years ago I was told by an enrichment speaker that this was the case. Anyone know the reasoning behind this policy?
  5. Fair enough, there certainly were some deaths attributed to Covid-19 that could have been otherwise labeled. However, if you examine "excess deaths" this year compared with last year, you will see that the number is well above 280,000. That is the real effect of Covid-19 on our death rate because it includes indirect Covid-19 related deaths (such as from patients not following up with their cardiologist or oncologist this entire year due to fear of contracting the virus at the clinic or hospital.) There will likely be even more indirect deaths once the effect of missing screening tests (mam
  6. This is a perfect example of how incomplete evidence can lead to a markedly incorrect conclusion. Although there are rare instances of GBS following influenza immunization, the risk of getting this syndrome is quite likely higher from getting influenza itself than from the vaccine. So, certainly, you can get GBS following a flu shot, but in reality you actually are lowering your risk of getting GBS by getting vaccinated as opposed to get the flu.
  7. "...any bank that steps in to restructure Genting would want to see Crystal sell its two older, oceangoing ships, the Serenity and the Symphony." That doesn't seem to make much sense, unless a thorough make-over for Crystal is in the works, because the amount of money raised from the sale of these two ships would be rather inconsequential in the overall financial picture of Genting. It would leave Crystal with no ocean-going ships, which would obviously totally alter the essence of Crystal.
  8. This photo makes me nostalgic! This was our very first Crystal cruise, and I remember being right next to you in line to board that day, near the very front of the line. Thanks for posting this!
  9. In one of the articles that Tracie linked was the following statement: "Cruises from the U.S. can be no longer than seven days. The CDC reserves the right to shorten cruises." Does this refer to simulation cruises only or to regular cruises once they begin?
  10. For what it's worth, the included (free) excursions on Crystal River are generally outstanding. Although we, too, very much enjoy wandering off on our own on river cruises - whether just jogging along the river or exploring the towns - I would be satisfied with "just" going on a Crystal excursion in each river town.
  11. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2750766-crystal-refund-roll-call/
  12. What you're saying is entirely reasonable. But if Crystal just doesn't have the money, how can they refund you ? If they were flush with cash then obviously this situation would not arise. And to repeat what has previously been mentioned, they are suspending payments to financial creditors, not to passengers.
  13. I don't know if you'll be receiving your refund on Monday, but if you don't, you should be receiving your email from Crystal within 90 days...120 days tops.
  14. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/26/travel/coronavirus-cruises-reopening.html?action=click&module=News&pgtype=Homepage "The Times asked 10 of the biggest cruise lines to outline their preparations for resuming sailings. Only one, Genting Cruise Lines, a Hong Kong-based company that mostly operates in Asia, agreed to talk about its plans in detail."
  15. I noticed you listed my refund under the "Deposit Only" tab. Actually, I had fully paid for this cruise, so it should be listed under "Full Cruise Fare." Thanks.
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