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  1. FreestyleNovice

    Port of Rotterdam to Amsterdam

    Oh there is also a tour on Viator which is still cheaper, still steep but since you're with a group; https://www.viator.com/tours/Rotterdam/Private-Customizable-daytour-from-or-to-Rotterdam/d4211-10916P22
  2. FreestyleNovice

    Port of Rotterdam to Amsterdam

    That ShutteDirect company dares to ask 827 Euro for a roundtrip for 8. That's easy money for twice an one and a half hour drive. Even I would take a day off from the office and do that with a rental van LOL.. Renting a 9 person van is about 150-200 Euro including fuel. Not that you want to drive and park a van in Amsterdam... as a tourist. Train and metro will probably be some 40-45 Euro per person. Did not look for an exact fare. Browse through some coach + driver rentals, email them for some quotes, some might even offer day tours that suit your plans. Try www.doelen.net, they are pretty good.
  3. FreestyleNovice

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    And a reference pic of Bliss to show what we are looking at!
  4. FreestyleNovice

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    "Okay guys, hoist up those hot tubs, leave them there and let's call it a day, it's five o clock!"
  5. If the smaller hotels can't accommodate your needs there still is the Ibis across the Centraal Station, relatively small for a chain hotel but does come with all facilities.
  6. Leiden it is? The Morspoort hotel has a ground floor room for sure, https://www.boutiquehoteldeoudemorsch.nl/en/rooms/large-superior/. You should inform with Steenhofsuites. Leiden is very manageable for a scooter, Traveling by train with a scooter; https://www.ns.nl/en/travel-information/traveling-with-a-functional-disability/extra-facilities-train-station.html There's free assistance but has to be pre-booked as far as I know. The Intercity trains have a step, the stoptrains called Sprinter are level floored but have to cross the gap between platform and train. No trams in Leiden, trams in Amsterdam may vary, see https://en.gvb.nl/reizen/toegankelijk-ov. If your dad can manage one or two steps and you can fold the scooter you will be fine everywhere. Within walking distance of both hotels you will find plenty of nice cozy and affordable restaurants. Near Steenhof Suites is La Bota, an eatery which attracts a mixed crowd enjoying low priced meals and even al fresco in spring and summer on their small courtyard. Directly behind the Morspoort gate is the Morsstraat with terraces and restaurants. Further to the city center you will even can't choose which restaurant. Pick at least one of the next; Waag, Dende, Annie's (eatery), Stadthouder, Einstein (eatery), Aan de Rijn, all along the canal. Enjoy lunch on one of the many terrace boats, make a canal tour by boat if possible or let a guide let you show the city; https://www.accessibletravelnl.com/travel/Guided-accessible-tour-in-Leiden Here's some general info about Leiden; https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Leiden and a good impression on YouTube; The first shots are all in the direct area of the Morspoort (the gate can be seen at 0:08). All the other points of interest are inside the so called "singels" waters, meant as a defense in the dark ages. You can clearly see the destinct singels on Google Maps. Choosing Leiden over Amsterdam will be beneficial in more quality time, less travel time to Rijswijk, less crowds, a way more compact city, even more travel-able than Amsterdam and still giving you the overall impression of an old city with rich culture and more than enough memories. For the Thalys(I assume?) train to Paris you will have to travel to Schiphol (15 minutes by train from Leiden). Schiphol is better getting around with luggage and your dad than Amsterdam Centraal for the Thalys. Another option is Rotterdam Centraal station to the south but that's a 30 minute ride which you could be enjoying the in the Thalys sipping a coffee..
  7. FreestyleNovice

    Mini Suites on Bliss

    They are located near the aft elevators, some are interconnecting and are cheaper than Minis. A Mini on the newer ships features a larger shower or a tub, a double sink and a few more sq. ft. But just only a foot or two, three in depth.
  8. FreestyleNovice

    Rotterdam to The Hague and Delft

    With a paper (e)ticket yes, with an Chip Card you will have less time as there is a limited travel time allowed for the entire route as it's more high tech than the (self) printed paper unfortunately. OP be sure to check out the type of ticket, also check the NS site for tourist solutions like an all day tourist ticket.
  9. Mors Poort (Morschpoort hotel), Rapenburg canal, Steenschuur (Steenhof suites):
  10. Leiden is a great suggestion if you want to travel between The Hague and Schiphol Airport. As said above, extending The Hague is an option too if you want less hassle. Leiden is an old canal town, sometimes called Small Amsterdam (but nowhere near the size of Amsterdam, or crowds!). Public transport is all around and all of the hotels are at intermediate walking distance, very compact city center. My suggestion would be a lovely boutique or canal house hotel like; http://www.boutiquehoteldeoudemorsch.nl/en/ (1 minute away from the Ibis Hotel, at the backside, not a canal house but located in an older building near one of the city gates landmarks and a windmill, great views and surroundings) https://www.steenhofsuites.nl/en/ (a true canal house, nearby one of the greatest canal of the city, the Rapenburg canal. A longer walk but if you walk the 15-20 minutes from the Centraal Station following the Rapenburg canal you will think you're back in Amsterdam). Both are conveniently close to shops, cozy restaurants, bus stops and lots of bicycles. Either hotel will give you the same chances of visiting sites, musea, they're 8-10 minutes by foot away from each other. The Morsch hotel is 4 minutes by foot from the station, public transport would be inefficient/still have a 3 minute walk. If you stay at Leiden a visit to the world famour Keukenhof flower park is a possibility; https://keukenhof.nl/en/ Public transport (direct bus) in front of the Centraal Station/Ibis Hotel, bus can be packed on peak hours (be sure to be early!). And being a bit closer to Schiphol is an advantage in case of unforeseen circumstances but as said by other poster, nothing big. Feel free to ask! Fom north to south: Amsterdam Centraal Station - Schiphol: 10km Schiphol - Leiden Centraal Station: 25km Leiden Centraal Station - Den Haag Centraal Station: 15km
  11. When using the taxi line, be sure to follow the floor stickers leading to the official taxi line. AMS has it ups and downs with illegal taxi drivers offering their services, polite and sometimes less polite... Besides that, enjoy Amsterdam!
  12. FreestyleNovice

    Mini Suites on Bliss

  13. FreestyleNovice

    Mini Suites on Bliss

    OP, on Bliss (and Joy to my knowledge) there's a row of indented B8 balconies on deck 9 above the Waterfront, these balconies are not indented and have a (near?) double size due to that. They are open to above, that's the down side. Port 9262 up to 9276 and starboard 9862 up to 9876. Will look up a photo.
  14. FreestyleNovice

    Transatlantic Battle Norwegian v. Viking

    Isn't Viking aimed at a total different demographic? In fact I do like their design but their guests/atmosphere seems to be even less lively than let's say Celebrity or HAL...?