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  1. Karnika (Jalesh cruises, India). Former P&O’s Pacific Jewel, entered service in 1990 as the Crown Princess after being built by Fincantieri. It also served as the A'Rosa Blu, AIDAblu and Ocean Village Two before moving to P&O Australia as the Pacific Jewel in 2009, serving the contemporary Australian market.
  2. There's a food truck in the back of the cabanas for easy acces to complimentary food. While I liked the extra's on the cabanas the food was a bit of a mweh thing, logistical it seemed a nightmare to get it off the ship and to the cabanas in a timely manner. Check out the villa's Silver Cove if you can get a hold on them, beats the cabanas!
  3. The Prima should be godmothored by CruiseCritic as NCL neglected her, no coin ceremony, not a keel laying press release, not a first paint brush with the artist of the hull art.. I wonder who will report on her float out this summer..
  4. The forward slide appeared in the 2017 renders, there were support poles visible in the render photos on the forward top deck. On the black and white leak there's also a U-shaped slide visible on top of the what you call observation lounge. Still waiting for the intern to accidentally upload the final deck plans.
  5. It seems part of the funnel was made by Fincantieri Trieste, at first I thought I was losing my mind; discovering another Leonardo in an advanced phase of construction, working on the funnel panels, but it turned out to be the funnel block which was probably ferried over in the last two weeks to Venice for Prima. Two clips from Trieste, just showing for the fun(nel) of it. 10000000_359415752264264_3488411665526726997_n.mp4 10000000_1410628092645476_5507493206422082871_n.mp4
  6. And there's the race track, in the last frames of the clip above! In the photo from the bow down: note the port side (right hand on the photo) has the big white handle sticking out, clearly a ship's structure.
  7. I noticed (to me without any notice or at least very quietly) Sixt changed and moved their Miami downtown branch to the Intercontinental as of last week? Old: 330 SE 1st St. Miami New: 100 Chopin Plaza, Miami (that's the adress of the Intercontinental) Almost anything links or redirects to the Chopin adress, they even lifted the Google reviews from the old adress by updating the adress. We've always enjoyed using the SE 1st street location, curious if their new space will be better. Might be a downgrade to just a hoteldesk..? We kinda lik
  8. Slightly off topic but here's photographic evidence Escape wasn't hurt (at least) last week, taken on 18 July; https://www.instagram.com/p/CRdWqZSnemA/ If you Google Pride of America and Astoria you will get an article stating the daily port fees, ouch..
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