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  1. There should be a thing like roll call dating, with photos of course.. the roll calls would be very different once the ship sets sail. Or is the Studio concept and Lounge made for that?
  2. The question that matters is: who’s credit card is on the onboard account? on topic; it must be awkward and raise suspicion if you “suddenly” part ways the last days and traveling home. Any obvious move will probably start trouble.. As others said: confront and settle? Good luck!
  3. First find: blue supports at The Wave, I suppose for a normal water slide as seen in the very first black and white render. And the 2017 render also showed support bases for a (assumed) slide port side. Something is still unrevealed here.. If someone can post the full size renders shots from NCL, that would be much appreciated, I am out of home.
  4. Whoa! NCL is spoiling us, no time yet to sift through all the news but: wow. The race track surpasses my expectations! And Vibe! And that forward slide!
  5. More stateroom art/paintings: https://www.instagram.com/p/CT5faNBJvLW/
  6. There's a similar fence on the port side for the other unknown slide structure, which we spotted before on the blue print picture; (partly) obstructed views for those balconies for sure!
  7. Pic works for me! I normally don't quote photos but this is the one yes, thanks a million. I never saved it properly apparently. And also thanks for the definite answer on whether there was more goodie stuff.
  8. Back on topic: this is one of the artists for the stateroom art paintings I suppose? Found her under #NorwegianPrima https://www.instagram.com/pattiparsons/
  9. Yep, I for one was busy juggling with a March '22 Royal Caribbean cruise and another on Celebrity. An Amsterdam sail away is high on the list so perhaps I might squeeze Prima in but it will be last-minute and the itinerary also justifies an higher price. I am thinking too much in terms of short taster sailings for the last new builds we've had heh..
  10. Industry invitations? Workers? It sure was pricey, not one just for the fun of it price range. Curious how it will work out! Thanks for the update Keith!
  11. Oh and that slide ending on the Blvd render never reappeared unfortunately?
  12. And this one from last week too. I might need to disguise myself as one of those cross-Europe truckers to get some exclusive views of Prima.. Let's wait and see what NCL has to offer us next week!
  13. Heh, it's been dreadfully slow and quiet on social media.. All I found is an out of focus snap shot made by a from a trucker's decorated cabin, showing no slides yet..
  14. "just routine and to have her nice and ready for October (1st cruise with guests 🤩)" as per 1st Officer Navigation, she posted some impressive photos of Bliss in dry dock on her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nidiaraquel21/
  15. Also another update for Bliss: leaving Gibraltar on the 13th and arriving in Miami on the 22nd.
  16. They should make a thread for ship movements..
  17. Entering the dry dock at Fincantieri Marghera, Venice:
  18. Some old pics: Here is the megablock of Leo 2 passing Istanbul, being built off site in Romania, on her way to Italy.
  19. Currently under construction at the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy, the second hull of the Prima class which was previously known as Project Leonardo. Leonardo 2, Leo 2, Prima 2, etc. She's scheduled for a 2023 delivery. My guess is that will be March-May: Prima's megablock was floated in at the end of October 2020, with Covid and being a first in class her building pace might be slower than her successor. Currently Prima is set for a a June 2022 delivery and there's no mention of delay at this moment. So that makes some 19 months building time from the moment the megablock entered the Fincantieri Marghera dry dock in Venice. Leo 2 entered the dock in the first week of September 2021 plus some 19 months, March, April, May 2023..? Onetime I ran across specific delivery months for each Leonardo ship but giving the constantly changing world and it was just one website mentioning them I kind of disregarded them, without itineraries out there's nothing to book so we will go by one at a time! Rumored names were posted in the Everything.. Prima thread and there was also mention of a Prima Plus/Prima+ class in the future for the ships on order. Similar to the Breakaway class which evolved into the Breakaway Plus class. My biggest curiosity is if the ships will be any different from each other, which is to be expected with the long delivery timeline of a new ship each year up to 2027! And that's good news for us, hopefully we will have some different Everything.. threads along the way instead of cookie cutter ones! Well, let's get to the point.. My friends and fellow enthusiasts, I hereby declare this thread opened! (Oh and I only had to because mixing the two ships in one thread would be messy, not because NCL wants or pays me to do.. Probably rather the opposite, makes sense not getting any free chocolate strawberries. But we did not even got our hands on the full deck plans this time? Okay, we had the track, the slides.. )
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