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  1. I don't know but I'm no member of Lexington Beverage Outlet in Lexington. Our Costco near Harbison Blvd in Irmo/Columbia only has wine and no alcohol like Vodka etc. The liquor outlet part was closed last year because of political BS according to what the employees tell me..
  2. How aboutTrip insurance? I've done one L&S last month and though the Trip Insurance store and they helped us get the insurance transferred to the new cruise date. Now I have a second one to L&S. Eek. I haven't called yet because I'm still on the fence. Has anyone transferred their trip insurance doing a L&S?
  3. We're totally leisure people retired so we can do anything. Rock and Roll Hall of fame is at the TOP of the list plus a lot of favorite places like Charleston SC, Asheville Inn on Biltmore once they open up completely. Maybe Dollywood in Tennessee. Maybe back to Disney World which we love. Lots of fun places to visit over and over again. We've had vacation homes in the past and it's really been a big fat pain in the neck for me as far as I'm concerned.. Too much cleaning involved so I'm very happy to rent a place and let them do the cleaning!! Also will we may join our local country club once it's fully open. I would love to cruise again and have many future reservations and hope they all come true but lots of things to do if it's a dead end.
  4. Here's a funny response from our Lexington Beverage proprietor. I asked him how business was and he said that now everyday is NEW YEARS EVE!!!! Some business's are thriving!!
  5. Can you select your own cabin in the category you had booked for the original cruise??
  6. They couldn't pay me $3000 to go to Cambodia!!
  7. Do you know if we can Lift and Shift a cancelled cruise now? We have a Nov 1st and if cancelled we'd like to lift and shift. But I'm running out of room in Oct and November next year after doing another Lift and Shift and previously booked cruises so I hope our November cruise actually does go!!! Meanwhile I better see how I can squeeze another one it within the rules of L&S just in case.
  8. Well if the public bathrooms close I expect a run on Depends will occur.
  9. That would be a NON cruise=Cancel! I would never pay full price for that, or actually anything at all. I'd rather stay home or go to a land based resort.
  10. OMG!! Thats really horrible! I guess they're using straight bleach or something. Looks like the buttons are dissolving.
  11. I wonder if these same restrictions will apply to hotels, buffets at hotels, elevators in high rise apartment complexes, Las Vegas shows. Are there people checking everyone who enters an elevator everywhere in the US now? I have no idea because we are staying home due to age but just wondering. Eventually we will have to resume normal life somehow and kiss our children and loved ones and hopefully very soon, if the vaccine is available and there is an effective treatment, we can all take a deep breath and get on with life.
  12. Thank you for that info. I am pretty sure we cancelled in April for our April 26th cruise. So maybe it will be another week or so but I'll check again on Monday. Thanks!
  13. We received below email on May 6. So this is the end of the week they were referring to and zero. I'm not calling my bank or card because I'm sure if they had received the credit, it would have been posted. Another stall I guess?? Did anyone get this email and actually receive the refund?
  14. It is. I feel so sad for them and all the disaster they have to go through trying to get home. Although we're stuck at home alone too, at least we didn't have to travel there to enjoy our own company ALONE. ugh. I can only pray this will pass very soon. I really miss my cruising friends.
  15. OOOOH!!!! Thanks for the info!! I think I better check my bookings!! With all the switching from 2020 to 2021 I'm really overloaded so a Senior discount is welcomed!! I might need to join the Army too but I don't think I would pass the physical!!
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