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  1. I know exactly where you live!!! We've visited there on RCI 19 times. Really enjoy the city and the tent outside the terminal. Always come back with something from Saint John. Can not wait to get back next year!!
  2. I was wondering the same thing. If the C&A point recognition blocks are no longer given, I would assume the Pinnacle stratums to recognize point levels will also be gone?
  3. They did and now vouchers for everything, including water.
  4. I don't see how the D lounge is going to work at all for D, D+ and P with limited access. Who's going to guard the door? Who will be prevented from entering? The lounge couldn't handle the crowd before covid at full capacity. People don't go to the lounge just for drinks so the use of vouchers doesn't work for everyone. Especially those who don't drink alcohol. Just sayin.
  5. Hmmm I wonder what that has to do with Covid???
  6. I think there is a night light in the bathroom, BUT the walk to the bathroom needs one of those small flashlights. We have have a couple with us so nobody trips on the way to the bathroom at night,
  7. We had an Enchantment booked for Sept 2021 and moved that reservation to an Allure in October 2021. Enchantment was listed as out of service until Sept plus Canada has not opened cruises so this was a big potential cancellation so we moved it. Hopefully we have no more obvious potential cancellations in the future. I think that list of out of service through August ships will all be toast and rescheduled.
  8. Those two were just ADORABLE!! Such a great video and you could just feel the excitement!!! I sure hope we see more. I know they're having a great time!
  9. Yes and what happens if they fail???? I wouldn't want to cruise anywhere near these test cruises.
  10. You are totally right. We're on the supposed July 25-Aug 1 Allure and received zero notification from Royal that it's cancelled. I'm so happy Bayley can say yippee. Not feelin it!
  11. The problem I see at this point for a L&S, way after final payment, is letting Royal keep your final payment of 6-7K or more for a year!! I would not do that. If I could lift and shift to the next month or something within that timeframe I might,
  12. We are two people also and have done both the loungers and cabanas at Chill Island several times. We really do enjoy the cabana. There is a cabana attendant who will get you your lunch and bring you drinks. The Cabana comes with 6 ( I think) bottles of Evian water. You will have two of those floating rafts also. You can lock up your valuables when you want to swim. The beach is steps away and is beautiful. It is a splurge but we've enjoyed it. The lounge chairs are also very comfortable and you can get a nice shady area and chill out just the same. Just have to get your own lunch!
  13. Or anywhere in the US?? Why would Alaska cruises go ahead as booked if there are no required test cruises from wherever they're supposed to cruise Alaska?
  14. I wonder what they'll be doing July and August?? I would think they would start cruising in July from wherever since the ship was supposedly fully staffed. I guess the magic 8 ball will reveal all next week.
  15. And we're getting on when you leave on the 23rd!!!!
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