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  1. LOL!! We "camp" after breakfast at 10 am to noon and done! That's our very quiet time and coffee drinking time. Now the cocktail hour is hit or miss but try to be later in the evening for a cocktail before dinner and try to get there after 7 when all the campers have gone to dinner or shows.
  2. We renewed in August. Took 14 days door to door and not expedited. We live in SC and I don't know if that makes a difference but it went well. I renewed a regular passport book only.
  3. Second Residence Inn. We've stayed there many times. Clean, comfy, great pool, and great breakfast. Parkncruise does the transportation to the port. Very reliable.
  4. We always do Valet parking at the Port of Tampa. It's not that much more and believe me, it's very worth it. You drive to the door and they take your car. When you get back, they drive the car right up to you at the departure door. Will never do anything else! We prepaid also.
  5. So true. We had a big football win here in SC this weekend and the students had a huge party, 2,000 kids partying at one of the student complexes.. They will do what young people do. And PS It is going to go away. The only question remaining is when.
  6. Had been optimistic but now unfortunately believe it may not be until mid 2021 at the very earliest. Why, because Royal is upping it's cash flow reserves for more many more months laid up for no sailing. Hopefully vaccines will be readily available by that time and praying the virus is receptive to therapeutics by then. Royal can't be happy to provide a less than enjoyable cruise experience to new cruisers who are their target market. They may never come back.
  7. Check this out and see if you think the numbers of deaths actually caused by Covid are accurate. The Gov of Illinois and his medical expert. https://youtu.be/6SjwUXyP8j4
  8. I think Royal is very well aware of what they are cancelling in the future but are happy to collect your money. You can book any cruise in Nov 2020 and pay full price for it today. My personal feeling is that this is pretty much fraudulent on Royals' part. We are pretty much long term frequent cruisers and keep aware of things and we get whatever happens. I feel badly for those who are new or rare cruisers who believe their cruise will go if they pay for it. Very sad for those new cruiser families.
  9. I have been a nurse for longer than you would imagine but I also have seen a video from a press briefing in Chicago where a coronavirus health professional said that if you are in a car accident and have tested positive of corona.. you death is classed as a corona death.. how crazy is that !!! You are totally correct. I wish there was an audit team in place and you would amazed.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about your brother in law in a nursing home. God protect him. We haven't had aTest since we've gone no place but have a dental visit and MD visit in the next few weeks. I'm going to ask for a test to see if we have immunity after our Feb cruise ,but we were never sick and never exposed as far as we know..BUT let's see.!
  11. We definitely do miss cruising but we are actually missing EVERYTHING now. We are pretty much alone in the house or the yard all the time and are staying that way until the vaccine is available and the numbers of positive cases drop. We're in that age category and warned off just about everything. Sad really. I'd be happy to go on the Staten Island ferry! We do have several cruises booked for 2021 so we're hopeful we are going!!
  12. Or as we used to say in the Corporate world, promoted!!!! Reward the guilty and blame the innocent!
  13. Is the L&S option going away on Sept 20th?? I haven't heard it extended unless it's considered a part of the CWC plan which seems like it's going to stay if they are contacting affected people in 3 weeks and it's slated to expire in 2 weeks.. Maybe another shoe is going to drop later.
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