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  1. I think so because you don't pay for it until you make your final payment, at least that's how I understand it. Call and see but be sure you have something else to replace it with.
  2. I think it's because the cruise line offers very low amount of medical insurance. If you have medical insurance that covers you out of the country with evacuation coverage the I would think the cruise line insurance would be adequate.
  3. I highly recommend the Banana Split!!
  4. We''re torn between going down Miami or staying with the H in PC. Let us know how it goes on the S. We love seafood so Hooked looks good.
  5. Yes, we had the Nov 4 cruise booked and it was chartered quite a while ago. We changed to 10/28 Halloween and then the 11/1 after it. I had complained that we had a B2B on the 11/1 with 11/4 and the 10/28 wasn't offered as an option but they agreed to price protect our cabin since we were B2B for the 10/28. I was half expecting that one to be chartered again but fortunately we're a go!
  6. There are some travel insurance policies on squaremouth dot com that cover travel expenses and cover medical but just don't cover pre ex conditions so if you want travel insurance and your cancer is in remission or you don't think it will be a problem, you can get policies there that will cover you for accidents or other illness.
  7. Well sort of. The no reservations line is on the left and the right has people with reservations all mashed up with suite and P check in. The line for no reservations was very short so we went there. We were there in June and I thought it was pretty chaotic and we only at there twice. Rest of the time was in the WJ or some other place we can't remember..duh.
  8. I'm so sorry about your wife's diagnosis and glad she's on the road to recovery. I wonder if you could escalate this issue to crown and anchor resolutions department. These calls to agents are supposedly recorded, or at least some are dealing with $$. You can try to explain you were NOT informed that there was a time limit to rebooking and ask they review the phone call. Maybe that would clear it up and maybe you can then rebook with your deposit.
  9. Then it is pretty strange not to have cars available??! Uber sounds like a good plan though. No car to drop off on sailing day is a plus! Have a wonderful time!!
  10. If you're going on your cruise Super Bowl Sunday, that might be the reason for no cars. I believe it's Feb1 and 2, 2019. Lyft and Uber might be hard to find also.
  11. That's the exact same offers I have received in the past. Congrats on the new longer cruise!! It's good that it was very far in advance so you didn't have a multitude of other issues like air fare etc in play that complicate things more. Have a great cruise.
  12. Ours is $399 but the prices vary by sail date. In the summer they're probably $1,499. Yikes!
  13. How loud is it there? We passed on it because we were advised there was a lot of loud music. We took the Chill Island cabana instead because it was very quiet.. The water park cabana was much less expensive. I like the fact that you have a safe, Chill Island didn't
  14. I've had several cruises chartered from me. Don't cancel until you get the offer. My offers were several alternative dates that were price protected plus some OBC. Or you could cancel and receive a full refund.
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