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  1. Hello,

      this has probably been asked a million times, but with all the travel advisories in Nassau I’m wondering how safe the cabs are. We are heading over to Breezes for the day and will need a cab ride over. Is there a preferred cab to look for or just grab one out of the line? TIA

  2. Hello, 

     We are on the Enchantment next month and I was able to upgrade to a guarantee JR. Suite. My questions are, what kind of Suite benefits will we get in a JR. My main concern is a priority departure so we can get back to MCO on time. Also any onboard benefits such as a Concierge lounge if there is one, or tender privileges at CC. Thanks for any help !

  3. Hello,

    We are sailing on Infinity next month in a Sky Suite and with the 20% sale going on, we can upgrade to a Celibrity Suite for around $700 more. My question is, in anyone’s opinion, is it worth it. I’ve looked at the amenities with each room and there doesn’t appear to be much difference. So what am I missing and why would you do it. There is only the 2 of us, so it’s not imparative to have the extra room, and it looks like we still get Luminae and Michaels club with both rooms. Thanks for any helpful advice !

  4. hello,

    We will be sailing on Infinity in November out of Ft. Lauderdale. The last time we were on her a few years ago, when we disembarked, we had to leave the ship and walk outside to the terminal to get our luggage and go thru customs. We are in a suite this time and my question is can we skip the long line and wait and head right to the terminal to get our luggage, or will we be considered commoners and have to wait like everyone else ? Please note the sarcasm in my comments ! Thanks for any help.

  5. Thanks for the quick responses it is our first cruise on Disney and our two granddaughters are booked in concierge room with us .

    Do the Disney characters ever come to the concierge lounge .


    Yes, we got to meet Pluto at one of our get togethers.

  6. How many days is the cruise and what cabin category are you in, that will determine which of the perks is a better bet.



    We are in a sky suite on a 5 day cruise. You make a good point, I didn’t consider how much gratuities would even be for this length cruise. I’m usually good at figuring out the best plan, but we haven’t had this much OBC before. Thanks

  7. Hello,

    Just curious as to what others would do. When we booked our cruise, one of the perks was a $300 onboard credit. We aren’t big onboard spenders so I was wondering if I should just use that credit to pay off all our gratuities at the end of the cruise or pay them in advance and keep the credit just in case. Thanks for helpful opinions !

  8. We have done 18 Royal cruises and thought we were hooked for life, we made it to Diamond plus, mainly cruising in suites. Over the years, we have noticed their service and friendliness towards guests has diminished especially those that paid the big bucks to cruise in full suites. Realizing we probably wouldn’t make it to the next Crown & Anchor level, we decided to venture out and try other lines. In all honesty, the service and hospitality and friendliness of everyone we have encountered with Disney is beyond comparison to any line we have been on. We have been on 4 Disney cruises now, 3 of them in Concierge with cruise 5,6&7 already booked. The concierge teams we have met are by far steps ahead of any we have dealt with on Royal. It seems they go way out of their way to learn everything about you to make your cruise experience make you hungry for more. Granted we miss the rock wall and ice skating on Royal, but nothing compares to the fun at CC, it’s such a beautiful island and the 5K makes it even more special. Even tho the price difference between the 2 lines is thousands off, we will continue to sail Disney , going with the old adage , you get what you pay for.

  9. Hello again,

    I have another inquirery regarding winning cruises....sorry. My last post was about winning a cruise in the casino, now the same coworker that said they have won their last 4 cruises playing in the casino said they got mail from Royal yesterday and his wife is a member of Royals Casino Royale and the gave her several choisces of free cruises and they chose the Grandeur . All they had to pay was the $500 .

    We have been on 18 Royal cruises, and yes I am naive, but how is this possible, or should I just call him a liar to his face ? We don’t gamble so there could be truth to his story and I’ll admit I have no idea what Casino Royale is, but is there any truth to his story, and do we need to start gambling to get all these free cruises he claims they have been on ....TIA

  10. Do you sign up on the ship in advance or that day?


    You can sign up at Guest Services once onboard, or at the pre run meeting the day of the race. If you are in Concierge, you can sign up thru the shore side Concierge service prior to the cruise or have the Concierge sign you up onboard.

  11. Hello, we are taking a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale next year and I’m looking for a reasonable hotel the day before. We have always stayed at the Embassy Suites, but I’m looking at prices and I just wanted to rent a room, not purchase the hotel. It was well over $300 just for the night and I saw others in the $100 range. Can anyone recommend one that offers breakfast and a shuttle to the pier. Thanks

  12. Ok, here’s a question for the experts. We are looking at a April cruise for next year and there are no Concierge rooms available. However the cruises both prior and after the one we want have several rooms available. Stupid question, but are they all spoken for or are the travel agents still holding them to be released closer to the cruise date ? TIA

  13. hello, we aren’t gamblers so I’m at a loss here, but my question is based on a coworker who says his wife has won their last 4 cruises by gambling in the casino. He won’t tell us the details but says she uses her own money so he doesn’t know for sure how much she spends to get their free cruise but he says they only pay taxes and port fees once their actually cruise. Does anyone have any experience with winning cruises and if so, what are the actual costs. Like I said, we don’t gamble so this is all new to us, but I can’t help to think if it’s that easy and cheap, everyone would be doing it instead of just booking a cruise the old fashioned way. TIA

  14. Do you have a cell phone or computer? You can get a 50mb package free on the ship by signing up for it before midnight on embarkation day. Then use your device to book it after you arrive! This works if they have space available' date=' and is better than walking up to the desk and hoping for the best because if they are full, you'll save yourself the trip.


    One hint--be sure that your cell phone isn't going to download all kinds of junk when you turn it on or you'll eat that 50mb in no time. Be sure you are set to use it as an internet device only and all apps are blocked.[/quote']




    Thank you for the help !

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