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  1. The filet, a shrimp skewer, lobster Mac n cheese, the salmon! All great! Unless you are with a big group I would skip the flatbread, it's actually just a full size pizza and you will be full before the good stuff comes out!
  2. Delta, direct to Raleigh
  3. We have been to Mr. Sanchos several times, found it very affordable, the food very good, and the service outstanding. For a small upcharge, kids can play all day on the inflatables.
  4. Can it be used if we disembark in Miami but fly out of FLL? Its a 2:30pm flight.
  5. Its almost like pre-hurricane! I even see the old menu boards! Can't wait to visit again!
  6. They have a 'full moon' party at the pool one night and they have invisible paint that glows in the dark(for face painting), and many wear all white on that night! Its great fun!
  7. Have always booked a package, have never had an issue getting what time I wanted. Fair? Who knows?? I thought I was getting a small discount for booking multiple seatings (producing revenue), but either way, we have never been told 'NO'....
  8. Tropically Yours, Strawberry Fields, Celebrity #10, and of course a pina colada at the sunset Bar mid-afternoon
  9. Agree with above, escargot, creme brulee, French onion soup. I also love the almond croissants and the coconut chiffon cake that you'll find at Al bacio, and they are complimentary treats oh, you don't have to order the coffee. We always get the Chateaubriand for two in Murano and then each gets a tableside prepared lobster tail as well to create a surf and turf. One of my favorite meals anywhere!
  10. Right?! Sometimes I wonder why I continue to use the talk-to-text! 🙂
  11. First of all, your English is better than many of The Americans on this site! Now to answer your questions: 1. you may have as many horses as you want. You may order an entree as an appetizer or double an appetizer as an entree, you can have the soup and the salad and two desserts if you like! Generally speaking, an appetizer, soup or salad, entree and dessert has proven to be more than enough, but if several favorites are on the menu at one time we will splurge. 2. it is my understanding that all of the cabins will be refurbished, and go to the more neutral palette that currently exists on the Edge. 3. we always fly into Fort Lauderdale because it's so much more affordable, and then we head over to Miami and stay at a hotel there. Uber generally runs us between 30 and $40. We made the mistake of taking a cab one time recently instead, and it was over $100. our experiences with Uber in the Fort Lauderdale Miami area have been that they are prompt and polite, but many have limited English. Having said that, they know where are your destination is it will get you there safely. Enjoy your cruise!
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