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  1. We were on the 9th - 20th Jan Cruise from Miami on Divina I notice you stayed in your room until 9.30am on disembarkation day. It that a black card perk.? We were told to vacate our room, latest 7.30am. We chose express walk off, along almost everyone else judging by the queue snaking through the ship.
  2. Caribbean Cruise in January on Divina no problem getting a Pina Colada on the easy package. ( But not the Baileys Banana Colada has it has a premium spirit )
  3. Below is a photo of the easy package description we took on our Divina Caribbean Cruise form Miami on the 10/01/19 It clearly states in the cocktails section mixed drinks with house spirit brands, so that leaves things pretty wide open. We had no problem getting Pina Colada's. It is also not the case that the system is programmed so the waiters swipe your card and it tells them if your drink is included in your package. It is up to them to decide.
  4. Just come off the Divina......the information regarding what cocktails you can get on the easy package is non-existent, even the crew don't know. I was told the BBC ( Baileys Banana Colada) wasn't included yet we were able to get it in some bars. Pina Colada is definitely included. They haven't got around to producing a bar list that simply lists maybe with an asterix or something what package entitles you to what. As a rule of thumb any cocktail that includes a premium spirit is not included, so if your particular cocktail has a spirit that is on the premium spirit list you can't have it. To be honest they entire drinks package change over is a complete fiasco.
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