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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I contacted our PVP again, reminded her that our OBC was as a result of a cancelled cruise, and she applied the Cheers promo to our booking. In addition, she used some of our OBC for the $180 that was due for the promo.
  2. We are currently booked on the Vista for NYE 2021. We have almost $1000 in OBC (cancelled cruise OBC plus price difference in cruises), and when I contacted our PVP about adding the Cheers promo to our existing cruise, she said she could, but that we would lose all of our OBC. So, not worth it for us...
  3. Royal is not doing any better processing refunds than Carnival. We have been waiting since March 13th for a refund on our April cruise. There is no rhyme or reason to their process, some have received refunds for cruises after ours, while we still wait. Royal did send out an email about a week ago asking us to be patient. Said they would be in contact again if we hadn't received our refund by May 6th. Checked this morning, no refund yet.
  4. Here's our situation: We had two cabins booked, the first had 3 occupants, and the second cabin had 2. The cruise was paid in full, but we hadn't added the names of the additional guests, only the primary is listed on each reservation. We were planning on adding the names soon, but the cruise was part of this morning's round of cancellations. If the FCC is tied to guest names, how will this work for us?
  5. Booked directly with Carnival, and waiting to receive the cancellation email, as well.
  6. Also received an email yesterday canceling my reserved dining times for my 5 April Liberty cruise. Monday will be 30 days since they cancelled the cruise, so hoping that means my refund will show up soon.
  7. Yes, it's true. Check out John Heald's Facebook page.
  8. Based on what others are saying, not going to hold my breath on getting a confirmation email, so hopefully John Heald will post an update on his page.
  9. I was on the phone this morning with a Carnival rep regarding a different matter, and she said that the decision had been made today to extend the OBC offer through July 31. We sail on the Magic July 4th, so waiting for my confirmation email!
  10. Yes, the rep was correct, you can only book 2 seats at a time when using a companion certificate. Your sons will have to go on a separate reservation, not a big deal at all. Just make sure there are 4 seats available on the flight you want before you start the booking process.
  11. If you're comfortable using Uber or Lyft, I would recommend using them, as it's much cheaper than a cruise ship transfer or a shuttle service. For our January cruise, it was $43 from Hobby to our hotel in Galveston for 2 of us.
  12. I guess another lesson here is to carry more than one credit card when traveling. If upfront expenses can jump to $30,000 or more, you want to make sure you can cover it, and that may not be possible with just one card!
  13. Just booked Liberty today for the April 5th sailing. I booked directly with the cruise line, where would I see any OBC reflected? Thanks.
  14. We'll be the last of 6 ships to dock in Georgetown for our port day! We were planning on just taking a taxi to Seven Mile Beach and renting chairs and an umbrella for the day. Do we have any chance, or will the vendors probably be sold out? Any options to reserve in advance? Thanks in advance.
  15. The one concern I would have is disembarkation. The ship may dock at 5:30, but it still has to clear customs before passengers can disembark. Should be okay...
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