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  1. I was hoping for a Mexico Riviera in Dec. 2021 which would require no air travel, and hopefully by then I should have both my vaccinations. Fingers crossed!
  2. Yes, at this point I'll do whatever they say just to take a cruise/vacation. I wore a mask all winter and didn't get any sort of cold/flu/sickness anything. I just might make a yearly thing. 😄
  3. Definitely YES. I won't take a cruise without being vaccinated. I would want everyone else to also because like someone said above. Why have your vacation ruined and be quarantined because someone got covid.
  4. I was wondering the same thing. Most people will be getting vaccines, but what about the crew members?
  5. I used to think it mattered until I did that cruise and realized while at sea, you are too far away to see the land. And as everyone says above, the ship moves around so you can see both sides of the inside passage. And yes to the action always happening on the side you are not.
  6. It seems safe to me. Enjoy your cruise. I would love to do that one again and am thinking of 2022.
  7. I'm just curious why you don't book with the TA first and save the hassle of transferring? Also if it was booked through a CVP they lose their commission (which is minimal I think) but also their quota. The TA can book your cruise and do the same thing. Unless you booked it online?
  8. When I did the Med in 2016 they had just cancelled Istanbul and Kusadasi and replaced with Kotor and Crete. I think that was the year there was a bombing at the airport so they didn't go there. But I do see these back on the itinerary for 2022 and am very tempted to try it again. Everyone says that Istanbul is the best.
  9. Oh thank you very much. Honestly I do this blog as kind of a diary. When people ask me about a cruise I did, I know I can go back to it so I can remember what I did and how. I've gotten a little bit better at it as time goes on.
  10. Honestly, I didn't know they even make phones that aren't smart nowadays.
  11. Yay. Things can only go forward. Fingers crossed.
  12. Oh good. I was going to do that one this summer before they all got cancelled. And i was hoping to do next summer and saw that the Sun was sold. I like that it goes to a couple ports I haven't been to. ( Icy Strait and Sitka. ) I may try for next summer hoping that all is good in the universe. 😃
  13. That's such a port intensive cruise I don't think it really matters. I remember when we did it, it's like you are in port all day, sail at night, and wake up in a new place. I loved that cruise and would love to do it again!! Enjoy your cruise.
  14. I second the excursion to Las Caletas. The food was amazing and yes, open bar at beach. They had hammocks in the water a little guided walking tour to the top where we saw some little monkeys etc. There was a really funny dancing show at the boat ride back. Those guys work hard!! I gave them the rest of my money as tip money.. they deserved it.
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