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  1. I've never modified my flights but do find that EZ air is always cheaper than booking on my own. It's always cheaper when looking through your cruise personalizer.
  2. I just did the Med this last summer and most people carried Hydroflasks. I was so mad I forgot mine because it was hot and humid there.
  3. Thanks for posting. I'm glad they are making some changes. Everyone will get used to it. Just like plastic bags at the store everyone complained when they were banned. Now everyone brings it and it's no big deal. At least it's a start in conserving and less waste. My last cruise in Europe everyone had hydroflasks, which makes a lot of sense. Keeps your water cold for a long period of time and reusable.
  4. I was on the Royal earlier this year doing the Mexico Riviera. I did buy the silicone band to wear around my wrist because some of my clothes don't have pockets. Also I like to do Zumba and when I had the lanyard on it was always falling on my face when I was bending over. So the wristband just made more sense. Super easy to wear and not having to worry about where it was or losing it. Besides, I can just use the same band the next time I go on. I got a pink one and my hubby got black. I think they were $12.00?
  5. Yeah, I can't remember which cruise this was on. It was about 2 years ago and they just said, no big deal. I was just on Holland this summer and our muster drill was on the promenade deck. We had to all squish together standing up for it. Not like the Princess one where you are usually sitting in one of the lounges.
  6. Can't wait for my black card. 😁
  7. I think when you are in the habit of bringing your life jacket every time, you don't really listen to the new instructions. Needless to say, me and my hubby were the only ones with our life jackets in the muster drill. lol.
  8. Love: Matt O : Cruise Director. He is great. Sooo funny and energetic. Even taught zumba. Princess Live/Karaoke. So much fun. Larger piazza and IC area. Lots of deck space. Nice retreat area Loved the Medallion. So easy. Dislike: no promenade. Theatre doesnt have a side aisle so awkward having to walk in front of everyone to get to the side. When walking to the aft you have to walk through the gym on that floor.
  9. I was just on the Royal to Mexico last month and they had "Good Spirits" during certain times. I had the "Vanilla Sky" one night. And I forgot the name of another one I had but both were really good. Not super sweet, but smooth.
  10. Did you do all Princess Excursions or outside excursions?
  11. I meant to say Regal...not Ruby. Can't remember what I've been on anymoreLol Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G925A using Forums mobile app
  12. I really like the chocolate banana one. I think it's called "dirty banana "?
  13. It was free for platinum and elite in April on the Ruby. However I just use it for checking in , FB etc. I try to tune out as much as possible.
  14. I did the Mexican Riveria last January and it was great weather. I went with my 3 sisters and had a great time. We had a "sister reunion cruise" since we all have family's and don't have time to always get together. We felt safe in all ports. Puerto Vallarta: Took a cab down to the Malecon and tourist shopped and ate lunch. We strolled along the beach and just spent the day wandering around. Mazatlán: Went to the market downtown with all the stalls and had so much fun buying souvenirs, etc. and then walked over to the church. Bought jewelry from a street vendor and walked over to the cliff divers. Then we went back to ship, dropped off our stuff and went over to Stone beach which was a 5 minute ride from the ship. Then you take a little boat across the water and another taxi takes you to the restaurant / beach front. Had margaritas and chips /guacamole. Very un touristy there and relaxing. Cabo San Lucas: took the tender in and my and my one sister did the Dolphin excursion which s a short walk from the drop off. She chose to go slow but I decided to go fast. You only live once. We bought the photo package together because they took a lot of pictures of both of us together. I would definitely do this one again.
  15. We like formal nights but after doing it a number of times and having all the pictures we are thinking of not doing it next time only because my husbands adds so much weight to his suitcase. The shoes, jacket etc. We were thinking of looking into the "rent a tux" if they still do that on board?
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