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  1. For unknown to me reasons Silver Explorer called Piraeus last Thursday. After she stayed for 2 days , she departed for Aliaga...but not for scrap as she went to the bunkering area. In the following video you can watch her (maiden i think) arrival at Piraeus
  2. I mean that she hasn't called Piraeus for the last 10 years, so 1st call after 10 years. 🙂 Maybe i wrote it the greek way 😛
  3. MSC Cruises' MSC SPLENDIDA departing from Piraeus Port. It was her first call after 10 years.
  4. A few days ago, SILVER MOON made her first ever call at Piraeus
  5. I don't know why video is not shown, i post it again
  6. Celebrity APEX maiden arrival at Piraeus Port , for inspection purposes according to Port Authority schedule https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI1vwuKbSsI
  7. Checking in various websites , Infinity has cruises from June and on ,when Constellation from November and on. Both have the old colours and Infinity remained with the same colours even if she was drydocked. Apart from the Pullmantur rumours which were fake as the company is 101% ceased , what are the rumours? I see them very often from my house ,coming and leaving Piraeus Roads.
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    Cruise Ships at Piraeus

    Cruise ships at Piraeus since 2011 Videos of them http://*****/piraeuscruiseships1 –http://*****/piraeuscruiseships2 - http://*****/piraeuscruiseships3
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    From the album: Cruise Ships at Piraeus

    Maiden arrival at Piraeus Port https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbv0qGGxuFY
  10. She called Piraeus Port today... I am not sure but I heard the captain was greek...
  11. Majesty heading to Piraeus ,arriving tomorrow morning,Does anyone have any clue?
  12. Gone ,but not forgotten,this was the last time we saw her at our Port
  13. From the album: Cruise Ships at Piraeus

    Maiden arrival at Piraeus :
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