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  1. Checking in various websites , Infinity has cruises from June and on ,when Constellation from November and on.

    Both have the old colours and Infinity remained with the same colours even if she was drydocked.

    Apart from the Pullmantur rumours which were fake as the company is 101% ceased , what are the rumours?

    I see them very often from my house ,coming and leaving Piraeus Roads.

  2. Not regular visitors at Piraeus so i think I have to write down which vessels came the last decade at Athens port of Piraeus.

    This year we were to have Radiance and Price ,but pandemic ...had another opinion


    In 2012 Carnival Breeze



    In 2013 Carnival Legend came first and afterwards Carnival Sunshine






    and in 2016 Carnival Vista made her debut season in our area



  3. AIDA BELLA at Piraeus Port

    Crystal Serenity Perth

    Crystal Symphony Singapore

    ASTORIA, VIKING STAR and MAGELLAN all laid up in Tilbury

    Ø Carnival Conquest, Carnival Magic and Carnival Elation will lay up at Freeport, Bahamas.

    Ø Carnival Valor and Carnival Freedom will lay up at Gulfport.

    Ø Carnival Sensation and Carnival Horizon will lay up at Miami.

    Ø Carnival Breeze and Carnival Liberty will lay up at Port Canaveral.

    Ø Carnival Paradise and Carnival Legend will lay up at Tampa.

    Ø Carnival Pride will lay up at Baltimore.

    Ø Carnival Sunshine will lay up at Charleston

    Ø Carnival Sunrise will lay up at Fort Lauderdale.

    Ø Carnival Dream will lay up at Galveston.

    Ø Carnival Vista (which arrived Galveston on Saturday last) will lay up at anchor.

    Ø Carnival Ecstasy will lay up at Jacksonville.

    Ø Carnival Inspiration will lay up at Long Beach.

    Ø Carnival Imagination (which arrives Long Beach on Sunday) will lay up at anchor.

    Ø Carnival Panorama (which arrived Long Beach on Saturday last) lay up port to be decided.

    Ø Carnival Fantasy will lay up at Mobile.

    Ø Carnival Glory will lay up at New Orleans.

    Ø Carnival Fascination’s lay up port is still to be decided.

  4. 2019 can be considered as The year of “return to normalcy” for Piraeus Port in terms of cruise arrivals as they 're increased over other  the last years, with many of them starting their cruises from the port. Piraeus, enhancing homeporting even a little.

      ships passed through Greece and Piraeus, either on their maiden voyage or on one of the first ships to come to our port for the first time, having previously traveled to other "markets" - and continents respectively or other ships that have come again under the same name or under a new ownership.



    Bonus arrival of the spectacular ocean liner RMSQueen Mary 2  at the beginning of the year, which was the first major arrival for 2019. It even departed under the sound of Alexis Zorba

    2020 is better off on arrivals, with forecasts expected to increase with room for improvement, but with Homeporting increasing as more and more companies opt for Piraeus as a start-up port. As usual, we will see newer ships coming for the first time Our port, but also ships that have long been visiting us, will be docked in Piraeus.


    Read also the 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 , 2016, 2017 , 2018 reviews

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