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  1. BlueLadyBlue

    Marro Polo Grand Voyage January 2020

    Thank you CruznRagtop, I’m on my way to join the roll call.
  2. BlueLadyBlue

    Columbus Club

    Thank you Yorkshirephil. Appreciate you taking the time. 😃👍
  3. BlueLadyBlue

    Columbus Club

    Will someone please tell me how the Columbus Club benefits work? We live in Canada and are only able to access the USA site. Would much prefer the UK site but can't figure out how to do that. Someone suggested using a VP???? Sorry, I'm a tech dummy. The US site mentions there are discounts for Columbus Club members but I can't find any info other then that. Are you automatically enrolled after your first cruise? Points per day cruised? Any info would be helpful. TIA
  4. BlueLadyBlue

    Delayed FCC use?

    We bought a FCC in November and when we got back we applied it to a cruise we had already booked for April 2019 when we were making final payment. No problem. But, yes, officially , I believe the answer is no, you can't. Do it anyway. :-)
  5. BlueLadyBlue

    Hairdryers on the NCL Sun

    On the Sun in November and brought my own small travel hair dryer. Never thought it would be an issue. Usually stored in the little drawer so maybe our cabin steward didn't notice it or it was OK, I don't know. Hated the one that NCL provided (attached to the wall in the bathroom) Just couldn't seem to get it to cooperate!
  6. BlueLadyBlue

    Jade - Wheel of Fortune slot in casino?

    Thank you Granda E. Sounds like a great plan.
  7. BlueLadyBlue

    Jade - Wheel of Fortune slot in casino?

    Thanks all. Any recommendations for a slot pull? Just a bit of fun for our M&G
  8. Does anyone know if they have the Wheel of Fortune slot machine on the Jade. Thinking about co-ordinating a slot pull for our M&G. On the Sun, the casino folks recommended using WOF as it is easier for everyone to see what's happening. TIA
  9. In 2017 we booked with Estancia Excursions - 4WD over the fields to the penguins. Three different breeds. Fabulous day. One of my favourite tours ever.
  10. BlueLadyBlue

    price change after final payment

    I read on this board that someone called after final payment and was given 25% of the difference between what they paid and the new price as OBC. As the price of our cruise dropped significantly after final payment, I decided to call and ask. The agent said they usually look for an upgrade first and if there isn’t one, they will give you 25% of the difference in OBC. In our case, we were given an upgrade from a balcony to a mini suite which on the Sun was a big difference in price. Call and ask and please let us know the outcome. Best of luck.
  11. BlueLadyBlue

    Tips and tricks thread search

    Try searching for NCL+tips and there is one from Rubyslippers102 What you wish you’d know/ Best tips. That might be it. Sorry don’t know how to post a link. and I also ticked “all of my search words” and something like “titles only” . Hope that helps.
  12. BlueLadyBlue

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! - Best 2018 cruise memory/experience

    Sitting at the railing in the Great Outdoorson the Sun and watching the wake, the sunset, fellow passengers and sipping an adult beverage. Soooo relaxing. Happy, happy holidays everyone. May 2019 be your best year ever.
  13. Reading with interest. We are on the Jade in April. Glad you got all your issues sorted out. I didn’t know butlers used the word NO especially for the few minor things you asked for.
  14. BlueLadyBlue

    Any update on NCL Drinking Straws?

    On the Sun in November. Asked for a straw with my frozen drink and was given a paper straw which worked fine. If you don’t ask, you are not given a straw. No straws on GSC.
  15. BlueLadyBlue

    Question about noise levels in mini suite on Sun

    We were just on the Sun in a mini suite on deck 11 - cabin 1214. Probably the quietest cabin we have ever been in. Perfect location IMO