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  1. Yes, I will check but I have sent them an email previously with no response and from what I have read many other people have emailed and never received a reply it maybe I’ll be lucky. 👍
  2. Applied for and received email saying our ETA’s have been approved for Sri Lanka. Very easy and fast. Thank you Sri Lanka. Also the fee was $00 so that was unexpected as I thought the free ETA’s were only in effect until the end of January. Still waiting for Peter’s visa for Tanzania. It’s been three weeks now so fingers crossed.
  3. We booked HAL a number of years ago and after I read the reviews I was very concerned thinking that I had booked the wrong cruise line. Then I read some of the reviews again and realized that most b the things they were complaining about didn’t matter to me in the least. Had a fabulous time. If you are a complainer, you will find something to complain about but if you are there with an open mind and are open to new experiences, you will have a amazing time. I truly believe we will have a wonderful, wonderful time. 👍👍👍👍
  4. So happy to report that my Tanzania visa was approved! Haven’t received Peter’s yet but hoping we’ll receive the email tomorrow. Applied for mine on the 15th. One down, two to go. 👍
  5. Totally enjoyed your excellent post. Be kind to MP please as we are boarding on January 6th for the Africa/Indian Ocean cruise. First time on CMV/MP and beyond excited. 😃❤️👍🎉🥂
  6. Fluffybear - according to the FAQ's on the Tanzania website, you can apply for your visa up to six months in advance of your visit although I'm wondering if it might not be safer to wait until we are in the 90 day period.
  7. See you on board. No I don't have the referees for India but would be grateful if you would share!
  8. Thank you. I will definitely let you know how I make out. Now having an issue with my MacBook Air as it won't let me access any of my photos. We were not on the world cruise unfortunately. This will be our first CMV cruise. Haven't started on the India visa yet. We did get one a number of years ago which required a three hour drive, each way, to their place in Toronto. The first time we went they decided it was to soon to apply so we had to go back again a week or two later. Ugh. At least now it's online and having done it once am hopeful all will be well. Fingers crossed
  9. Fluffybear we are also sailing with CMV on the Marco Polo Africa & Indian Ocean cruise in January. If you could email the information to me, I would be extremely grateful. Trying to apply for this visa is starting to make me question my intelligence! lonnierumney at sign gmail dot com For some reason I can’t use the actual at sign in this message. Thank you
  10. Fluffybear Did you sort out the visa for Tanzania? I’m having trouble with it too. I emailed them with questions but didn’t receive a reply
  11. My apologies. I misunderstood. I hope you continue to enjoy the cruise lines you prefer. Happy travels.
  12. You decided on the first night not to enjoy it and you didn’t. Enough said.
  13. Perhaps email CMV and ask? I believe their email address is on their web site
  14. We’re booked for this cruise! First time on Marco Polo and first time with CMV. Can hardly wait. Just made final payment today and plan on filling the big hole in our finances with excitement for the adventures ahead. Such a great itinerary and a smaller ship, we’re convinced we’ll have a great time. There is a roll call under Other Cruise Lines (something like that) but not very active and we’re not allowed to mention any other web sites.
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