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  1. Thank you both. We have medical and think we have found a company with “reasonably” priced cancellation coverage. When the cruise lines sell “insurance” I don’t think it is actually insurance but more that they are self insuring for lack of a better word. Similar to purchasing extended warranties when you buy an automobile
  2. Does CMV offer cruise cancellation insurance when booking? We have cruised with other lines NCL, Cunard, Princess etc. and, IIRC, they all offered it. I don't think it is traditional insurance with an insurance company. More the cruise line will return all or part of your cruise fare if you have to cancel after final payment for a covered reason. Fortunately, we have never had to make a claim. We have booked the around Africa cruise on the Marco Polo in January and it is quite an expensive cruise for us and would like some protection from unforeseen circumstances which may cause to have to cancel. Being in Canada, we are unable to access the CMV UK site and the USA site seems to be dated. We booked through a UK cruise travel agency but they didn't mention any insurance coverage. Any information/thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. Hi Escape50 Sorry, I haven’t been very active on CC lately. Go to the main “boards” page and under Roll. Calls you have to go to All other ocean cruise lines as CMV don’t yet have their own. School through until you see one titled “CMV Marco Polo January 6, 2020 78 nights RT Avonmouth. Unfortunately it isn’t very active yet
  4. Is this the same at the Brooklyn/Red Hook cruise terminal?
  5. When we decided to book a TA this year and NCL had 3 different ships leaving on TA's on the same date and with similar itineraries but from different ports, we booked all 3 so we had time to decide which we preferred. 2 of the sailings had $50. deposits and the other had $1 so we had a total of $202. tied up in deposits and we got the deposits for the two we cancelled back. Really, if NCL doesn't want or expect people to book and cancel, they shouldn't offer such low deposits. $1 deposit, if we didn't get it back no big deal.
  6. I'll be happy to see the end of the "free" air assuming the cost of the this "free" perk is shown in a reduced cruise price.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to post your review. We are booked on a TA on the Jade in April so really enjoying your post.
  8. We’re platinum on NCL but last year booked two cruises on Princess due to price. The price of the NCL cruises eventually came down but we were already booked with Princess. We have a TA coming up with NCL which was IMO a reasonable price to start with and then our next cruise is with another line. Won’t rule NCL out totally but they now have me looking around more. And booking while the current bundle including airfare is still on, not going to happen
  9. Thank you for coming back and letting us know. We’re on the Jade in April so good to know
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