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  1. BlueLadyBlue

    Upgrade in cabin after final payment made

    Has the price of your studio cabin gone down? We called after final payment when the price of our cabin went down as I read on CC that NCL would give you 25% of the difference as OBC. The agent I spoke to said that first they have to look to see if there is an upgrade available. There was and we were upgraded from a balcony to a mini suite. We are sailing on the Sun and I believe the minis are quite a bit bigger. in my own experience and having more faith in the knowledge of the folks here on CC then some of the NCL agents, if I don’t get the answer I believe to be correct, I just politely thank the agent, hang up and call back a bit later. Once I had to phone the corporate number but I finally got what I was looking for. So, always call back!
  2. We are gold so get the % discount plus we have the $50 shore excursion credit. When I called the shore excursion folks - recently, last couple of weeks - they would apply the % but I had to pay the rest and they said the $50 would be credited back to my onboard account.
  3. BlueLadyBlue

    What I ate on NCL Getaway 10/14 Eastern Caribbean

    Fabulous so glad you will be back with more. I was thinking I was going to miss you so much!
  4. BlueLadyBlue

    NCL menus Jade MDRs Oct 2018

    Thank you for posting. Love to read the menus. Some of these items may be good and then again.... Also, I have never been a fan of mashed potatoes but that seems to be the "in" thing, even with the prime rib. I'd like my baked potato back please.
  5. BlueLadyBlue

    What's the longest cruise you've taken?

    Longest NCL 32 days around South America. Longest overall 51 days Rotterdam to Singapore including 14 days Indonesia on HAL. Would have been quite happy to stay aboard. just booked 78 days R/T Bristol, England down and around Africa on the CMV Marco Polo. Only 14+ months to wait to board. Love, ❤️, love long cruises.
  6. BlueLadyBlue

    What I ate on NCL Getaway 10/14 Eastern Caribbean

    Thanks enjoying your pics and comments
  7. BlueLadyBlue

    Specialty Restaurants

    I'm watching for the answer too. We didn't tip over and above the 20% already paid. Frankly, never even occurred to me.
  8. BlueLadyBlue

    Canvas by U

    Thank you. It sounds like fun. Im sure I’m capable of producing a truly awful piece of art that I shall treasure. 😀👍
  9. BlueLadyBlue

    Upgrade on Star question

    Are you concerned about getting seasick in a forward or aft location? We’ve never cruised in a mid ship location and never had a problem but seasickness has also never been a problem. I actually prefer aft.
  10. BlueLadyBlue

    Canvas by U

    Is this offered on all ships? We’re on the Sun in November. TIA
  11. BlueLadyBlue

    Recent British Isles Cruise on the Jade

    Thanks for posting. We are trying to decide between the Star and the Jade for our TA next April. Was leaning toward the Jade and your comments may have clinched it! 😁
  12. BlueLadyBlue

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Thank you Found it. Still pending.
  13. BlueLadyBlue

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Where does it say “pending” or “processing “ ? I don’t see that anywhere. TIA
  14. BlueLadyBlue

    Key West - Conch train or Trolley?

    Thank you CJSKIDS. We’ll have a look at that. I do love CC and miss all the functions. Patience needed!
  15. BlueLadyBlue

    Key West - Conch train or Trolley?

    Thanks for the quick response. According to the Trolley web site their last run is at 4:30 so doesn't look like we can hop off and on. Sorry, I didn't see the Key West Port of Call. So far, I'm not liking this new CC Probably because I don't know what I'm doing but I had the last version figured out. Keep getting error messages, can always go back to where I was, search function doesn't work properly! Rant over.