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  1. Yes, I guess we did. Sorta. At this point, we haven't found any MSC cruises we want to go on that meet our criteria, so while we got our FCC fairly quickly, the money had been paid a long time ago and we have a very long time to use it. Money we pay for cruises is always disposable income, so it's not like we are struggling to pay our mortgage or anything. I would certainly hope that the same applies for others. Still, nobody likes waiting for a refund. Hope yours arrives very soon!
  2. Well said. And this (with apologies to my fellow cruisers on CC) is why I do not listen to prognostications made on internet forums. I LOVE Cruise Critic and value it for information regarding cruises (different ships, good values, onboard experiences, ports, and the like) but my brain turns off whenever people veer off into political arguments or present themselves as medical experts or economists. This is not the place for that (for me, at least, others may differ).
  3. Our MSC cruise for 5/19/2020 was cancelled and we requested a FCC (through our travel agent) and got it earlier this month. As far as we're concerned, MSC did just fine. I think some passengers have had to wait a long time, perhaps we were just lucky.
  4. I was following this post and I have to say you were a good friend to her by not bursting her bubble. Better that than to have both the cruise cancelled and mad at a friend. You did the right thing!
  5. Thank you, I’m glad to hear that! I’m dreaming, too. Half the fun for me is just the planning. I’m also excited about the possibility of eating al fresco. Never done that on a ship 🛳 before!
  6. Thanks, @Sweetnspicy. I do, too. While I’m sure I’m not alone in this, we’ve had at least 3 trips cancelled this year due to Coronavirus, including a cruise last month, a trip to Michigan for July 4 (where I would’ve seen my extended family, whom I rarely get to see), and a singing trip to Iceland this August that was postponed from LAST August. So while I don’t even know if next January’s trip will happen, I’m so depressed about this year that I had to have SOMETHING to look forward to for next year.
  7. That looks like a great ship! Yes, we did consider the Epic, actually. It was on our short list. It has a sailing from San Juan on my birthday also. However, we’ve been to the ABC islands 3 years ago and the other two ports (St Kitts and St Lucia) before. My travel agent and friend suggested that I “do something new” for my birthday which is why we picked the Joy-3 of the 4 ports are brand new to us. 😊
  8. I’m planning to go to law school beginning Fall 2021 & I doubt I’ll have time in 2022, but I suppose we’ll see. Right now I’m only interested in the January 2021 trip.
  9. I think I will ask the moderators to close this thread. I initially posted it to elicit feedback about NCL vs a couple of other lines. We’ve made the booking & the thread is starting to veer off into a COVID-19 direction. There are enough of those already. Thanks to all who’ve posted.
  10. Not relevant to the topic. I’m only interested in information about the ship, thanks.
  11. We received 125% FCC from MSC for a cancelled cruise. I was hoping to sail with them again next January but, like NCL, their prices have increased. Happily, this is why we booked with NCL, so it's actually kind of a win/win.
  12. Thank you! I appreciate your comments. We actually have a Princess cruise booked for next April and are hoping that goes as planned. Princess's offerings for my birthday weren't as enticing. This will be our first NCL cruise so we are looking forward to it. Food is extremely subjective so I don't know about the pizza (our taste in pizza is very different from others, I've found). I'm really excited about the different restaurants. I've already started looking at the sample menus and there's lots to choose from. Thanks again.
  13. Thank you! Actually, the final payment date is in September, the 5th if I'm not mistaken. So it gives us a couple of months to see what happens. I'm not really worried, not at all, in fact. We were supposed to cruise in Europe last month but that got canceled, we got our airline tickets refunded and opted for the cruise line's 125% future cruise credit (which converts to a cash refund if not used by December 2021). I'm fairly certain NCL would do something similar if they have to cancel our cruise, anyhow. We're taking a "wait and see" attitude when it comes to traveling right now. We have trips tentatively scheduled for August and December in Europe. Thank you very much for the good luck and birthday wishes. That's very kind of you. 😊
  14. I certainly don't like nickel and diming, on any line. But I *do* like being able to prepay things as much as possible so there are no hidden charges. We just booked our first NCL cruise and we prepaid the gratuities for the specialty dining and UBP, as well the DSC. As far as I can tell, we won't have to pay anything extra once onboard except for anything we buy that's extra. For example, if I decide to do the go karts, buy specialty coffee or fresh juice (that isn't covered by the UBP), or gift shop items, etc. When we were doing comparisons to other lines, some of them at first seemed cheaper, but when I factored in the cost of the Free at Sea offers, NCL was actually cheaper. Also, unlike MSC (which we like a lot), NCL allows people with the unlimited beverage package to pay the difference between included drinks (up to $15) and the more expensive ones. MSC makes you pay the full cost of the premium stuff. So that $19 glass of bubbly would cost me $4 plus gratuity on NCL while on MSC it'd be 19$ + gratuity. Certainly something to consider when comparing cruise lines.
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