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  1. We are UK based and the $ to GBP exchange rate is kept at the exchange rate when you book. We benefited greatly on our last cruise as the exchange rate was good when we booked. At time of the cruise the rate was much less. However we got the exchange rate at time of booking. So so if your UK based and you believe the exchange rate is good. Book it.
  2. Find Homer Simpson...... he’s onboard...... it’s not a secret but not everyone’s knows where to find him 😏
  3. I’ve tried clicking “message” but I’m only allowed to send 0 messages a day! Maybe simene can PM/DM me?
  4. Happy 50th birdshot on 25th when you get WiFi back in NYC. Hope you enjoyed QM2!
  5. I have done mock bookings for Cruise Only & then looked at flights and it can save maybe £200 or more pp. However im always wary that the cruise line won’t wait for, or make arrangements for independent flights. So I’d need to factor in additional night(s) before embarkation Oh why can’t it just be easy, and relatively cheap?
  6. Hi all Havent cruised in over a year, prices appeared to have shop up in price! We have 4 Cruise Next vouchers for NCL and need to use them by early 2021. However with prices of a weeks Med Cruise costing guts of £3,000 and the Caribbean over £3,600 it’s getting quite expensive. To reduce the price I’ve been looking at the “cruise only” price, which can make a substantial difference to the cost. However we do like a drinks package and we know we’d pay a lot more if we PAYdrink! So so my question to the UK cruising population is: - Can you buy Cruise only then purchase a drinks package separately (either online or onboard)? - if you can then how much is the cost? We we are likely now looking at late 2019, or early 2020. We’re even considering an inside cabin to bring costs down and to let us save, although we know if we book a balcony or above & 6 months+ Out we can use 2 CNVs Any help or advice will be greatfully received. Or on on a lighter note (please take this with the humour intended) if there are any older women who would like the company of two gay men (45/51) we’d be more than happy to chapparone you. TIA
  7. There are FOD meeting on RCL & NCL. The best FOD meetings were on the QMII Private sectioned off area of the Comadore Lounge. Complimentary drink with canapés every night. Large crowd, busy every evening. Meeting was scheduled for 6pm (I think) always before the first dinner service.
  8. IMO that’s total rubbish. Of course the ship/Cruise line wants you to “turn up” that is where they make all the extra sales/profit. From selling excursions, drinks (if not included in a package), casino use, speciality restaurants, spa treatments/shop purchases (although these will be concessions) An sold out ship with 4,000 pax that sails empty may generate £/$5,000,000 in sales but if sailing full could quite easily generate an additional £/$3,000,000 in sales
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