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  1. Did you notice if the room service menu changed or is it the same stuff? Thx
  2. Thanks for the reply. We do Freedom again in December. Can't wait!
  3. Yes, Oasis has the higher tables. Was the chair with the foot rest comfortable? I don't remember having one of those.
  4. Mr. McGuire: I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Benjamin: Yes, sir. Mr. McGuire: Are you listening? Benjamin: Yes, I am. Mr. McGuire: Plastics. Benjamin: Exactly how do you mean? Love that :D Me-thinks the brain cells may be a bit on the shy side :D Better switch brands.
  5. You should fiqure out a way to post some of this on the excursion & port pages, too. It would help someone looking for information. It seems there are always people talking about those cabanas. PS- that is one happy looking ritz cracker dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Fun review! Looking forward to more. Still have Cozumel trip, right? Thanks for taking the time.
  7. Park N Cruise fan here. Sometimes it is busy as heck, of course, other times not. Always friendly and efficient. The port parking is very nice and convenient, but once I found Park N Cruise I just can't justify paying almost 3x to park our car. I could buy 2 "drinks of the day" every day with the money I save! ;)
  8. Sherri, 21 days and counting! (not that I'm keeping track :D)
  9. My apologies . . . I was unclear . . . I said 2 to my daughter, but you are absolutely correct that Jake said 4 ........ and a coke.
  10. MORcrzr

    Taking bottled water on the Allure

    Thermos? Ok, johneeo just had a flashback to 1974!
  11. MORcrzr

    Viking Serenade

    Our first was Sun Viking and she was great. My parents were on the Viking Seranade a few times and used to laugh about her - but always had such fond memories! My dad was in the travel business and he ended up on her right after RCCL got her from Admiral (?? I think). Anyway, he always called her "big ol' ugly" or "the car ferry cruiser." Wasn't she an old ferry at one time? Fun memories . . .
  12. MORcrzr

    Taking bottled water on the Allure

    We always have one carry-on bag (on wheels) that we take onto the ship with us. We stop on the way and buy 2 small 6 or 8-packs of diet dr pepper (plastic bottles) and a case of water. Always keep in the original shrink-wrap. We just put them in the carry on and have never had a problem. My wife says I am an evil smuggler but I say if they are in plain sight, I ain't smugglin! If they take them someday, oh well!
  13. Holy cow -- I just said this to my daughter today (2 whole chickens, though) and got the usual "no idea what you are talking about" stare. I couldn't let you get the same treatment. OP: Don't forget the children's menu! I learned this tip from CC many moons ago . . . I love the chips & dip and other goodies. Just ask for the menu and order stuff as appetizers, etc. And ditto on the shrimp cocktail. And TIPPING . . . yes we do :D
  14. 3 days since the first post and the review still isn't finished. Am I the only one that wishes folks would write the entire review and then copy/paste it on the thread? They could do it over the course of a day or so (in sections) if they wanted to draw it out for comments. But not days and days or even weeks and weeks. . . Sorry! Just venting! :o OP: Great review so far! :D:D
  15. Bill - There is an answer! Looks like it is happening . . .