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  1. After a lifetime of cruising, these protocols, while necessary, don't sound like my beloved Princess cruise experience. I will wait until things get back to as close as possible to my cruise memories. For those willing to cruise under these protocols, please post here on CC. I assume that won't be until sometime next year.
  2. Bummer I will miss the 3FF promo. It was our favorite.
  3. Wow thanks I had no idea that could be available. Half the deposit would definitely be more attractive. If I decide to rebook I will ask about that.
  4. What is the past passenger rate deposit?
  5. I think I had read something about this on here before, but I just got the email today. It says "Exclusive offer to rebook your Alaska adventure" and is offering $150pp OBC if we rebook our cancelled Alaska cruise for the same cruise in 2021. It says we must rebook by June 30th to get the offer. It is tempting because with five of us that is $750 in OBC. As much as we would love to redo our cruise next summer, I'm still not sure about paying the deposit (which would be $800) and then waiting to see how things play out with the pandemic. I hope cruising will go back to some degree of normal a year from now. Has anyone else rebooked their cruise with this OBC offer? And if so, I am wondering if Princess mentioned if it would carry over with a refare later (if fares go down)?
  6. I will be curious to see how long the Negative Covid=19 test requirement for Alaska lasts. Won't rebook our Alaska cruise until that is all sorted out.
  7. As a lifelong cruiser I can't imagine cruising again with those kinds of restrictions. It wouldn't be worth the money in my opinion. I am still hoping that one day we can cruise like it was before, whenever that might be.
  8. Really wanting to redo our Alaska cruise in 2021 but not ready to put out the deposit money yet. Cheapest balcony cabins (we need two) would be $800. Won't book anything less than a balcony ever again after all this.
  9. Hmm that's weird. Does your TA charge a cancellation fee? Some do. If not, then yes someone at Princess did it wrong.
  10. Princess has already cancelled their summer Alaska and CNE cruises, even into early fall. NCL won't be able to sail there so I would not pay any more money on those cruises, and definitely wouldn't pay final payment on them.
  11. I cancelled our June cruise back in early March when I saw the writing on the wall. It was way before they announced that June cruises were officially cancelled. I got all of my money refunded to my credit card the following week. At the time I thought I was being paranoid but wanted my money back (over 9K). Glad I did because now I would be waiting a lot longer for the refund.
  12. Yes it is annoying that when you cancel a shorex in your Personalizer there is no cancellation confirmation generated or emailed as proof. Hopefully Princess will make this possible someday. I have done it many times and the refund posted to my credit card within a few business days, although I think now it will probably take much longer.
  13. Princess just cancelled through the fall. Guessing that NCL will follow.
  14. Just saw on Facebook. Not really a surprise.
  15. Princess cancelled their May and June cruises this week. NCL should be announcing the same anytime now.
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