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  1. Really wanting to redo our Alaska cruise in 2021 but not ready to put out the deposit money yet. Cheapest balcony cabins (we need two) would be $800. Won't book anything less than a balcony ever again after all this.
  2. Hmm that's weird. Does your TA charge a cancellation fee? Some do. If not, then yes someone at Princess did it wrong.
  3. Princess has already cancelled their summer Alaska and CNE cruises, even into early fall. NCL won't be able to sail there so I would not pay any more money on those cruises, and definitely wouldn't pay final payment on them.
  4. I cancelled our June cruise back in early March when I saw the writing on the wall. It was way before they announced that June cruises were officially cancelled. I got all of my money refunded to my credit card the following week. At the time I thought I was being paranoid but wanted my money back (over 9K). Glad I did because now I would be waiting a lot longer for the refund.
  5. Yes it is annoying that when you cancel a shorex in your Personalizer there is no cancellation confirmation generated or emailed as proof. Hopefully Princess will make this possible someday. I have done it many times and the refund posted to my credit card within a few business days, although I think now it will probably take much longer.
  6. Princess just cancelled through the fall. Guessing that NCL will follow.
  7. Just saw on Facebook. Not really a surprise.
  8. Princess cancelled their May and June cruises this week. NCL should be announcing the same anytime now.
  9. Yes I would consider if the buffet had mandatory hand washing and crew members serving the food. Fresh silverware handed to you as you exit the buffet (wrapped in napkin) instead of sitting out on the tables. And disposable menus (or a large posted one) in the dining rooms. Also salt/pepper packets on the tables (instead of shakers) and the wrapped butter squares (instead of the open bowls of butter). I can think of a lot of easy ways to make the dining safer in general.
  10. So it was a refundable deposit and normal booking? That is strange, if you cancelled before final payment you should have gotten everything back. Sounds like the Princess rep you dealt with didn't know what they were doing.
  11. Yes I am wondering the same thing, if it was a FCD or nonrefundable deposit since you cancelled before final payment. If you had a normal booking with refundable deposit you would have gotten everything refunded.
  12. Yes I looked at the equivalent of our cancelled cruise next summer and the prices are indeed about 25 percent higher.
  13. So am I reading the June cruise cancellation refund policy correctly? (on their website): 1. If you paid in full already, you get Option 1 (higher value) which is 125% FCC and refund of prepaid shorex's, etc. 2. If you haven't paid in full yet, you get Option 2 (lower value) which is full refund of everything paid
  14. Yah I'm a little leery of the Ruby for this reason and also of the Grand and Coral. I guess I would consider a new ship that hasn't sailed yet (like the Enchanted and Discovery). But as mentioned above it's also about safer protocols and a possible vaccine.
  15. Yes old news, the letters were mailed out a few weeks ago
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