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  1. Thank you so much simplyrubies! Great information.
  2. I would like to know as well because we will be in Paris on a Saturday too (June 29th). We also have booked the Princess shorex to the Louvre, with lunch at a restaurant by the Eiffel Tower.
  3. Are you already on your cruise? It shouldn't take 10-15 days. I have booked and then cancelled shorex's in my Personalizer and the refund posts to my credit card within 2 days. Or did you pay with OBC?
  4. Yes we did that excursion in 2017. It was great! Got to ride on the Autobahn (fun to watch cars fly past our bus). We enjoyed the castle and got some good photos. Then we had free time in a market place area. Found snacks at a bakery (bring euros). My daughters found some treasures at the market. I would definitely recommend it.
  5. I've been in both types of cabins. The minisuite is nice because it has a tub/shower instead of (small) shower and also has the sitting area with sofa (becomes a sofabed if needed). You don't mention how many of you would be in the cabin. There are two TV's instead of one. Most minisuite's have uncovered balconies, if that's a concern. If those things work for you, I think that is a good deal to upgrade.
  6. You are after final payment. You can't refare at the lower price. Their offer of OBC is probably the only goodwill gesture possible here.
  7. Yes I looked through those Patters too and didn't see bingo. I guess I could have missed it. Hoping there will be!
  8. A quad minisuite would have a dropdown bunk bed above the sofa bed.
  9. On a related note, is Bingo played on the Princess British Isles cruises?
  10. I'm looking through these Patters again, planning for our June British Isles cruise. I don't see Bingo? Not even on the sea days? Can anyone please advise if Princess has Bingo on the British Isles cruises?
  11. We are booked in Riviera aft interior cabins on Crown, about four back from the aft pool door. So Crafter188, you haven't noticed any noise issues from the buffet above? Any info appreciated. It seems like a good location for interiors but I am a light sleeper.
  12. Princess is probably laying the groundwork though. It's interesting that they are doing the BI cruise out of Dublin this summer and could next summer apparently but chose not to.
  13. Ah, that explains why the Princess British Isles cruises won't be sailing out of Dublin next summer.
  14. Thank you geoherb! That's exactly what I needed to know. 🙂
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