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  1. We will be on the Star next summer and I am also glad it won't have the OM. Give me a classic cruise card any day! Had to test out the medallions this past summer and was not impressed at all.
  2. Yes T5 is British Airways. And definitely look for the Princess rep who should be there on cruise day.
  3. Oh wow that's funny, I'm afraid it will be in the 100's again next week when you come through so prepare for heat. Grass Valley should be a bit cooler though hopefully. Sounds like you came up with a good plan for your trip! Enjoy!!
  4. We did that Princess transfer this summer. At LHR the Princess busses officially pick up at Terminal 3 (at around 9:30am). We had flown in the day before and stayed at a hotel at Terminal 5. I could never confirm if Princess would be picking up at all terminals, so we took a cab over to T3. Our other option (at no cost but a hassle for five of us with luggage) was to walk back to T5 and catch the subway/tube transfer over to T3. I think it was called Heathrow Express and our concierge said it would take about 15 to 20 minutes between terminals. It was easier for us to just taxi over to T3 arrivals and then we found the Princess rep there. On the way out of LHR our bus did stop at T5 and pick up a few people (we had literally just come from there, LOL) so they must have shown up at (or flew into on day of the cruise) T5 and obviously there was indeed a Princess rep there. Had I known that we would have stayed at T5 and done the same thing, but a CC thread and several calls to Princess could never answer that. But I now know firsthand that there is a Princess rep at all Heathrow terminals even though your Travel Summary will tell you that pickup is only at T3. So long story short, you can go back over to T3 arrivals and catch the Princess transfer there. The transfer is convenient -- they take you right to your ship and your bags go on a separate truck and show up in your stateroom. I believe if you take the regular bus you will still need to get from the bus station to the port.
  5. Saving your review and hoping to see the Norway cruise offerings for summer 2021 soon. Would love to do for my daughter's high school graduation. So far NCL has only released summer 2020 (will be on the Star).
  6. I sure hope not! But you're right, this isn't a good sign. And 3 for Free is coming next. 😬
  7. Thanks for the photos of the Patters! Like you I also bring a highlighter to mark important things on them. Now if they would just make the font bigger for those of us with middle-aged eyes! I can hardly read them anymore without reader glasses.
  8. Well your comments and observations are certainly welcome since you are on the same cruise 🙂
  9. Yes I was wondering the same thing...is this thread by cougaraz or The Mikado?
  10. Strange, D733 doesn't show as being a handicapped cabin on the website deck plan. But yes that was smart to change to D730 which is a standard minisuite. It's technically a quad but sounds like you are a group of three so won't need the bunk bed.
  11. My family booked an MD minisuite (and three MB minisuites next to it) on the Star for next summer so this made me rush to the website to check on this. For D733 it does have a special notation that says "nonstandard layout: twin beds only/shower only/no tub/no sink vanity". I'm confused on that last one, how can it have no sink vanity in the bathroom? Don't know what that means. Since it's a minisuite without the usual tub shower combo, I would hope it costs less than the standard minisuite. It is a triple cabin so there are lots of other triple minisuites on Dolphin deck, are any of those available for your cruise? It looks like yours is the only triple MD minisuite so you might have to go up to an MB (which are midaft and mid forward) or perhaps an ME minisuite which would be forward.
  12. Wow that is interesting! I am looking at that same cruise and we can't afford the WS's anyway (need two cabins for the five of us). I am wondering, since you already booked it, was it the usual ten percent deposit and was it refundable? I would hope so this far out. And also was the Captain's Circle Launch Savings applied?
  13. Yes NCL has a similar itinerary and I assume will in 2021 as well. If they have Stavanger and Flam would prefer that. My family still talks about the waffles they had in Stavanger four years ago (you can see their priorities LOL). But as always it will come down to price, dates, airfare, etc.
  14. Love this review! Thanks for all of your detail and photos. I am looking at the same cruise in 2021 (will be on the Grand) and it is not showing Stavanger, Flam, or Geiranger as ports. Looks like different ports that summer. The Land of the Midnight Sun cruise is before a similar 14 day one that also goes to Iceland. If you had to choose, which would you do, all Norway ports or half Norway and half Iceland? Your review makes me want to go all Norway and do the Midnight Sun, but we've never been to Iceland (did a 7 day Norway in 2015).
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