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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with the 2nd dose. Have read other accounts of more severe reactions to the 2nd dose. Not something to look forward to ...
  2. Not sure Genting's Dream cruise line is truly 'luxury,' but whatever. On the topic of the Chinese market, it was reported on the Viking board that a joint venture has been formed between Viking and a Chinese company, to which Viking transferred the Viking Sun (built in 2017). Excerpts from an article about the joint venture: 1) this will be China's first entry into the high-end luxury cruise market, 2) cruises will be launched in 2021, offering domestic cruises, and 3) (this is interesting) ... the jv will upgrade and transform the Viking Sun to integrate simple Nordic style w/Ch
  3. This would make Crystal's ocean ships a loss leader, no? At some point, the other 'revenue streams' should be able to stand on their own, and not require the synergy from the Symphony/Serenity duo.
  4. Under any restructuring of the principal repayment, the lenders need reassurance of the likelihood of repayment. Otherwise, why bother ...
  5. Vince, your observations are spot-on. While we enjoyed our initial cruises on Crystal, we greatly value cabin space ... so have opted for the newer ships of Regent and Seabourn, which provide a stately 'private space' to relax and unwind. Luxury, in our eyes, lies in the cabins. The possible losses incurred by Crystal over the years is unsettling. Unless you're an Uber or WeWork -- where gaining market share justifies ongoing (and massive) losses -- why would you continue to operate at a loss? I hope Crystal's ocean cruising survives, but the operation-at-a-loss certai
  6. Nice to see Keith in print! Sorry if Keith’s interview in Condé Nast Traveler has already been discussed here. 150 voyages ... super wow. (Keith, it must have been so hard not to mention Crystal ...)
  7. Backofficecruising ... finally, a rational opinion that makes sense. Thank you.
  8. This quote is from the Refunds thread ... it seems better than the reason given above that Anderson is only interim because of his stage in life. I think ‘interim’ has other far-reaching consequences.
  9. Good insight, SusieQft. They must be maintaining a skeletal staff to respond to TA inquiries. But to those waiting for a response from Tom Wolber, it may not be forthcoming ...
  10. How do you know Crystal’s management team is still intact? Perhaps they’ve been furloughed ...
  11. Thanks, H2O Polo Willie, for an objective reading of the situation, along with the informative reports. So much better than relying on the banal phrase, ‘time will tell ‘ ...
  12. eroller, your comments are spot-on ... and so clearly stated. No obfuscation whatsoever. Much appreciate your voice of reason, and ability to call a spade a spade. Thank you.
  13. Thank you, snoozecrooze ... awesome info and video.
  14. Photo Is not as clear as those taken by alphawave7, but here’s the Grand leaving under the Golden Gate this afternoon:
  15. Grand Princess seen leaving San Francisco Bay ... wishing it a safe journey.
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