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  1. Hi all, we are sailing out of FLL in 2 weeks on 8/1. We arrive at the airport early, like 10am that Saturday. Has anyone had consistent luck checking in early to a particular hotel in FLL? I know if they're full Fri night it won't happen, but we have run into some hotels that won't even consider letting you check in early, even if they have an open room. We are trying to stay around $200 or less for the night with at least a shuttle one of the ways (airport to hotel and/or hotel to cruiseport). We would love to throw our suits on and have a long pool day that day we arrive instead of sitting around for hours till 3 or 4 when we can check in. We would be open to one that you have SAFELY stashed your luggage with concierge too. Not all hotels look like they have the most secure front desk and would hate to loose something before our trip even begins!! Would also like to walk to lunch/dinner, but that's not a make or break criteria as we can ubereats. Early check in is the most important to us. Thanks for any help!!
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