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  1. I sailed on the October 8th thru the 13th cruise this year and was affected by the same issues. While we had an 11:30 arrival time that was pushed back to 12:30 a simple call to Carnival and we were informed that PRIORITY guests (I am platinum) and FTTF would be allowed entry into the terminal at noon. We arrived at the port at 1030 thanks to our Carnival transfer from thje airport and checked our bags with the porter. We then headed over to the Riverwalk Mall and hung out until 1145. We got back to the terminal at 1155 and a LARGE line had formed at the door of MOSTLY FTTF guests. When they opened the doors at noon PRIORITY guests (diamond, platinum and suites) were called to enter first after we hopped out of line then FTTF were allowed to enter. Priority guests waited in the Captain's lounge while FTTF waited in a seating area in the main terminal. Noone boarded before 1:30 BUT they did have all cabins ready. We had our luggage waiting for us in the room when we boarded whereas others had their luggage sitting outside their door. We were in room 7365, a standard balcony, which had just been finished being renovated and was very nice. It had two regular plugs at the desk 4 USB charging ports (2 at the desk and 2 over the bed) an outlet in the bathroom as well as a mini fridge. With all the people that showed up at noon they ONLY thing they were looking for on boarding passes was PRIORITY or FTTF. AND TO FOLLOW UP: When it came time to board boarding started at 1:30 and went in this order per the staff's announcement: Diamonds Platinums Suites FTTF Then Zone numbers
  2. I cruised October 8th thru 13th and was in a newly renovated cabin on deck 7. When I boarded they had completed all of 7 and had just closed the port side (even cabins) of deck 8. Construction on deck 7 started with the first cruise in September and took approximately 2.5 weeks to do each side. (My cabin 7365) was finished shortly before I boarded. During the time leading up to my cruise Carnival continued to deny any work was being done on the ship. If you want a resource with more cruisers providing info if you have Facebook join the group Carnival Sunrise (Triumph) as people come back they are sharing photos of the new cabins as well as where current construction is.
  3. No problem. It's just a little storage cabinet/night stand. In trvlgirlmq's picture its sitting between the beds since they are split. I have 3 posts on a Facebook group called Carnival Sunrise (Triumph) that I posted Monday. Look for one with the cabin number 7365 and several pics and then you can easily identify the rest. They will close to the top
  4. That's my photo! I was in balcony cabin 7365 on the 10/8 thru 10/13 cruise. There's also two more USB ports on the desk/dresser by the cabin phone as well as an electrical outlet with two plugs instead of one. The only info anyone is getting is the info that guests are sharing as they cruise. Carnival is actually still denying any renovations are happening on the ship until the drydock next year even though plenty of people are posting photos and anecdotal evidence that shows otherwise.
  5. After 12 cruises it is hard to pick but I would go with my very first cruise when I fell in love with them as a vacation. My father took all of the kids and grandkids, 19 of us total, on a 4th of July cruise on the Celebration to Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen. I remember losing $200 on a nickel slot machine the very first night, depleting my small sum of spending cash for the trip. I was a poor college student then. The next day I entered and won the slot tournament and $500 with my family standing just outside the casino cheering me on. I visited the ruins of Tulum and Xel-ha with my nephew in Playa Del Carmen and did a snorkeling tour in Cozumel. The minute I got home I immediately booked a cruise for December of that year to celebrate my graduation from nursing school. I made my platinum status by getting my 10th cruise before they changed to number of days. I've since introduced my wife and daughter to cruising and its the preferred way we travel.
  6. the first two things on my list were firsts for me on the Triumph last week, 1. The Chef's Table 2. The Seafood Shack 3. sitting on promenade deck and just people watching
  7. Thanks for sharing. I didn't remember seeing the originals!
  8. Was there a different set of deck plans for the Sunrise or are you comparing that to the Triumph deckplans?
  9. I blocked Carl so I only see his posts here when people quote him. Not that it matters but contrary to his claims it’s more than 3 different posts in the group in which people have voiced comceens in which THEIR cruises were affected by the construction that carnival continues to deny. Anytime someone who had cruised shared an experience that differed from Carl he labeled them a whiner or a complainer. His bias in the deleted post and in this one here is crystal clear. I’m glad he had a great cruise but he continues to fail to grasp the concept that if construction is going on on the 7th deck people with rooms directly above and below the construction on 6 and 8 can be affected by the noise and deserve to be told of this prior to sailing. I sail on the 10/8, am past the point of cancellation and will deal with whatever happens and try to make the most of my trip. Still doesn’t change the fact that it is poor customer service on Carnival’s part for not being transparent with this issue. Some of you may like spending thousands of dollars for your vacation and receiving second rate customer service but I don’t. With that I’m done completely with this thread.
  10. Easy to say when you have no idea where they are working. Hopefully on your sailing you don’t find out that you get to be right next to, or directly above, or directly below the construction since Carnival is still lying and saying it’s not happening. Why wouldn’t you want to know where it is before you sail so you know going in what to expect? What is wrong with Asking Carnival for transparency in this process? I’m not in any way asking for OBC or any compensation. I just want to know where will it be taking place when I sail on 10/08.
  11. I booked my cruise over a year ago for mine and wife's 10 year anniversary. If I had known that it was going to be under renovations like this I would never have chosen it. It wasn't until a post here and then on the Facebook page I referenced that people started seeing that at the start of September Carnival starting doing work on the ship without telling anyone. The only notice people are getting is a letter saying boarding will be delayed and the cruise will sail one hour late with no explanation as to why. Calls to Carnival, my most recent being Monday and they still deny that any work is being performed on the ship. Even many posts to John Heald's post has had a cookie cutter response that all areas are open when the Oxford Lounge has been closed since the start of September and still shows as an active part of the ship on the Carnival website.
  12. I'm glad you had a good cruise but others around or near the construction area certainly didn't and many people with upcoming cruises certainly don't agree with Carnival lying about it before their cruise. I've called Carnival twice, most recently on Monday, and THEY STILL DENY THEY ARE DOING ANY WORK ON THE SHIP. That's inexcusable in my book. With the work they are doing they have to have some idea of where they will be on each sailing and there is no reason they can't give guests fair warning before the ship sails. Since you are so wrapped up in your own opinion and have no desire to read what others on recent sailings have written then there is nothing more for you and I to discuss or debate. Have a good day.
  13. Visit the Facebook page Carnival Triumph (Sunrise) and read from people that have been cruising since the beginning of September and you will see that multiple people have posted that the Oxford lounge is completely closed and that deck 7 has had all of the port side staterooms completely gutted and remodeled DURING cruises and that the starboard side is currently in process with plans for continuing work on the remaining decks to be done between now and drydock. People are reporting constuction going on late into the evening and early in the morning with reports of AC being out on deck one There are photos and videos posted of the work and noise. Further cruisers are receiving notice that boarding is being delayed until 1pm at the earliest and that the ship in some cases will not sail until 5pm due to the loading and unloading of construction material. Carnival is continuing to deny that ANY work is being done on the ship when the preponderance of the evidence to those doing their research says otherwise. I'm sailing on the 8th and will update on whats going on when I get back both here and on that page. All most people are asking is for Carnival to be transparent with whats happening on the ship before we board.
  14. I doubt I'll go that far. My wife will be the one to insist that we still go since this is our 10 year anniversary cruise. I'd be less upset (key word being less) if Carnival would just tell the truth about whats going on. I'm not asking for any OBC or future cruise credit.
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