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  1. Thanks for all the input, I feel more relaxed about the room choice. We were originally doing the southbound and switched to the Northbound. We chose the Port side for the southbound.
  2. They are running about $300 more right now, worse part is the cruise went up $300 more than when we booked so it’s $600 more and what ever fee they charge for changing room, never mind if they take obc away.
  3. Thanks, appreciate the input.
  4. Just wondering what is the best side of the ship to be on with a Northbound cruise from Vancouver to Seward? (Inland water ways) Port or starboard, or does it really matter. At present we have a Port side room, just need to know if we should switch to other side of ship. Its our first time to Alaska and just want to make the best of it. Also we have never changed rooms before, is it a difficult thing to do and what do they end up charging for swapping rooms. We are on the radiance of the sea’s. Thanks for any info
  5. How is the sea’s from Vancouver to Alaska ..... I usually get a midship room for the wife, but if the sea’s are not bad I may grab a aft cabin in the back of ship.
  6. Thanks for the reassurance
  7. I have been busy with work, sorry I didn’t stop by to thank everyone for their input. This is going to be a family event for us, our niece and nephew are putting together and with a lot of thought and comparing and wanting to go on the inland water ways ... they have chose “Radiance of the Seas May 15, 2020”. for most of us it is our first time in Alaska, so we are excited.... I thank everyone for their input, a lot of what you all said went into the decisions and what our options were. Me, personally I’m just hoping the ship is not run down like some of the reviews say, and especially not moldy. Reviews are good, but sometimes ya just got to take them with a grain of salt.
  8. Looking to cruise in May 2020 and was looking for some input into what cruise line to use, I don’t want a run down ship but it don’t have to be the newest. I have cruised on many different cruise lines ....
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