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  1. I use to book Guaranteed every time also , on the B2b cruise we were told that we will be moving on our second week, the morning of change over our room steward told us we will be staying in that room. On another, as was said, they do all the moving for you. One time I did get a Mini Suite, when I booked a guaranteed balcony. Now, I always pick my room, I have come to like certain parts of the ship and I go for that. Rick
  2. Its been awhile since I have cruised, where are some good sites to start looking for good cruise deals Thanks
  3. Just wondering where they routed you to? I have the pleasure of being on this up coming cruise to bermuda or Where ever!!! its a bummer, wife has never been. next 12 hours will tell alot to see if it turns northward to bermuda:eek:
  4. What week are you going, and who did you hire. what would be the cost for 2 people?
  5. I have a 1pm flight out of Heathrow coming from South Hampton in November 18th. Will I make my flight? What are my best travel options getting there?
  6. What is the earliest time that you can book a flight departing from South Hampton Port? We will be flying out of Heathrow.
  7. It's so tough to pull the trigger, not knowing if they are going to go down....:confused:
  8. Choice-air Thur cruise web site
  9. Looking to buy airline tickets from Boston to London in November. What is an average price or a good price to lock in on. looking at a $857 red eye Virgin air (Good or Bad)
  10. I was on Solstice last Nov. Guy was smoking a cigar down one level on balcony. Call the desk asked what the policy was for smoking on balcony. They said there no smoking what so ever!! Ask if they could come to my room to witness. They, wrote a letter to him and put in his door that if he did again he would be charged $250. He never did again till last night, so I called and they said shame on him he's not going to like his bill. So I leaned over later and said enjoy your bill moron. I paid for a balcony to enjoy it without cigar and cigarette smoke. Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  11. They don't have afternoon flights otherwise they have a Bos to Lhr $825 Cheapest I'm finding is $857 virgin Air Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  12. Looking to buy airline tickets from Boston to London in November. What is an average price or a good price to lock in on. :confused:
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