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  1. How many cabanas are there? Are the locations different in any way? I'm thinking that some might be quieter while others are closer to food/restrooms but would be louder. I'm not sure if I'm going to book one or not, but would like an idea of which one to try and pick if I do rent one. Thanks!
  2. My husband and I are going on our first Carnival cruise next year to celebrate his birthday. One of our stops is Half Moon Cay. I’m considering doing FTTF, depending on the following questions. Does Half Moon require a tender? If so, does FTTF allow you to skip the line/priority tender to the island? I was considering a cabana on the island, but if we can get on a tender early and snag a good seat, FTTF would be more economical. (Although a dedicated cabana would allow us to sleep in a little. Decisions, decisions). Thanks!
  3. We were on the same itinerary for the Feb. 17th sailing and have also been switched to Nassau and Princess Cays. Comparable Bahamas cruises (same time frame, same embarkation port) cost less than what we paid for the Cuba cruise. A little OBC or some drink coupons would have been nice to compensate for the price difference. I doubt we'll cancel - we booked this specific week to celebrate my husband's birthday. We also already have an Airbnb booked & paid for in Charleston for a couple nights before the cruise. Overall, I am just so bummed about not going to Cuba.
  4. Thanks for the info! Did you happen to keep or take pictures of the Fun Times?
  5. We'll be sailing in 2021 so it will be Wonderland by then. I'm going to assume Wonderland will be quiet by 10 or 11 at night, and I'm excited it will be there. I really want to try it!
  6. Near the back of the ship, there are a handful of interior rooms tucked in by the elevators on decks 8-14. This is an ideal location for us, as our family members are traveling in the balcony cabins right across the hall. However, I’m a little worried about noise, as these cabins are all next to, above, or below venues such as Dazzle, or the Diamond Club. Has anyone stayed in these rooms or does anyone have some insight? I’d hate to spend the cruise being kept up until 3:00 am by music. Thanks!
  7. The cruises for 2021 were just released, and my extended family is planning a trip together. We chose a Caribbean cruise on the Oasis out of Ft. Lauderdale. Then someone told my dad that the Oasis is moving to New York in 2020 and he now has the whole family freaking out that the cruise we just booked won’t exist or at the very least will be on another ship. Some of them have their hearts set on the Oasis. Has anyone heard about the Oasis being based in NY starting in 2020?
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