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  1. So you don't like cruising. Why are you on this board??
  2. so you basically got a cruise by paying port fees & tax?
  3. Well, your opinion is yours, not mine. Live alone in a cave the rest of your life and you will be fine.
  4. I sent another copy of DD214 for a cruise in '22, but it still shows exp of '21. The '22 cruise has the benefit applied
  5. Congress does not need to be involved for a temporary change. There are times when cruise ships apply for an exemption, say when weather changes an itinerary to the extent a foreign port is missed, or a mechanical issues shorten a cruise. If Canada keeps ports closed USDOT could make a temporary exemption to the PVSTA.
  6. All the speculation by the 'experts' that opine in 'how it will be' when cruising starts up.
  7. Medicare does not cover you if you are not on US soil. I hope to cruise in Feb.
  8. I always ask for baby blue sheets. You will get silk sheets as often as I get my blue ones. This surely get the question of the day award.
  9. Glad to know that you are an insider and know what will be required and when.
  10. Need his account password. If he doesn't have a princess account, get a new aol e-mail address, create a new princess account using his Captain's circle number. I looks like the military benefit for most is expiring 12-31-2021.
  11. Well, in your ' Circle Savings Account, Onboard Credits' section, look and see if the Military Benefit has an expiration date. if It does, then your PVP is wrong.
  12. Just found out today that the military benefit that is applied automatically after you submit your DD214 form once, expires after 10 years. I first submitted it in 2011, it was not applied to a 2022 cruise, called Princess, they said it need to be resubmitted after 10 years.
  13. Sounds like a great idea to me.
  14. It was passed on behalf of SHIPBUILDERS, originally for the haulage of freight. See, shipbuilders did not want foreign built ships hauling freight between us ports when that kind of thing happened. Passenger service was kind of an afterthought. people did not cruise just to cruise, they traveled from coast to coast that way. Not everything is today's doing.
  15. please! Marlke is not particularly loved nor admired.
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