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  1. Just got off the Constellation yesterday. Here is a picture of my door. Had many people ask about it on the ship. One lady stopped me and asked why I had a decorated door and no one else did. I laughted and told her cause I brought all the stuff from home. She laughted and said, "I Love it. It help me find my way home each night". It was fun to stand in the elevator and hear other talk about my door. One man said. "now Honey, we turn toward the cute star door when we get off."


    Our door was right next to the elevators.


  2. crusinrita

    On past cruises, I made albums for each cabin in our group. A Scrapbook page with port information, next would be a large zip lock bag for that page. The book would contain a page and a bag for each port.


    What A CUTE Idea! I made little scrapbooks for groups I have cruised with in the past but never thought of adding a plastic bag to it. What size did you make? I am curious how the bag looked with each page. Was it attached to the back of each page or was it like a page two for each port? I would love to see one if you have pictures. :D
  3. Well I will be leaving on the Constellation in just a few weeks. Have been racking my brain for an Idea to decorate the door. Well I now got it. :D


    I loved the little fishnet over the door. I will do a cruise critic sign for our "Star Cruisers" meeting and wll attach Texas things to the net. I love representing my home state. And since we are going with a star theme. I will be the "Lone Star State" Texas. Thanks for the Ideas guys. I am so glad this is catching on. I have never had anything stolen off my door. But if I do then I will count it as Souveniers for some one who could never get to "God's Country"



  4. I always decorate our door. We are using a "Star" Theme this year in April. Since we are from Texas (Lone Star State) I want to do something on that Just can't decide yet How it will be done. I have some Texas stuff but want to use some new stuff. SO any ideas would be welcomed.empty.gif


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