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  1. How was the heat and humidity in the islands? Hard for my wife if terribly hot!
  2. Do they have texas holdem tourneys on CRYSTAL???
  3. How bad was the heat and humidity? I have booked and cancelled this itinerary 4 times because my wife cant handle heat well! Also,is there any activity in the poker tournaments?
  4. Is this NEW? We are on the Allure after a 3 year absence on RCCL---but I was D+ when the change over happened and I have NEVER been allowed to get a free drink in MDR or entertainment venues ! FRANK
  5. We were on the last TA and it didnt matter---NOONE THERE!!! they had Blackjack and DICE but closed alot because of lack of interest!
  6. THANKS JACKIE As we have been on many many cruises --this sounds like a great time to go to Prime 7!!! FRANK
  7. I keep hearing of special offerings in Compass Rose---- Would someone tell em what they are please? frank
  8. HELP Balcony visibility on Explorer 786/787? appears that rail to floor is metal-- thanks frank
  9. Curious about the casino---what kind of poker is avaliable --- any hold em tournaments on sea days? thanks
  10. So why do they still advertise DVDs --- also,how many movies in the bank on the tvs
  11. How large a selection of DVDs at the front desk?
  12. Thanks!!!!!! Will you please comment on the heat and humidity on a regular basis? Appreciate it!
  13. Curious--Is the Tropicana show 100% in spanish?
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