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  1. On occasion we have left our scale at home. Just ask you cabin steward or your butler and they will bring one for you to use. Pat
  2. I too love the suite life. I enjoy all the perks and love the crew. Love seeing people we know on the ship who have been making our sailing so pleasurable. We mostly sail the Caribbean and now the ports don't matter any more. There is only so many ports they can visit in the Caribbean. I sail for the service I get from the crew. Pat
  3. Linda, the retreat lounge on Edge has plenty of comfortable chairs and couches. It also has a window wall across both sides of the ship. It has also an outdoor seating area with plenty of shade if you prefer to sit outside. Afternoon tea was served to you by the butlers. Food was available all day. You could go up and get it yourselves or the wait staff would bring what you like. They had soft entertainment in there also. It was quite nice as the singers were never too loud. You really have to try the Edge, it was a wonderful experience. Pat
  4. I was told that there will be a bar on Apex in the retreat lounge. Pat
  5. On the S class we always take a Royal Suite. I guess I am just spoiled by that room. Other than the tub in the CS on Edge I was still quite pleased with the cabin. Pat
  6. They have changed the shower. It now has glass across the whole tub with two doors in the middle to get in. It didn't leak but I still would have preferred it to be just a shower. The big rocking chair is still there but really did not get in the way. I thought it was quite comfortable. Pat
  7. We enjoyed the Edge very much. We had the Celebrity suite which was very nice. So glad that the tub was not so deep that I couldn't get in to take a shower. I still don't understand why they put in a tub when a nice big shower would have been so much nicer. The suite area was very nice and everything was all in one area. The service was above par, the ship beautiful and the ports were great. Pat
  8. We just came off Edge on Nov. 24. We had a Celebrity suite. Luminaie was very nice and the food was excellent. My only complaint is that is was a lot noisier than I remember on the other Celebrity ships. It is much larger and that may be why it is not so quiet. The suite lounge was very nice and the pool area and bar was very nice also. We ate at Fine cut which I would recommend highly. We also ate dinner at the Roof top Grill but I thought it was nothing special. We ate lunch in the Grand Bistro and enjoyed it so much we ate there twice. Also we love the sushi restaurant on deck 5. The ship is really beautiful and enjoy your suite and all it has to offer. Pat
  9. I am in deep shock over this sad news. I so enjoyed reading all her posts and she would answer everyone's questions with never a remark of "that has been asked before." She seemed to be everyone's friend here on Cruise Critic. I know that I will miss her info on Edge and Apex. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family at this time. Pat
  10. I was told that the Suite restaurant will be moved to the back of Apex. This way the kitchens will all be in one place. I think this will make the elevator situation worse for the aft elevators. We had no problems with the forward elevators never had to wait or was crowded. Loved the suite lounge and the bar and the pool. Apex will have a bar in the retreat lounge also. Pat
  11. We have already received two emails from Celebrity for our cruise after yours that we should arrive after 12;30 because of immigration for all the crew and passengers on your trip and then the US inspection of the ship. We have a suite so the shoreside concierge told us there is a special place for suite guests to wait so we will arrive at our original time. I feel sorry for the crew because the US inspection is very important for all of them. Pat
  12. We usually stay in a Royal Suite and the specialty restaurants are included in the price of the suite. We ate at the Porch for lunch almost everyday. It is quiet and the service and the food is exceptional. Pat
  13. I too can't believe it is Edge's birthday. A whole year we have been waiting to go on her. We sail Nov. 15 and will see whether we like it enough to sail Apex. Pat
  14. Linda, in a few weeks I will be able to tell you if Edge is worth the bucks to sail on her. We took a Celebrity suite and it does have a real balcony. We normally take a Royal Suite but the price was really hard to swallow. I am not sure I will like this suite but I will give it a try, Will let you know all about the ship when we get back. I think I might like it but not sure if I will sail it again. Pat
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