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  1. Just an email from C&A my sailing is cancelled on the explorer in Dec
  2. Everyone will know you’ve been on a Royal Caribbean cruise - thank you CDC
  3. Great panel, I’m sure they’ll delivery for their employers 😉
  4. What i didn’t know was that you are only allowed ashore in the ports if you’re part of an MSC tour 🤔 https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1325285/cruise-msc-cruises-family-removed-breaking-coronavirus-rules-mediterranean-latest
  5. Totally agree same waffle over and over
  6. Given by the looks of it all passengers will be tested before boarding - if RC introduced a new money spinner of an expedited Covid19 test to let you board quicker Would you pay for it ?
  7. Great news - if all goes well I’ll be looking at booking some cruises with MSC
  8. Interesting thread hopefully RC will be around in 2022 😉
  9. Thanks no harm in ringing the UK office
  10. I’m in the UK - thank you 9th Oct 21 California on the Majestic
  11. Thanks tried that just brining up the offer i have £50pp deposit
  12. This is all I’m getting princess.com I’m booked on a Calf 9th Oct 21
  13. Diamond member with Royal trying Princess next year on a B2B Cruise
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