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  1. Just checked our ports of call on the MSC site and they only have 1 excursion for the whole 11nt cruise - unless they’ll allow us off on our own.
  2. Our cruise is in Oct from Barcelona and booked in the UK. This is part of the regulations MSC sent us. Luckily many UK insurance companies are including Covid cover on their policies.
  3. Anyone know if the YC lounge has any board games ?
  4. Three cruises booked within the space of a few weeks. Oct / Jan & Apr
  5. Stormont is fantastic place my local hunt to go running
  6. Very simple folks Covid isn’t going away so we’re going to have to live with it.
  7. Ok - if you haven't been before and want a little understanding of the conflict tour 1 is good. tour 2 is a lovely part of the world and strangford is Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  8. Jesus what are they offering ?
  9. don't forget about childrens ages - difference ( 16yrs or 18yrs )
  10. Seriously wow thats the top attraction - Giants causeway ?
  11. 1 - being vaccinated doesn't mean you can't catch it ( ie be postive with no affects ) 2/ False positives is my big concern - i believe many of the cases across the world are false positives - different investigations have highlighted this. I've just booked to go on this ship JAN 22 and i'm not concerned
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