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  1. Was on a Carnival cruise many years ago and my husband brought his dive knife on in the luggage and it was never found (larger than 4 inches). However on the same cruise my child safety scissors with a blunt tip were confiscated as they considered it a "weapon." I generally use it to cut tags off my new cruise clothes. We had a good laugh about that one. He doesn't bring his dive knife any longer as he has NEVER used it once.
  2. Is there a good place to snorkel at Coco? If so what part of the island do you call home for the best access to the snorkeling? Thanks
  3. My husband, son and myself did the private tour with butts up because at the time we wanted to do the cave tubing, zip lining and quads (ATV) and we were worried about the time constraints. When we got there he tried to talk me into going out with the group from the ship and I complained that was not what I had booked and he backed down rather fast and got us a car with a private driver and a guide. We were the first ones in the caves that day and it was great. As we were leaving you could see the big groups starting to come. We then went zip lining and last was the quads and then the food at their place. We tipped generously and had a great day. Just make sure you spell out exactly what you want and you shouldn't have a problem. I remember it fondly every time I was my husbands t-shirt that he bought.
  4. I found their operators less than knowledgeable and gave me wrong information more than once. If I can't speak with the actual tour operator then I'm not interested.
  5. Going to Roatan in March of 2020 and would like to find the guide Eddie Murphy (he told us its his nickname since he looks like Eddie Murphy). He was a great guide years ago when we were there with our son. Would love to contact him if anyone else has used him and has his contact info. Thanks
  6. My husband and I have cruised CCL, RCI, and Holland. I have never cruised with Princess. We are considering the Caribbean Princess for a 14 circle the Caribean cruise. So are there comedy shows on this ship? We love the Punchliner on CCL. What is the smoking policy? Are there places at the pools to smoke? (Yes, I know its bad for me). Is there an overhang or shade at any of the pools? I don't want to sit at a table I would prefer a lounge chair that will be in the shade. And if there are how early do I have to wake up to claim my chair? Most importantly is there a dedicated Texas Holdem Table at the Casino? I don't care if they deal it or if it is electronic but if DH doesn't have this then all bets are off. Is there an equivalent of "faster to the fun" on Princess that I should be aware of? Is there my time dining? Thank for your help....
  7. We use the safego, which you can find at Amazon just search vacation vault. Mine has lasted over 15 years and still going strong. It will fit wallet phones etc. It will not fit a bridge camera or larger. You lock it to a chair.
  8. Go get yourself a vacation vault. It is lockable to a chair and me and hubby usually lock it to both ours chairs. This way someone would have to drag 2 chairs around and that would be suspcious. It will fit cash, phones, cards, etc. It will not fit a bridge camera or bigger. We use the one that looks like safego although ours does not have a key. My son used it at sleep away camp and he is in his 20's now so it has lasted a long time.
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