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  1. Same routine. Except you will receive a beautiful floral lei or shell necklace, and have your picture taken with a Hawaiian background and a male and female hula dancer.
  2. Such an amazing cruise! We went in DEC. 2018, just DAYS before the unlimited beverage package was offered! 😂 (It was introduced Jan 2019) We rented a jeep or convertible in each port and did our own exploring. We also downloaded the “Shaka Guide” for each island and were able to explore some unique places and had a person guide for the day! It’s so easy to do and well worth the price! In Kauai, we were able to park overnight at a shopping Center within walking distance so we could keep our rental for the two days.Kauai was our favourite island! They offered some unique experience
  3. We sailed to Alaska the end of August with perfect weather everyday. Our friends cruised a few years later in July and it rained all day every day for them. We booked a float plane tour in Ketchikan that was the highlight of our trip, my friends tour was cancelled due to weather. I think anything can happen from May to Sept! We were off the boat as soon as the boat docked in port and were always in the last group back on, so the type of room was not a deciding factor for us. I guess it all depends on how you are going to be spending your time. We were on the open top deck taking in the view
  4. Ok this made me laugh!!!! That is our thinking too, exactly! Our last cruise was to Hawaii in 2018 so yeah, it’s been too long! We will pay extra to get away on a cruise if it actually sails. But like TALLNTHENSOME said, it’s tough not feeling like you got some kind of a deal. Iceland and Greenland are on our bucket list!
  5. I’ve never looked at MSC ...I’ll take a peak. Thanks. I would love to just use my FCC credit with Celebrity, but we can only travel when school is out, and want ports we haven’t visited before. Plus their price is over the top. BTW... we took our three boys to ALASKA when they were 14, 12, and 10 and I can say it was the best family vacation we have ever had! Just amazing! Enjoy 😊
  6. Yes, agreed. I liked that NCL has a refundable deposit. The other lines I’ve looked at charge more for that. Thanks!
  7. Yes, I was thinking it was expensive too, but I just don’t know what to expect going forward. I guess I’m just excited to have a booking. 😂 Thanks for the reply.
  8. I feel like I’m out of the loop, especially when it comes to pricing. We found a 7 night Caribbean cruise March 2022 visiting all three of the ABC islands as well as St Lucia and St Kitts. $4000.00 Canadian for a mini suite ( club suite) on Epic for 2 of us. Thoughts? An inside was $2444.00 which is also an option. This is with no extras or add ons. It’s a 6 port cruise and we don’t drink much. I’m not even sure what to expect with future pricing going forward . I have it on a courtesy hold to see what prices are after this sale ends. But would love some insight to those o
  9. So Key West won’t happen AND the Summit won’t happen??? Why is this new cruise online then? Like, they just added it.
  10. So the cruises they have listed online right now on the Summit in March 2022 are not happening???? Omg what a mess this is
  11. I feel like some of you on here are more knowledgable then the CS agents. Anyone care to help me out here? We cancelled our cruise on March 12th, the day before the all suspensions. We received a Future cruise credit ( not a refund) . Then, we “ lifted and shifted” a 2021 cruise to March 2022. I applied my Future cruise credit toward that cruise. I was happy with that. I had only put a $40 refundable deposit on the cruise previously and the FCC covered almost all of the new cruise. So today, THAT cruise is now cancelled ( March 13 2022 out of San Juan on Summit). Now wha
  12. Well, this is disappointing. Our lift and shift was cancelled too. And I used cruise credit. Ugh. Not sure what’s going to happen with our cruise credit now.
  13. Darn it. I got in late ( after several tries ) snd having trouble hearing her. Am I going to still be eligible for points if I’m 15 mins late joining? It took about 20/30 attempts to get in!
  14. Yes, and it gets trickier with 2 cancelations and with Covid 19. The Airline cancelled both times. First was the huge wave of Covid 19 cancellationS on March 13th . The flight was a return flight departing SAN Juan - after our cruise- March 22 ( I did call them though as I wanted to receive something! I got travel credit that expired in one year so I booked right away for 2021) The second cancellation was the “ act of God” which apparently will happen in March 2021. 😂 . I went ahead tonight and filed a complaint with DOT. So that’s 2 complaints filed. One in Canada ( which I’m s
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