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  1. I received an email this morning. We cruise in March on the Summit.
  2. The sale is up today! Banners and all😂 Looks to be 25% off some, 10% off others. Happy planning!
  3. Interesting. There is no advertised sale in my cruise planner ( no banners that say SALE) , but there are a few excursions that are back down to the price they were at the last sale. Not the one I’m looking at, of course, but a few in each port. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. That was what it said when I booked. Yes, thank you for posting that. I will bring this with me when I board. “ 20% service charge at checkout “ ( so when we booked- I already paid) If you see the picture I posted, it has now been updated. The wording has changed to include “ to each check” That is what we are discussing. Edited to add.... I am hoping it is as jimzgoldfinch posted that perhaps it means 20% added to each upgraded drink ordered. Waiting on confirmation from someone else. The agent I called this morning said she was not aware that there was a change happening, and resrvation is as booked. Thinking I might wait until Sept to see if there is a change, and call back then.
  5. Yes, this is what I thought initially as well. But then reading this post, I’m now unsure.
  6. The wording states “20% gratuity added TO EACH CHEQUE. “ See the bottom black box on the above picture. This is our first Celebrity cruise, so I’m not sure what they mean with that wording. Wasn’t a 20% fee charged at time of booking? I’m sure that was what it said when we booked.
  7. The reason I’m posting is because this was not what was stated when I booked. It magically appeared , without any notice of the change.It’s not about gratuities for the servers. Do you honestly think this fee will make it to the servers as a tip? I doubt it. I appreciate the OP for posting and bringing this new charge to our attention. I would not have been pleased to find out on board that they “ changed” the policy, and now wanted more money. At least we know and can see if they will grandfather those that paid before this was posted.
  8. So, the bottom of this picture....it states 20% gratuity added to EACH CHEQUE. So every drink we order, we will get a check and a 20% charge? Oh I wish I had taken a picture of the fine print when I ordered this package as I know for sure this was not stated.
  9. Interesting.... we put a deposit on a tour with this company a few months back . I had no idea the business has sold to another owner. Hmmm. I am also finding it difficult to find reviews , although I did find recommendations here on CC. Just recommendations, no recent reviews.
  10. Curious, i just did a mock booking. The same dates and stateroom I have booked with the 4 perks, is now $1950.00 more then when I booked on Saturday. Wow!!! Maybe that’s why not everyone is scoring a deal. Prices were cheapest when first released, maybe? In the fine print it states “only selected rooms available to be booked” ( or worded something like that). They must have sold out on all the “sale” cabins available. Such up and down pricing.
  11. Very nicely put. I agree. We sailed to Hawaii back in Dec. with Norwegian. It was a special anniversary cruise so we booked a year in advance and watched for price drops. We booked with a big box travel agent, and were going to receive a nice cash card upon return from our cruise. It was an expensive sailing. We continued to look for price drops. None. Well, until about 2 months before sailing. Price drop was over $1900 Canadian. Family was also booked on this cruise with us as well. They booked directly with the cruise line. They not only received the price drop, ( and this was after final payment) they were upgraded to a balcony from an inside. UPGRADED!!! Did I mention it was our 25th anniversary? 😂 We called several times to the big box travel agency , and continued to be told “ nothing we can do”, I would have to cancel and rebook, and pay the cancel fee. “ Even called Norwegian. Was told to call our travel agent. We weren’t even looking for money back ( it would have been nice), we just wanted to bid on an upgrade. They kept saying “ not available on your booking” even though rooms were showing available online. So, yeah. Frustrating. For sure. Sometimes savings and upgrades works for your booking, and sometimes it doesn’t. Last cruise, big miss out. This one? A nice deal. Also, I won’t book with the big box agency again. I like being able to have control of my booking.
  12. Everything stays the same. Just a price drop, if applicable, and additional perks added. I had excursions booked with Stateroom credit, and dining times booked. Everything stayed the same. The booking details on your reservations will change in name though. (Different wording) Good luck!
  13. Yes, through CRUISE PLANNER. Just click on ORDER HISTORY. Even though I didn’t techniqually “order it”, that’s where I found it, along with my booked dining and shore excursions. Hope that helps!
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