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  1. Darn it. I got in late ( after several tries ) snd having trouble hearing her. Am I going to still be eligible for points if I’m 15 mins late joining? It took about 20/30 attempts to get in!
  2. This should apply to my cancelled flight as well!!
  3. Yes, and it gets trickier with 2 cancelations and with Covid 19. The Airline cancelled both times. First was the huge wave of Covid 19 cancellationS on March 13th . The flight was a return flight departing SAN Juan - after our cruise- March 22 ( I did call them though as I wanted to receive something! I got travel credit that expired in one year so I booked right away for 2021) The second cancellation was the “ act of God” which apparently will happen in March 2021. 😂 . I went ahead tonight and filed a complaint with DOT. So that’s 2 complaints filed. One in Canada ( which I’m sure now reading everyone’s comments will be useless) and one in the US. Hopefully my money will be refunded. I’ll update when I hear.
  4. Thank you every one for the great advice and feedback. Just to be clear, I actually didn’t cancel the first time. The flight was March 22 , 2020 and all flights were cancelled by the airlines. I was able to call right away when it happened, I called on March 15th . ( waited on hold over 3 hrs) There was so much unknown and I knew if I didn’t call I might lose everything all together. Back in March there wasn’t any refunds being offered to anyone - things have evolved greatly since then. Like I said, I just took the credit that was offered and booked a new flight for 2021. Also, it sounds like most US customers are getting the refunds, or at least US airline companies. It also sounds like I need to file a complaint with DOT. I went the Canadian route and filed a complaint ( and received a Case #) with CTA. I already tried with my credit card company, but they only go back 9 months. I booked this flight in 2019 when it was first released. I already filed an insurance claim for other travel expenses ( that I was reimbursed for) so not sure if I can file yet another claim for the same trip. And an act of God? That was really ridiculous. Yes, for the first cancellation, but not for a cancellation 7 months in the future! There are still flights being offered to san jan as well. Just not to Toronto.
  5. Looking for advice here. Our March 2020 cruise was cancelled and we were able to cancel our return flights .Unfortunately we only received travel credit that needed to used in one year. I optimistically booked another cruise for March 2021 and used the credit we received right away to book a new flight in 2021. The flight is a one way flight, San Juan to Toronto. Fast forward to Aug. The airline I booked with ( Airtransat- a Canadian airline) seemed to have just cancelled the flight altogether and sent new vouchers to me in email. No explanation. Just these vouchers, in US funds that arrived in email. These vouchers don’t expire. Weird. I log on to the website and notice that this airline is no longer serving flights from San Juan to Toronto. So, I call them . I want a refund. There is no other time or day as there is no flights offered to Toronto from San Juan. I actually don’t think this airline will survive this pandemic, they are in great financial trouble so I predict these vouchers are not going to be worth a thing when we are actually able to travel. They refused a refund. I stated that because this flight departs a US city, my bill was in US funds so DOT rules apply, and I am entitled to receive a refund. ( someone on here posted that valuable info) They refuse again and said I booked in Canada so DOT does not apply ( I think this in incorrect) and “ It’s an act of a God and out of their control” . How can an act of God be 7 months away ? I wrote an email to their customer relations , so I have their refusal in writing and made a claim with CTA. Any advice? Anyone have any luck with this similar scenario? Am I stuck with these vouchers? Thanks in advance.
  6. So updated to add... I was given FCC that said on the email they will expire Dec 2021. I emailed weeks ago, to see if the date was actually extended to my credit- no response. I went ahead today and added the FCCs to a cruise we had booked for March 2022. And I received confirmation just now that they were in fact added to our reservation. So yes, they are good until 2022. ( not sure how far into 2022... something tells me they will continue to extend) We were a unique case, because we actually cancelled about 12 hours before the actual official announcement of suspension of cruises.Our cruise was March 14. We cancelled March 13. I was given a 125% FCC, they continually told me I was only entitled to receive 100% FCC because I cancelled. And I was “ lucky” to receive what I did ( even though Canada had put a warning on taking cruises) So, they will not, under any circumstances (their words) allow me to get a refund.. I cancelled, so I guess I’m “ lucky“ to have received what I did. That was what I was told back in May when the FCC finally arrived. At this point, I would just prefer a refund. Who knows what will happen as cruises continue to be suspended.
  7. Please let us know. I asked this question in an email and never heard back.
  8. We are booked in March 2021 ( hopeful-but honestly not looking like it will happen at the moment) We will know more by our final payment in DEC. Its out of SAN Juan. Thinking cruises might start earlier from Caribbean ports then Florida ports . Not sure, just a thought. Also have flights booked because we just moved the ones we had booked from this past March. If we can’t go, I’m not sure how that will work. Maybe we will just pay a fee to move them again??? We were not giving a refund here in Canada, just a “free” one time move.
  9. This!!!! I tell my spouse this every year. COVID has been a reminder of quickly life can take a turn. This March would have been our first on Celebrity. We decided to cancel a day before or scheduled sailing, {(Canada recommended no travel- we listened) therefore not eligible for a refund, or a L&S so just a FCC. Not sure when or if it will ever be used, so I take it as a loss. With the prices of cruises for 2021 and 2022, our FCC barely covers the cost of one passengers fare. What have I learnt? The future and travel has changed as we know it. Value the time we have and the places we go.
  10. Curious, I haven’t sailed Royal in a few years. I tried to book the alcohol package just for DH and refreshment for me, but it looks like both have to have the alcohol package to book. Were you able to book just one alcohol package? I understand both people in the room must be on a package, but wondering if this is what you did? Or are you just giving prices for each package. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. FYI, I’m still waiting on a response. I resent the email last week. Interesting that you heard back so quickly.
  12. https://www.danagain.com/blog/why-travel-primed-for-sharp-rebound?fbclid=IwAR0FoQgTuiu3oqlVooYUQgxLx_hzMrPB-LnI8Xnf90DA4h2efspOg3O5iO0 Remaining hopeful!
  13. Curious, did you cancel? Or did you wait for the suspension from Celebrity. Not like it SHOULD matter, but I have a feeling it might. We cancelled hours before the announcement.
  14. Thank you for this! We too have booked a cruise March 2022 and also have thousands in FCC. I’m still awaiting a response from an email I sent May 24th . Hoping I’ll get the same response. If not, I’ll be coping this response!
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