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  1. While this made be true in NCL if you pay by credit card where you live (I'm in Ontario) your provincial laws may allow for a cash rebate if you reside in Ontario. Our law requires completion of service or a refund to your credit card. This consumer law has specific actions reqirements but laws of other jurisdictions do not apply.
  2. Vacines for the general population won't start until second quarter due to manufacturer production limits
  3. The 7 day rule only applies if the ship starts, has a port stop, or ends in the USA.
  4. This is the first time we have received FCC. Where does it show on the Oceania personal account?
  5. Don't forget if a COVID case is confirmed during a cruise the cruise ends immediately, it does not finish the rest of the ports.
  6. In the past we have taken the OLIFE tours and mixed in privately arranged tour from the cruise critic role calls. Without a dought all excursions will be Oceania only for the balance of 2021 and probably into 2022. I did the math on excursions for our 10 day Baltic cruise and using the combo of free and 25% discount saved the 2 of us over 1500 which included an excursion in every port.
  7. Head honcho Rio stated in his latest financial press coference that there is likely no cruises for paying passengers in January. He also said it would take six months to get all the ships in the fleet operational.
  8. Oceania is now offering transfers if you take Olife. It makes sense in these Covid times to control exposure.
  9. Received from Oceania thru or TA this morning.
  10. I have found over the years businesses who pay commissions have more customer service issues than those who pay straight salaries.
  11. The antivax 15% of the population will always be suspect for the Virus. So vaccine and testing will continue for years to come.
  12. Good reading shows ships not currently in US waters will require roughly 90 days to get the CDC certificates to allow them to sail from US ports and maximum 7 day cruise (no B2B). Don't expect any Oceania cruises before mid January
  13. I am not on board. It was a post from crew member on a staff Facebook group I follow. I do support and agree with your offered sentiments for the staff.
  14. I'm on-board Riviera actually, we are on Dry Dock on Genova, and maybe started again on January 2021 (Nothing is Confirmed Yet) ....but Pandemic is coming back again...🙃
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