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  1. As per CDC new Conditional Sailing Order, sailings must be 7-day or shorter anyway. They will not let cruise lines to sail longer itineraries. Personnally, we have quite a few back to back so we are looking forward to 14-days vacations. Were able to book the same cabins for both segments too
  2. New booking incentives from RCL: Cruise with Confidence has been extended to allow cancellations up to 48-hours prior to sailing in exchange for a 100% Future Cruise Credit on sailings through April 2022 for bookings made on-or-before August 1, 2020 NEW! Introducing Lift & Shift for guests who simply wishing to move their existing booking to next year, protecting their original price and promotion. Simply select a qualifying sailing in the future, give us a call or contact your TA and we'll handle the rest! NEW! Book on-or-before August 1, 2020 and take adv
  3. Interesting, we have cancelled both of our Seaside YC cruises (one for end of June and the other one early Sept) and now are considering the Divina out of NYC for Oct. 2021 or Seashore TA from BCN to Miami (Nov. 2021). My husband likes to smoke cigar while on cruise vacation and it was limited on the Seaside, the Divina seem to have that option if they do not take it out during dry dock...
  4. Indeed, usually Haven bids are more successful in the fair range. We bid the max “Excellent” at 2k per person for our Bliss 14-day And were not succesful...at least we got the Vibe!
  5. Can you please share what was your bid? Poor, fair, good, excellent? 7-day sailing?
  6. I would not hold my breath as usually Haven bids would only be considered/accepted over the fair range, good luck you never know what the upgrade fairy can do for you...
  7. Usually bids for the Haven rarely gets accepted if in the poor range. Bid what you can afford but placing your bid in the fair range or better would give you better chances. As other posters mentioned maybe your TA has opt out of the bid program, that would explain why you do not get the bid invitation/email. Good luck with your bids!
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