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  1. Let’s not talk about trivial stuff , such a a dang straw. Bring your own! let’s concentrate on the importance of getting to cruise! Thanks
  2. I wish I could find my pics from the 1988 cruise on the Carnavale. The ship, I mean little boat was so small you could touch the ceilings. We had a room on U deck, right next to the only ice machine on board. The waiters came all night to get ice and speak loudly in foreign languages. Our room had 2 fold up beds that were latched with a hook latch. Bathroom was all in one, shower while on potty. Sink in room. Latch up beds to get dressed, it was comical. We made the best of it since it was our first cruise. I’ve since improved my situation with 26 cruises on Carnival. Never had a bad time. Som
  3. Not necessarily true. We walked the entire forts , streets, went down to the sea glass beach and had a great time , two different cruises.very quaint place.
  4. Hey Jamman, what is the best way to cumnicate.we need to book a meet n greet. text me to doll39gwtw@aol.com. Thanks, Betsy
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