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  1. TA is nor cancelled per email from Vicki Freed to Travel partners
  2. We have 5 cruises September to end of December. Can anyone tell me why my 2 excursions to St John on the Ferry (through Royal Caribbean) all got cancelled…. And they are not showing up on the cruise planner even on the cruises where I wasn’t planning to go to St. Johns. Yet snorkel excursions to Trunk Bay and Honeymoon Bay Beach are still showing. Is there a problem with the ferry? Or is there issue on St John re covid / tourists ?
  3. Thanks. Diamond or Concierge lounge? Too bad cruising from Israel is only for Israeli residents. I would be happy to cruise from Haifa on the Odyssey!
  4. We were able to switch to QN July 2022 from July 21.We had used signature level tier for 2021 and some fcc. We were able to switch to following year on whatever price guarantee is called because it was a tier comp. Not one of the email/snail mail comp offers.
  5. That’s 5 more cancels for us including 4 which had already been cancelled because of CDC
  6. I just also booked same cruise - aft port corner! deck 7!
  7. I had 2 cruises in a row - Rhapsody and Adventure - which couldn’t dock in Costa Maya because of strong winds and waves. Captain on Adventure was backing in and then .... out we went. We then we headed to Cozumel where Adventure was given permission to overnight, plus the day there as was scheduled. I think the crew was happy to have a port over night...we were refunded port fees for Costa Maya. But it was based on weather issues - not another ship in our spot. Wouldn’t you just love to hear the conversation between lawyers for Royal and Carnival.
  8. I have cruised with Robert as HD on Jewel and Serenade. He is terrific.
  9. On AN Frederico is one more week in CL. Jorge is in DL. Ricardo is coming back from his vacation and will go back to CL
  10. It is crazy/madness that Royal sold something to cruisers and then cancelled those itineraries. We had picked Ovation to Glacier Bay. Ovation had 3 sailings to Glacier Bay in 2020. sigh. We are keeping our iten and will return to Endicott Arms and Dawes Glacier. It is still going to be beautiful.
  11. Thank u Sherri. Obscene comments.... horrible people. Too bad u can’t figure who did it get them removed from CC.
  12. I also received the email. sigh. There were only 3 Ovation cruises for Glacier Bay. I am on another cruise and went to Next cruise and the rep checked and all 3 were replaced with Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier, which I did this past August. Still beautiful. The rep has not even received notification. Royal made a big deal of announcing they were going to be able to go. Also Radiance cruises had their Glacier Bays replaced.
  13. Were u there to hear how they were talking to people?
  14. Same rude security people at Black Falcon pier took away someone’s apple.
  15. Currently on Anrhem. Fredrico is in CL. Jorge in DL In a few weeks Ricardo is coming back from his vacation. I have heard Frederico will stay on until Ricardo returns but not sure when Ricardo returns if he will go to CL or DL.
  16. On AN Alex is currently in CL. He leaves the ship on Oct. 24 and was not sure who is coming into CL. I am staying on for cruise beginning Oct. 24 and will post update.
  17. This is a time waster.... I post on the site what Cory wrote me 2 days ago about his schedule. and then someone else posts something different.
  18. my quote post from Cory is what he replied on a social media platform this morning. re post 1440 - your list - per Cory Rogers on NV now (I was on NV just after he began) - “I am here until October 18 then vacation. I join freedom in December and take it to dry dock in Jan”
  19. re post 1440 - your list - per Cory Rogers on NV now (I was on NV just after he began) - “I am here until October 18 then vacation. I join freedom in December and take it to dry dock in Jan”
  20. Thank you for your efforts trying to keep track of the comings and goings.
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