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  1. And usually the first way to hear about an itinerary release.
  2. Explore by land only would be my choice, much more opportunity to experience lovely Italy. You would miss out on so much if you had to return to a ship every day.
  3. Royal reminds you at approximately 1 week out
  4. They are outside the Central Government complex, on HK Island
  5. The protests are on Hong Kong Island, port is on the other side of the harbour
  6. Great review! Looking forward to the rest of it πŸ˜€
  7. My vote would be for deck 7 - we had 7388 in January - pics in my review
  8. Perhaps I should have said unnecessary and almost rude, rather than odd. I was trying to be polite. When I travel to the US I adhere to local customs such as tipping. I respect the customs of other countries. Thanks for this.
  9. I am glad it’s worked out. Hopefully they have given you a balcony cabin? I would probably ask for more OBC (nicely - because it never hurts to ask!)
  10. What an odd statement. They actually included the gratuities in Australian cruises to meet Australian expectation that a price includes taxes and extras. Australian invoices include the statement β€œA service charge for your dining and stateroom attendant are included in your cruise fare. A service charge for additional onboard services purchased will be incurred and reflect on your Onboard Expense Account.”
  11. Looking forward to the rest of your review! Sounds like your family really needs a break
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