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  1. OP I think you will be very disappointed, I agree with the consensus, you won’t make Diamond until after the second cruise is complete.
  2. Balcony every time! There are lots of islands to see while sailing past
  3. You can use it in the casino, and cash out your chips (5% surcharge)
  4. Sorry, I didn’t see one (although I didn’t go near the kids area)
  5. Wrapping up: Disembarkation was easy, and for anyone flying Virgin it looks like they might offer luggage valet to the airport? We loved the Explorer - it is a great sized ship. The staff (with the exception of the grumps in the Diamond lounge) are lovely and work very hard. Next Cruise offerings were abysmal, it definitely isn’t worth booking anything on board for us anymore. We loved the South Pacific islands (again), however we are looking forward to our next few cruises (hello Freedom from San Juan!!!) in the southern Caribbean later this year for some more action. Happy to answer any questions
  6. Day 9 Sailed back into rainy Sydney, the sky looked how I felt at the thought of departing the lovely Explorer.
  7. Day 8: Last Sea Day Time to hit the Flowrider! The pool decks were pumping too. All too soon it was time to pack, always so sad.
  8. Day 7: Sea Day Today we went to the ice show - which was pretty good. 10 Beer cards for $59 were offered today also. Spent the afternoon playing mini golf and hanging at the Diamond lounge. Then I was unsuccessful in the casino but successful buying booze in the Port Merchant shop.
  9. Day 6: Isle of Pines, New Caledonia Just another day in paradise. Another tender port, and the section of the island you arrive in is mostly uninhabited. The locals set up markets and tours here too. We went snorkelling (coral still recovering from cyclone) then hit the beach bar when it started raining.
  10. Day 5: Mystery Island, Vanuatu Mystery Island is paradise! A tiny uninhabited island, you can walk around it in about 30 minutes. You tender over, and the locals visit from a neighbouring island and set up markets, food and massage booths. It has wonderful snorkelling right off the beach from a number of points around the island.
  11. Day 3: Noumea, New Caledonia We love Noumea and have visited a number of times. The port is in an industrial area, with free shuttles to town. Today was a Sunday, so we hit the markets, and then headed to Baie des Citrons (Lemon Bay) for an excellent French lunch and beers at the microbrewery Les 3 Brasseurs.
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