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  1. Hi, first of all we had a very enjoyable cruise in the whole, the ship was still decorated for about a week ( we got on on the 27th December) I couldn't tell you when they removed them as one day they were there and the next day they were gone. Food was normal P&O fare, we find it good, a few night I found it difficult to find something for me and other I could have had 4 or 5 dishes. The entertainment was good (on the whole) if not always to our tastes, though the Headliners were the worst we have ever seen, 3 out of 4 male singers either couldn't sing or were just not singing songs
  2. There was a party on deck that from what we were told was good with count down etc, we were in the Planet Bar, and if I remember right there was a count down but not the fan fare we have had on other ships a little bit low key
  3. As per my original post NYE was NOT black tie it was casual.
  4. We have recently returned from Azura over New Year, upon boarding there was a Horizon in the room giving details of the trip highlights, we noticed that for New Years eve it stated smart casual, my wife and myself came to the conclusion that it was a miss print but no when we got the Horizon on the night of the 30th December for the next day and night it proved us wrong that infact it was casual night to celebrate New Years eve. It became obvious that some people were infact making it an unofficial Black Tie night which is just what we did, it just seemed wrong that one of the biggest nights o
  5. No we were on a TUI charter flight to and from P&O Azura.
  6. Hi, We flew back from Barbados with TUI on Friday 10th January, we had a main meal and either afternoon tea or breakfast included, with the main meal we had the option of wine or juice, followed by tea/coffee, there was at least 1 drinks service on the return and I think it was 2 on the way out, there was beer, wine, shorts with mixers and pop all included.
  7. I've just looked at ship tracker and it now looks as if Azura is headed away from St Kitts and it says it's next destination is Philipsburg St Maarteen, nothing as yet has docked in St Kitts and there is a couple of ships going to St Kitts
  8. We have just got off Azura last Friday and we had a change of timings and arrived in Bridgetown at around 1ish (the captain said I was fast asleep at the time), This was due to high winds and the sea swell, all day Friday was very windy so I would think the changes are weather related.
  9. Having just returned from Azura, we have noticed a few things have altered, the main thing for us was that New Years Eve wasn't formal night, there were a lot of discussion on board about the lack of formal night on such a special night, most were very disappointed us included. There was no chef's parade in the MDR but that's neither here nor there, we had plastic water bottles in the room (the FOC ones), we had a ships log delivered on the last night, flowers were in the room and on the tables after the decoration had been removed.
  10. We have just returned from Azura and we did the Cosol tour in St Lucia, we would recommend this tour and have done it before, but we paid $80 US each, we haven't done any P&O tours this time, mostly due to price, picked up a local taxi tour in St Kitts and had a arranged local tour in St Vincent, we were due to do an ATV tour in Granada but had to cancel last minute. All the tour operators were very aware of all on board time and we had no problems. For us small groups are better than large tour buses, in some islands ALL buses are only the mini bus type due to the road network, but i
  11. I've had this happen twice with Cunard and I have chased up the refund including the 10 pence for the difference in the exchange rate form Dollars to Pounds, I know that it sounds petty and not worth it, but if it's a few pounds from each account, each cruise this soon adds up and it's fraud. So please cash the cheque and everybody check you statements and if it's wrong follow it up!
  12. We did a re-positioning cruise on Oceana a few years back from Southampton flying back into East Midlands, P&O provided us with free coach transport from the airport were we parked our car to the ship, we booked it with our travel agent not long after booking the trip. the whole thing was very easy.
  13. We fly out from Birmingham this December to join Azura, we are scheduled to depart at 11 am, I think when we were on Britannia in 2016 it was about the same time. In 2016 we stayed in the Novotel which is just about 2 minutes walk from the terminal, we had breakfast in the hotel then a short walk and into check in, for us in Nottinghamshire its a lot better than travelling down to a London airport.
  14. We have had this happen twice on Cunard, it must be followed up as it FRAUD or incompetence no other words for it, a few pound per cabin per cruise would make a hansom addition to profits. Don't let them fob you off just keep onto them contact your CC provider and get them to void the transaction.
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