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  1. You know I will contact the rental of the scooter to get more detail to my question..... Thanks for the help!!!
  2. When you rent a scooter, where do you pick it up from? And where you drop it off at? Thanks for the responds.
  3. The couple massage was really nice. Hey had the hot tub with water and afterwards rub us down. Now the trick is get the % discount online. You will not get no % discount unless you do 3 treatments.
  4. Was on this same cruise.... I was in a spa cabin (11237) and I must say it was not up to what I expected. When getting spa treatments % discounts you have to do 3 treatment per person. They only give you a discount for 1 treatment only for embarkation day only!! To receive 20%, 30% or 40% you need to do 3 treatments. Very strange how Carnival play with your mind on the numbers. The spa area is just ok.... In my opinion the 5 areas was a nice experience. Smoking on the ship Carnival needs to be more strict... Letting people smoke where ever they want and e-cigs..
  5. VIP SuitesShips - (2 treatment rooms with hot tub spas): Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream, Carnival Magic, Carnival Splendor and Mardi GrasShips - (1 treatment room with hot tub spa): Carnival Horizon, Carnival Panorama and Carnival VistaNote: A fee applies for all guests
  6. LOL...… 6 different answers to a simple question. The most updated answer!!
  7. I will be sailing on the Magic March 24th in a spa balcony cabin (11th deck). I will give you the REAL story you want to know. Have all your questions ready. Yes the slippers are yours to take home. I will have an up to date video also!!!
  8. It's absurd...... Do you!!! You are on vacation!!!! Hell I get one just to splurge!!!!
  9. LMAO..... I was just reading just to see if I was a dummy!!!! Look what was in the FTTF area...... Things to Remember The FTTF price is not per person. One ticket per stateroom covers all occupants of the stateroom, so only one guest needs to purchase and all occupants receive the benefits. For guests sailing on multiple cruises back to back, FTTF must be purchased for each cruise in order to benefit from the program. FTTF can only be purchased prior to the cruise; ala carte services cannot be purchased on board. All FTTF guests must check-in online and sel
  10. You have to think..... What day are you getting to the airport? What time will your airplane will arrive? How many people are in your party? Are you paying with cash, traveler checks or credit?
  11. I guess you miss the word ENTERTAINMENT...... Welcome!!!
  12. This has been a blast...… I tend to offer help to people that are handicap. This board has many questions, so many it is just wild of the lack of...….. Well as I said before ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!! Maybe this OP just didn't want to do the research but maybe her cruise is next week and was in a rush on a need to know. Anyway she found her answer and it was fun with you all. I know I will have fun people watching on my cruise!!!!
  13. that is your opinion (in red) but you don't work for Carnival so why make up things!!! Everyone has their opinion.... yes entertainment as I see it. And funny!!!
  14. You have made my day with this...… A great belly laugh Snarky comment..... WOW ….. Coming from you that is a compliment!!!!
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