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  1. Yay, live reviews are back!!! I hope everyone sailing has a WONDERFUL time!
  2. Glad to see you are enjoying a vacation! We will be headed to the FL Keys in June, instead of doing a cruise. 😞 I am hopeful that the cruise I have planned for next April will happen, but for this year anyway it is land vacays for us.
  3. They really screwed up the Havana area on MG. Compared to the Vista class, it's a joke. Ill stick with Vista/Horizon/Panorama.
  4. Did they change us to that sailing?? Im still getting the error message when I try and access the cruise on their website, and the email I got did not state what the changes were. Hmmmmm....
  5. I am also seeing this message for my November cruise aboard Mera. I received an email saying that they were changing my cruise though, so I am assuming it is because of that.
  6. Again, I am not a March cancelation, but canceled my September cruise on May 15....I finally received a partial refund from MSC yesterday, yahoo! They still owe me quite a bit more, but at least some of the fare has come back my way. It's only taken 6.5 months....sheesh!
  7. This gives me hope that your refund was processed 10 days before the date they say mine was....so maybe I have a refund coming soon!
  8. I am not a March cancelation, but canceled my Sept. cruise with them on May 18. I am still awaiting a refund, my TA has called multiple times and it has been "escalated" twice. They told her on her call late last week was that the refund was approved on Oct 15 but can take 1-2 credit card cycles to show up. I'm getting fed up, this was my first cruise I had booked with them and I have 2 booked with them next year but all this fiasco is really making me wonder if I want to sail with them. We are over 6 months since canceling, what is the hold up??
  9. 4/10/20 on the Magic. I can’t wait to step into that familiar atrium and realize “im on a ship, I’m on vacation!” again. first night onboard I WILL be at the Welcome Aboard show. I had gotten to where we skipped it as it was “same old, same old.” I’ll NEVER take it for granted again!!
  10. I agree, it looks like they ruined it. :( I am eating crow though and booked myself on the MG for July 2022, we shall see what it is like. If we hate it, we will stick with other Carnival ships.
  11. Thanks for the info. I am not a big red meat eater either, but love risotto, so this is great to hear!
  12. Thank you for the info! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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