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  1. Ugh I’m kind of glad I switched from the Sunrise to the Sunshine, this would have affected us as we were driving in!
  2. Thank you for that cabin advice! I will check into changing cabins.
  3. Well, I finally pulled the trigger and did it! We are booked for Sept. 19, 2020 on the Seaside in the Yacht Club, and I am so dang excited. We are booked in 16036 and 16038, has anyone stayed in those cabins and can tell us if they are a good location/noisy? Any tips/tricks that we should know about with MSC/YC? Also, has anyone done the itinerary with San Juan as a port of call where you arrive at 5 pm? I am trying to decide what we want to do with us arriving so late. Part of me really wants to go see the bioilluminisent bay, but so far I only see a kayak excursion for that and I am NOT a kayak person. I always flip them over, hahaha. I though the forts may be interesting to see lit up at night, but my husband said "we have seen them during the day, that is good enough." Thanks in advance for any info you all can provide. I can't wait to try something new, and I am hoping to fall in love with MSC and be booking more cruises with them!
  4. Ok this is exactly the info I was looking for. Thank you!
  5. Hi all! I have sailed Sunshine numerous times, from both Port Canaveral and NYC, and I know muster was held outside for those sailings. I have 2 upcoming cruises on her from Charleston, and I think I heard that Charleston doesn't allow them to have announcements broadcast outside, so is muster now held indoors? I am hoping so as it is HOT lining up outside, and I am also traveling with someone this time who occasionally has back problems so being inside would be better for her. Thanks for any info you all can provide!
  6. Thank you so much everyone for all the replies and information! I have contacted a TA to assist with the booking, and I am looking forward to trying MSC next September. I am hoping to fall in love and have another cruise linje to alternate our CCL cruises with.
  7. Oh really? So if I book online thru their website, they will automatically know to add my Voyager Club number they give me and the discount to that booking? Or will I need to call in and request them to do that?
  8. Awesome, yes, our sailing will be in Sept 2020, so it will be included. Yay! I try to unplug as much as possible on a cruise, but since my parents will also be going we will have a new petsitter watching the "kids" and I would like to check in from time to time, especially on the horses.
  9. Thanks for the info. I did submit a status match, I am Platinum on CCL so I think that will transfer to gold on MSC. I am awaiting the confirmation to book the cruise to get that 5% discount. On the MSC USA site it mentions WiFi is included...I guess we need to find out if it is or isn't! It says it is on the MSC USA site? Thank you for the answers! YC seems similar to Carnival's Havana area on their new ships, but with even more amenities! I cannot wait to experience this. I am looking forward to the international vibe.
  10. Thank you SO MUCH for posting that, I will check the videos out tonight when I get home! I am so excited for this, we have loved our Carnival cruises but things were getting kind of....well, repetitive. I am looking forward to "spicing things up" by trying a new line, and I really hope we love it. I am a little nervous about the unknown, but I told my husband we may just find a new favorite cruise line, or one that we can at least alternate with to keep things fresh. The YC looks awesome. I submitted our status match, I just have to wait to get that back and then we are booking!
  11. Hello all! I have been on 18 Carnival cruises, and I decided that it is time to change things up and try a new line. I had heard of MSC before and I really like that Yacht Club idea, so next year myself, my husband, and my parents are going to try the Seaside! I am really looking forward to it, but I have tons of questions that I am hoping you all will be able to help me with. First off...I see the Yacht Club includes our drinks....does that mean alcohol and non-alcohol? Mom doesn't drink alcohol but LOVES her specialty coffees, a soda now and then, and maybe a bottle of water. Would those be included? Secondly, how many elegant/formal nights are on a week long cruise? On non-elegant nights, how dressy to people dress in the Yacht Club restaurant? I do not want to be rude/disrespectful of others, but I am also hoping I don't need to pack a ton of dress clothes! We are looking at doing a YC Interior cabin...do you have any specific cabins you would recommend/avoid? Or are they all the same/no bad location? Regarding shows/comedy...do we need to make reservations like I have seen on some other lines we have considered? I really am not crazy about the idea of having to plan out my evening while on vacation, that is part of what I like about Carnival...we can just be spontaneous! This question is absolutely crazy that I have to ask, but my husband is dying to know...do they have ice cream/frozen yogurt available free of charge? Yes, he is a big kid, I have seen him come in at 7 a.m. with a cone as a pre-breakfast snack. I don't eat the stuff, but he devours it on vacation. Finally, I read somewhere that we have to sign up for the gym...is this true? Is there a charge to use the exercise machines and showers? Once we sign up, so we get a bracelet/pass of some kind? I also see we have access to certain spa amenities...what are they? Sorry for all the questions, but I am a huge planner and am already devouring any and all info I can about this "new" cruiseline for us. I want to be as prepared as possible for next September. I'm super excited to try MSC and hope that we fall in love with it!
  12. Great review! We are considering a cruise on MSC and especially Seaside, so I’m soaking in all the info.
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