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  1. Yes! I have been checking each day for this review. I'm along for the ride! Thanks for putting this together. :)
  2. How terrible! Prayers for the families involved. :(
  3. Whenever I booked aft balconies or Havana rooms, I never recieved an upgrade or upsell offer. However, when I book interiors or regular balconies I seem to always get them. One time I even went from a Lido interior to a Lido balcony for just $10 total!
  4. I have not personally stayed in a Havana interior, only Havana balconies, but I can say that after sailing both Vista and Horizon and seeing the crowded Lido deck on sea days, I would go for the Havana interior. The pool area (if that is important to you) is never crowded, and it was a great, relaxing area.
  5. Oh no, why are you telling me this??? That makes it EVEN BETTER! Hello, summertime drink!
  6. Thank you. I always jokingly say that at least with fur kids, if I don't want to deal with them I can close the door and ignore them and they wont burn the house down! I probably should watch saying that tho, knowing my luck they will find a way to....knock over a lamp onto the couch or something...
  7. Thanks for reading along! I love Rotties, my parents have an 8 year old male, Oopie, who is the GOOFIEST dog I have ever met. He is 125 lbs and his best friend is my 43 lb Aussie, and surprisingly she bosses him around! They are great dogs. Now between me and my parents we will have 3 Rotties and 2 Aussies running around....what a crazy group!
  8. I def prefer the fur kids to real kids. If I did have a child, I am sure I would say the same thing! I cant believe I had never had one either, how did I go 31 years without them? I have all the makings at home, this could be dangerous... Divya, the 1.5 year old sister, is still very much a puppy still. I hope you have a fantastic cruise on her! I hope you don't end like I did at Jaime's, oh my....say NO to all the shots! Thank you! Hahaha poor Tame, he really was Lame some days but it wasn't ALLL his fault, the seasickness really wasn't fun! Ohhhh I am going to have to try a Black Russian now!
  9. Thank you for reading. Hopefully my next one can be just as entertaining, although with Crazy Uncle not on it we may be a little more tame. Although Mom and I DID wake up with glitter all over us on one of our girls' cruises, and we have no idea where THAT came from...
  10. Haha Crazy Uncle made it home safe and sound! Thank you for reading and following along. I will post reviews of my Sunshine sailings :)
  11. Ahhhh, sadly no! Chris said she was all about Tony, and he was all about her...but none of the rest of us met her or ever saw her again. 😢
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