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  1. I agree, it looks like they ruined it. :( I am eating crow though and booked myself on the MG for July 2022, we shall see what it is like. If we hate it, we will stick with other Carnival ships.
  2. Thanks for the info. I am not a big red meat eater either, but love risotto, so this is great to hear!
  3. Thank you for the info! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Yes, hope to see you onboard! We booked that sailing for Tortola, we have never been there before. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. According to my PVP who I spoke with a few days ago, they are telling people 60-90 days. I moved the money from our December cruise to April as he was able to do that right then and there on the phone.
  6. Hello fellow cruisers! I have 2 cruises (hopefully!) scheduled for next year aboard MSC Meraviglia. I have cruise many times before, but all on Carnival, and it is now time to branch out. The MSC Yacht Club really appealed to us, so my husband and I decided to take the leap! We were actually scheduled to cruise aboard Seaside this year, but that obviously didn't happen. I'm heartbroken! Anyway, I am back to planning for next year and I have a few questions that I am hoping all you seasoned MSC cruisers can help me out with, if you wouldn't mind. *First off, ship time vs. local time...I know on Carnival, they stayed on "ship time" in ports of call, which was the time that the ship homeports from. Does MSC do the same, or do they change time to what the ports of call are? If they change, do they make an announcement to let you know to adjust your watch/phone to the correct time? *How is luggage handled upon embark and debark? My husband and I have always done self-assist, where we carry our own luggage on and off the ship on Carnival....does MSC allow us to do the same? We especially like self-assist on debarkation as we like to hit the road for the trip home ASAP! *The yacht Club has a beverage package included in it, and I see they say that there are "select drinks available at bars outside of the Yacht Club." How do we know what drinks are part of our package, and which we will end up paying for? Also, are there any "must try" drinks on MSC that we should make sure we partake in? *Dining question: if we do not like any selections on the Yacht Club menu for breakfast/lunch/dinner....are we allowed to try the main dining room, or must we stay with the buffet? Also, we have some onboard credit....are there any specialty dining venues that are a "must try"? I am sure leading up to the cruise I will have more questions. I posted a while back with other questions and you all were so helpful, I really appreciate it! We are looking forward to branching out next year, I really hope we fall in love with MSC....the ships look amazing and they have some great itineraries.
  7. No, and I likely wont. I feel like they ruined the Havana area, I loved having the private pool area on Vista class ships. The pool in the Havana on Mardi Gras looks dinky. I am also not a fan of the mega ships, and based on how the Vista class is crowd wise, I worry MG will be even more crowded. We will likely stay with Vista and Dream class when we sail Carnival.
  8. Well dang I cruised over my bday last year and didnt get any OBC on my cruise.....that would have been nice!
  9. I have sailed both Fantasy class and Spirit class, and I agree that I love the layout of the Spirit class the best. It is so dang easy to navigate. That said, I loved my cruise I did on Paradise this past January. I hope they keep some Fantasy class ships around for a while as I would like to sail some again soon!
  10. Me too! As of now I am hoping to cruise Magic in April 2021, we shall see what happens. 🤞
  11. Thanks for reading! Hopefully we will all be cruising again soon. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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