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  1. Just watched the Allure return to Port Everglades. Wonder if someone got sick and had to be disembarked.
  2. Boatyard has good fish, a lovely atmosphere with some outside seating by the intercoastal. They take reservations and are moderately expensive. Kelly’s land also has good fish, do not take reservations, tables very close together but a fun atmosphere. A bit less expensive than Boatyard. We prefer Kellys Landing.
  3. Does anyone know of a cruise loyalty program more generous than Crystal’s? I don’t.
  4. I agree that the new milestone rewards are confusing and a downgrade from the current benefits for the high level rewards. As to your question about using an upgrade I spoke to the Crystal Society representative who told me that we could use the upgrade only by booking a PH and getting a PS not only under the new program but also under the current program. I had thought that under the current program we could book a P1 and be upgraded to a PH. Does anyone know if that is so? There is still time to use milestones under the current program and we would like to use the milestones we have already attained for maximum benefit.
  5. Is the Retreat Lounge handicap accessible?
  6. Where is the new Retreat Lounge located? is Luminae in the same location as it was before the “Revolution?”
  7. If the retreat hasn’t been done, where is Luminae and Michael’s club?
  8. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article229341009.html
  9. I’ve notified Regent about the news report. If implemented this new policy will cause many logistics problems.
  10. Hope you can still travel to Cuba. the Trump administration just announced restrictions on America’s citizens that limits travel to Cuba to family members of Cubans. Not sure when this new policy will be implemented.
  11. Just heard that the Trump administration will limit American citizen travel to Cuba by only permitting such travel to family members of Cubans. We have a cruise on the Explorer booked next March. I guess they’ll change the itinerary if the new policy sticks.
  12. So glad for Slavko but bad for us. We have known him for most of the 22 years he has been on Crystal and loved him every time we saw him onboard. his sly humor, good nature and professionalism will be sorely missed.
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