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  1. Not sure why you couldn’t get a boarding time. We used the app and it worked.
  2. Yes. Edge check in now enabled. checked in for June 26 and July 17.
  3. Such delightful choices I couldn’t possibly choose. I will just wait and hope.
  4. If Celebrity is so sure that they can require proof of vaccination (which I am for), why the delay in checking in. 17 days until check in closes for the June 26th Edge sailing.
  5. No check in yet for June 26th cruise. 18 days until check in closes.
  6. Interesting. You are sailing from St. Marteen. Maybe that’s why you have gotten check in. We are sailing from Fort Lauderdale. It may be the DeSantis edict is holding us up.
  7. Waiting for check in for the June 26, 2021 cruise? About 20 days left until check in closes? When oh when will check in open? Why the delay?
  8. In the past check in was 90 days prior to sailing. That was the case for our May 23, 2021 cruise. I checked in successfully at 90 days prior to sailing. Unfortunately the cruise was cancelled.
  9. Booked on the Edge July 17, 2021 cruise from Fort Lauderdale. Usual check in date was several days ago. when I try to check in, a notice appeared that check in was not available and we would be notified when it was. Given the uncertainties about July cruising, I guess this is a sign that our cruise will be cancelled. Would be nice if Celebrity clarified the status of our cruise when they make changes like this.
  10. Is a vacuum passport the same thing as what a cruise line will require as proof of vaccination. The CDC card may be all the cruise line will require. I hope so.
  11. Does the Governor of Florida’s order apply to cruise ships flagged in foreign countries? Seems to me DeSantis would not object to the vaccination requirement if that led to cruise restarts.
  12. That is a good question. What if someone develops COVID while on the ship? What will CDC require to return to the US? Too much uncertainty. We will wait to cruise from and back to US port.
  13. Heard reports that 7 passengers tested positive on the Costa Diadema in Italy. Don’t think it was a false positive situation because a positive passenger had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. I post this here because I wonder if this will impact the timing for cruising in the US and we have the Splendor booked in January.
  14. Strangely all January 2021 Splendor cruises now showing availability in many categories. Maybe there was a glitch earlier.
  15. It is possible that our cruise was near capacity since there was little availability before the change. But the other two cruises in January had considerable availability. would like to know definitely since final payment is due in early November.
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