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  1. Does anyone know which dock the Celebrity Constellation will use in Sete, France? It appears that there are three: Quai d’Alger, Pier “P2”, and Dolphin berth “Epi Dellon.” Thank you! Pat
  2. Thank you for all the great information.
  3. I am trying to determine which of the two cruise ports we will dock at in Toulon in October. Does anyone know if Celebrity docks at the downtown port or La Seyne sur mer? Thank you!
  4. We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Elizabeth Town pre-cruise in October. Very nice property with spacious rooms. No views to speak of. Free shuttle from the airport. Our Uber to the port was about $30.oo. The hotel also offers a transfer to the port than you can book at check in. For us the Uber was less expensive and gave us more flexibility.
  5. We stayed at the ES this fall when sailing on the New England cruise. We were very pleased. We used their hotel shuttle from the airport and used Uber to get to the port and after the cruise to get to the airport. Everything worked like clockwork. One small difference in previous experiences - NJ law restricts the complimentary happy hour drink to just one drink. We would return to the property with no hesitation.
  6. What kinds of reasonably priced ocean view cabins are there for a family of 5 with kids ages 15, 11, and 2? Not interested in suites.
  7. Typically Celebrity has promotions for on board bookings. We recently booked a cruise while on board. The promotion was good for bookings during Sep and Oct. The promotion included two amenities - we chose pre-paid gratuities and the classic beverage package. (the others we could have chosen were unlimited internet or $300 in onboard credit.) In addition there was also an on-board credit of up to $500 depending on cruise length and type of cabin. Ours was $250 OBC for a 14 day cruise in a veranda. Suites get all four amenities plus the additional on board $$ based on # nights and type of cabin Deposits were $100'pp which was fully refundable. I don't know what the status of deposits will be going forward. The bookings are pretty flexible. You can change sailings up to 90 days prior to a sailing and up to the range of dates for the promotion. Our ending date was for sailings up to April 2019. These promotions usually exclude trans Atlantics, trans Pacifics and repositioning cruises. You can later transfer the booking to a travel agent and receive additional on board $$. You have to transfer it within 60 days. I hope this helps you. We see no downside to booking on board
  8. Thanks for this great live review. We will be on the Summit in Oct for a similar itinerary. Your review is getting us excited for our trip. Do you know if the ship is offering transportation to Newark airport at the end of the cruise?
  9. I too was on the Equinox Aug. 25th sailing and was in one of the cabins that had a power outage for about 18 hours. I have read with much interest the original post as well as the many responses. When I completed the end of cruise survey, prior to reading this thread, I chose to comment on the incident. I called the power outage a great inconvenience (18 hours of no power, no lights, showering, getting dressed, and using the bathroom in the dark, and no air conditioning, etc.) In my humble opinion, the response from Celebrity was a very minor one for a much greater inconvenience. There have been some posts related to how some organizations in the the hospitality industry respond to disruptions in level of service. We just experienced a response from United Airlines due to what they determined was an inconvenience during our flight. While we were waiting for our connecting flight in Newark, we received an email apologizing for the disruption to their standard of service during our flight. Each passenger was given the option of either 5000 miles or a $100 certificate for future travel. Here's what happened. About 15 minutes into our flight, there was an announcement made requesting volunteer medical assistance for a passenger who was experiencing a medical emergency. During the next 45 minutes or so we were mildly aware that volunteers were assisting the crew in dealing with the situation. Then things settled down and that was the end of the medical situation, i.e. about an hour of a nearly 11 hour flight. At the end of the flight the senior crew member apologized to all for any inconvenience due to the medical situation and any resulting delay in service. She reiterated that the crew regretted any level of service that was not up to their standards. Honestly, we did not feel inconvenienced at all and were grateful that medical professionals on board were able to resolve the issue for the passenger and that we were not diverted. Imagine our response when we received the email from United with the offer of a token of appreciation from United. We couldn't help but make an immediate comparison to Celebrity's response to the power outage. The contrast, in our opinion, was a stark one. My intention in this post is to simply point out how another corporation chose respond to what they determined was a disruption to their level of service.
  10. We booked a veranda guarantee for an August sailing this past Friday morning and were assigned a 1C veranda by Saturday. The same thing happened when we booked a veranda guarantee six months prior to our December cruise. We had our assignment within a day. Both times I was very surprised to have a cabin so early.
  11. Thank you for all your thoughts. I am not having much luck convincing my hubby to make the switch. He is concerned about the potential for a lot of movement aft, the distance to elevators, and the fact that we have so few sea days to enjoy the location on a very port intense itinerary. He doesn't see much advantage to the SV when in port. I do appreciate your input.
  12. We have taken advantage of some price drops on our August cruise and managed to switch from an A2 cabin to a Concierge class 3 on deck 9 and also get a nice price reduction. Meanwhile, now there are some Sunset Verandas (decks 7 or 8) available for what we ended up paying for the concierge cabin. Would it be crazy to give up concierge for the sunset veranda? It would be a wash cost wise. The itinerary is Athens to Istanbul in late August. We have never sailed in either type of cabin. What would you do? Your thoughts on the pros and cons of each?
  13. Thank you very much for checking for me. Pat
  14. Hello Dubrovnik Travel Lady, I have been reading your posts and find them to be so helpful. Thank you! Previously you posted a link to the Port Information. I can't get the port harbor link to work. Are there other ships in port on Sun. Aug. 28, 2016 ? We arrive on the Celebrity Equinox at 7 AM and depart at 7 PM. Thank you! Pat
  15. Oliver, thank you for sharing your wonderful pictoral review of the Around the Horn cruise. We were on the same sailing with you and your beautiful photos and commentary provided us with a cherished " walk down memory lane". Bravo!! Pat and Don
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