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  1. Looking for advice from seasoned bargain hunters. We usually book at least a year in advance, never close to sailing. We are used to at least two perks being included - gratuities and beverage package. Currently considering a 10 night May 2020 sailing that is past final payment. There are still many concierge and aqua cabins available and cabin prices are being reduced. Have never paid separately for perks so have not been tuned in to the actual costs of the beverage package. How do you decide when it is worth it to pay for the beverage package? We do love that perk for all its benefits. An
  2. I think you hit the nail on the head. I would have appreciated that my TA be honest with me up front. I probably would not have jettisoned that company had they been honest with me. They didn’t even “own up” when the customer service representative called me after the cruise to try to smooth things over.
  3. This past fall we had $400 from Celebrity and $350 from our big box TA whom we have used for 13 years. While we know that Celebrity’s OBC is non-refundable , the TA’s OBC has always been refundable. While on the cruise, I brought up our account on the TV and both amounts were listed as non-refundable. I was certain there was an error. Long story short, after much discussion, Celebrity guest services called New Hampshire so I could talk to the TA. The TA checked and said our OBC was in fact non refundable. At one point the TA also said Celebrity dictates the type of OBC they provide. She a
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