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  1. I get annoyed with a lanyard, and must always have my phone, kindle or iPad with me at all times so I can read, so I use one of the two bags I bought on board on earlier cruises. one is leather look, slightly larger than an iPhone and has two pockets in it and a small pocket on the front, which is where I keep my sea pass card. The other one is soft fabric with a pocket attached to the front which is perfect for your sea pass. It is also large enough to carry phone, iPad mini and/or kindle. Both bags have extendable straps so can be carried as cross body or shoulder straps. If you ask at the shop they will probably look in the store for you. I only paid $10 US each. Have fun with your cruise. You've chosen a lovely cruise line to travel with. Sally
  2. My favourite part of the ship for coffee and snacks, but as always on Celebrity, the staff make the area super special. As for getting a drink package so as to get coffee, unless you’re a coffee demon, and like the other drinks available on that package, I find paying separately, then getting the coffee card when it appears a few days into the cruise, saves a lot on the package but then, coffee and tea are my tipple. 😜. Just IMHO.
  3. Such a relief, hearing the positives and that we won’t lose the Sky Lounge or library on the beautiful Solstice class ships. I love them and have always felt all they needed was a brush up. We’re about to cruise New Zealand on Solstice, the first cruise on her, after two cruises on the beautiful Eclipse, which is well and truly ready for a refurb. I’m so relieved to know she won’t be spoilt.
  4. I am very happy to add to the praises of Alla Tours. Small groups, air conditioned coach. Lunch in a very nice hotel first day and a delicious packed lunch for the second all part of the price which is so much cheaper than the large group tour groups you pay so much more for with others. Also, along with guaranteeing an on time return to the ship, once you book for St Petersburg, you get really good discounts on any tours you do with them at other Baltic and Scandinavian cities. Highly recommended.
  5. My tip is to make the most of the music being played around the ship. We go through our daily program and take note of what's on and work out what appeals. there are also excellent lectures which are very well attended. Other special treats on Eclipse (I wonder if we're on the same trip - Feb. 2 from Buenos Aires?) are the delightful library on two decks, and the lovely coffee at Al Bacio which also gives a great view o anything going on in the Grand Foyer. I'm sure you're going to love Eclipse.
  6. Wasn't that a wonderful trip? We did it as the final leg of three b2b's in May. We loved the at sea days and the lectures were fun and interesting. The entertainment during the day was also brilliant. I imagine you had Sashi aboard. and I hope you loved her as we did. The trip was even better because of the brilliant and funny Alejandro who joined us in Santiago, Chile. Thanks for the photos - they brought back happy memories. Sal \Melbourne, Aus.
  7. I’ve found this a very interesting subject. Like many others I was thrilled to hear about the wonderful new ship, The Edge. Then I started to hear what was being left out, including the library which to me gave a delightful spot for a quiet read. My main concern I’d the worry that our beautiful Solstice class ships will be Edgized. I love Celebrity and really love Eclipse, on which we will be sailing next week and I’m just hoping the refurbishment won’t include the taking over of public areas for suites and their perks and changes to other beloved spaces. I’m not making a judgement on Edge, as we Australians don’t make long journeys to go on seven day overpriced cruises, so it doesn’t give me what we want at the moment, but I’m grateful for the input of everyone, positive or not.
  8. I have seen families where they carry walkie talkies. The only way todo it with a whole mob of you around the ship. I like the reminders alarm idea though. I just leave a message on our phone in our cabin. Good luck anyway.
  9. Thats what I’ve been trying to find out! I asked the forward bookings guy who was spruiking the advantages of Edge on Eclipse earlier this year and didn’t get an answer, but saw online that it appears to be dumped into the large eating space. I love the cosy site and atmosphere that is on the older ships. If you have definite knowledge on Al Bacia and the library, I’d be grateful.
  10. I love the S Class ships and am put off the E Class as I love the library and cafe Al Bacia which evidently are changed or deleted on the new ships. Having done 3 b2b’s on Eclipse early this year, the friendliness and warmth of the crew now makes it our favourite, I only said Apex, because who wouldn’t grab the most expensive if you didn’t have to pay?!😂
  11. We are. 😁. Chris and I are doing theee b2b cruises starting in Santiago Chile and finishing in Honolulu. I don’t know what’s happening to these roll calls, but I hope we somehow get things cleared up. I’m having trouble finding how to reply on the first roll call.
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