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  1. We want to snorkel during our port stop in Roatan. Will the water temperature be warm?
  2. Any suggestions for a small group tour of Roatan? Want to get a good overview of the island and visit a pretty beach for snorkeling & swimming. Thank you.
  3. We normally cruise on Princess. Found Good itineraries on Koningsdam. Have a few questions. Does this ship offer a buffet similar to Royal or Regal Princess with numerous food station options? Do they offer in cabin On Demand tv? Movies Under the Stars is fun, does Koningsdam have outdoor evening Movies? Thank you
  4. I enjoy the Orzo salad in the International Cafe on Princess ships. Would love the recipe.
  5. Does the ship have any lecturers or naturalists on board? How’s the mattress? Does the ship have the new flat screen tv’s in all staterooms? Multiple movie choices? We normally Cruise on Princess ships. Do they have anything similar to the International Cafe (24 hour cafe).
  6. Is it possible to travel from SeaTac to my HAL ship using light rail service? Ship transfers seem high priced. Post cruise our flight leaves at 6:00 pm. I’m hoping to do the free luggage transfer to airport. Then spend most of day downtown before heading to SeaTac. Have never cruised out of Seattle before and definitely need help with the details. Thank you.
  7. My first Transatlantic cruise. We get off after our overnight in Barcelona. How early can we get off? Do we clear customs? Anything else we should be aware of? Thank you.
  8. We have 9:30 train at Sants Station. What time should we get off ship to get taxi?
  9. How difficult is getting taxi from cruise port in Barcelona? What is the process getting off the ship if you carry off your luggage? Wonder how much time we should allow? Are there normally lines for taxis?
  10. We are thinking about taking a ship tour to visit the Madiera Botanical Gardens in April. Read some reviews on Trip Advisor. Not very positive. . The tour also includes the Monte Cable Car and Sledge ride down for $99. is the Botanical Gardens worth visiting? unkempt, no birds or animals, noise from road traffic, plants not labeled, tree's burnt from forest fires, and bad winter storm.....
  11. Do you need £ ‘s to pay for bus or taxi tour? Does the bus take euro or US$. Credit cards ? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. How far is the Cable Car from Cruise ship dock? If we get off ship early & weather is good will we be able walk to Cable Car take it up to top and walk down? How much time should we plan? Want to see the Apes not interested in the tunnels. It the walk back down easy to follow?
  13. If you have WiFi minutes purchased on Princess can you make calls & receive calls on the ship using Verizon WiFi Calling?
  14. How much does the self serve laundry facilities cost on the Crown? Do you pay with coins or does it go onto your cruise card? Are they open 24/7 ?
  15. No more Salmon on the ship for me. I gobble up the shrimp cocktail. Guess I should limit that too. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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