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  1. Congrats on booking your first Celebrity suite! I think that the Retreat elevates your cruise experience. I have never made a reservation at Luminae. One of the great pros of Luminae is dining at a time that fits my schedule. I will say that some times can be busier than others. The host and wait staff are very accomodating as to dining with others. And usually after dining once or twice, the wait staff usually remember your preferences.
  2. Enjoying this thread! My husband and I discovered Irish whiskey at an Irish pub in Gettysburg, PA. Our first taste was a Bushmills 10 Year. We enjoyed it so much, a week later my husband ordered a bottle of Bushmills 16 Year and splurged on a bottle of Bushmills 21 Year. Really enjoyed the Bushmills 21 which was very smooth. By the time we bought the second bottle of Bushmills 21, the price had increased by $100.00. After purchasing a third bottle of Bushmills 21, we could no longer find it. Probably a good thing! Since that time we have tried many whiskeys, inluding Japanese whisky. O
  3. We would do Norway and New Zealand again and again!
  4. Oops, did not mention in original post that I was talking about Celebrity's Chef Market Tour, not the Chef's Table. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Until this thread, I did not know about the Chef's Table. Even though we no longer take Celebrity's excursions, we made an exception for this tour. While pricey, we enjoyed spending the day with the chef. The day culminated in a dinner using foods and liquid refreshment that the chef had purchased that day. Will definitely take this Celebrity tour again when offered.
  6. The Celebrity Suite (CS) on the Edge was our first CS and we really liked it. First, the bedroom is separate from the living area which gives you more space in which to move around. Second, the bathroom is divided into two separate but connecting areas with each area having a sink. So we each had our own bathroom space. There is so much storage space that we did not use it all. There are two closets, one in the bedroom and one right inside the cabin door. So we did not have to cram everything into one closet. Third, all of the Edge CSs are in the forward area of the ship which makes ge
  7. Cannot speak about Sky Suites because we stayed in a Celebrity Suite on the Edge. Reservations are not needed in Luminae. Because Edge class ships have more suites than M or S class ships, we did see guests waiting to be seated for evening dining during certain times. While meal service is always excellent in Luminae, we found it to be exceptional on the Edge. We were in a Celebrity Suite and did not have complimentary dining in Specialty Restaurants. On embarkation day, we ate lunch in Luminae. Before sailing on the Edge, we would spend sea days on our balcony, but the Retreat Sundeck
  8. Rooting for UCLA too. Great game!
  9. My husband and I rooted for the Stanford women's BB game Friday night since our Baylor Bears were eliminated. It was a great game! Also, we have been on Celebrity during important sports events. We have never used our iphones to steam any game on board. For example, we were on the Edge on Super Bowl Sunday. Ship guests were treated to a Super Bowl party and were able to watch the game on a huge screen in the Theater.
  10. Would like to know how the food on Regent compares with Celebrity's Luminae.
  11. We have stayed in cabin 6145 twice before the refurbishment. If I remember correctly, there was a floor to ceiling glass adjacent to the door. It appears that Celebrity walled over the glass.
  12. Celebrity has given us three options: 1. 100% Refund 2. 125% Future Cruise Credit 3. Reaccommodated on another Celebrity Cruise vacation
  13. Just received an email from Celebrity that our 29 May 2021 Iceland/Ireland cruise has been cancelled.
  14. Our post was in response to the Sky ! suites on the Silhouette. We have never been on the Reflection. We recently read on a different thread that the window washing equipment is located at different Sky 1 suite balconies on the Solstice class ships and might be located at the balcony of cabin 1665 on the Reflection. You might want to check the Celebrity thread "S-Class Cabin Information Compilation." Some people say that they do not mind the window washing equipment, but we feel that a suite should not have any kind of an obstruction.
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