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  1. We've always just thrown our phones in the safe as soon as we board the ship and never use them the whole trip. However, this time I want to take photos with my phone. Can't I just find free wifi at Starbucks, etc.. in one of the ports and post from there?
  2. Do we have the option of carrying on all our luggage ourselves and then carrying them off as well at the end of the cruise? I can't remember if they still allow this?
  3. We embark the Splendor in late May. We are doing the following in each port: Mazatlan - Stone Island Tour (highly recommended) https://www.mazatlantours.org/ Our second choice for Mazatlan was a resort day at El Cid Moro Resort. Cabo - Parasailing HappyFlightsCabo.com After that they will drop us off at Medano Beach and we will probably to to Billygans or The Office. Puerto Vallarta - ATV Mountain Tour www.estigotours.com Really looking forward to this one. Have heard a LOT about it and Estigo's customer service is PRIMO! I'm not a beach girl. Just can't stand being idle and sitting around doing nothing. I know I'm in the minority though:)
  4. Thank you for the great information. We will be in Cabo on a Monday. First Parasailing with HappyFlights at Noon and then they said they would drop us off wherever we wanted to go. I was worried with it being that late in the afternoon that The Office or anything on Medano Beach would be crazy crowded. Guess we will just have to take our chances. Thanks again!
  5. Is there anywhere in Cabo along Medano Beach that we can park ourselves under an umbrella at a restaurant and not get hounded by beach vendors?
  6. We are thinking about The Office. Do you get hounded with beach vendors there? Would you recommend anywhere else that is not as crowded?
  7. Please let us know how everything went on your cruise. We rarely get to see a Splendor review!
  8. Which port is best for snorkeling in the Mexican Riviera? Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, or Cabo.......and where?
  9. Looking for a day pass to one of these. Which has a better pool area?
  10. Ok, I'm against jeans in the dining room, but if THIS guy comes in....I'm not saying a word!!
  11. I think he is just trying to get a rise out of everyone (and many people took the bait). Of course anyone with any sense knows that jeans are casual and not suited for elegant night. Saying that, if someone wants to stand out and wear jeans on elegant night in the dining room, then let them have the (shock value) attention they are seeking.
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