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  1. We've always just thrown our phones in the safe as soon as we board the ship and never use them the whole trip.  However, this time I want to take photos with my phone.  Can't I just find free wifi at Starbucks, etc.. in one of the ports and post from there?

  2. We embark the Splendor in late May.  We are doing the following in each port:


    Mazatlan - Stone Island Tour (highly recommended)



    Our second choice for Mazatlan was a resort day at El Cid Moro Resort.


    Cabo - Parasailing


    After that they will drop us off at Medano Beach and we will probably to to Billygans or The Office.


    Puerto Vallarta - ATV Mountain Tour


    Really looking forward to this one.  Have heard a LOT about it and Estigo's customer service is PRIMO!


    I'm not a beach girl.  Just can't stand being idle and sitting around doing nothing.  I know I'm in the minority though:)

  3. 12 hours ago, CA_Cruzing said:

    Cabo is a busy town. Depending on when you visit will determine how busy Cabo is. 


    Yeah, there’s beach vendors. We’re used to them. If you’re inside The Office’s seating area the vendors are not permitted inside to bother you. 


    As as for food or drink, you can cruise google maps while home and read reviews of other restaurants. We like The Office as their food and drinks are nearly perfect. Living in CA mex food is prevelant here. The Office is a notch better and their seafood is top notch. 


    Cabo is very CA pricing. Mazatlan and PV are much better values for food and beer. 


    It all depends on the vibe and scene you’re looking for in Cabo. There are lots of choices. IMO, the Marina restaurants are more tourist traps. The Office while still touristy has authentic food, in a nice setting (on the beach), and their margs are strong. Like very strong. I’ve experienced the bottoms of many margs glasses there. 


    Feel free to ask away with any other questions. Happy to help or guide you. 



    Thank you for the great information.  We will be in Cabo on a Monday.  First Parasailing with HappyFlights at Noon and then they said they would drop us off wherever we wanted to go.  I was worried with it being that late in the afternoon that The Office or anything on Medano Beach would be crazy crowded.  Guess we will just have to take our chances.  Thanks again!

  4. On 10/20/2018 at 3:10 PM, coevan said:




    Are you bragging? 

    I think he is just trying to get a rise out of everyone (and many people took the bait).  Of course anyone with any sense knows that jeans are casual and not suited for elegant night.  Saying that, if someone wants to stand out and wear jeans on elegant night in the dining room, then let them have the (shock value) attention they are seeking.

  5. I’m not exactly new to cruising as I’ve been on seven with three more booked. I know what FTTF offers. We sail out of NOLA, and board immediately after FTTF, always on board before noon. We have small rolling carryons that we easily hold onto while we eat on Lido until room is ready at 1:30. Luggage has always been delivered well before dinner. Rarely use guest services but when we need them we go early in the day when lines are nonexistent. Tenders have never been a problem or much of a line. Self assist debarkation gets us to our car by 8:30.



    There are usually five of us, so we are not only carrying around our small rolling carryons, but also a bottle of champagne/wine each, and a case of soda each. I have never been to guest services when there was not a line....and we are up before the ship is up. Last tender port, we all had to stand with hundreds of other people in the hot and humid stairwells for over and hour just waiting for the line to start moving. Two hours plus to board the tender....late getting to excursion.....learned my lesson and won't deal with that again. I guess it just all depends on each individuals needs/wants whether they get FTTF or not.

  6. Personally I try to get to the port (NOLA) around 10, so we can get through the check-in process before boarding starts, usually by 11, 11:15. I bought FTTF once, now I don't and find I get on 10 minutes after they do.


    You being new to cruising, I just wanted to explain that FTTF isn't just about boarding the ship early. It's about getting in to your cabin early, getting your luggage earlier, not having to stand in long lines at Guest Services (such a waste of time), and BEST OF ALL, not having to wait hours for a tender if you are in a tender port (like Cabo). Lots of benefits to FTTF.

  7. Good, fair, concise review. We were on the Splendor in July and had a great time. Good enough that we booked it again for later this fall if that tells you anything. Main dining room service can be hit or miss. We like to eat late which helps a lot. There is typically no waiting for courses since they are hustling to get you out so they can close down. We never feel rushed but the food and drinks flow at a good pace.


    Most of the times in the past we stayed on the ship as well in Mazatlán but on this last cruise we got a day pass at El Cid Moro Beach and it was the best shore day of the trip! Water was warmer than Cabo and clearer than PV and our two young teenagers had a great time in the waves all day. We now look forward to our port days in Mazatlán.


    The Splendor feels a little tired and worn out on the outdoor upper decks but staterooms and main public areas inside ship do not feel that way at all.


    We are thinking of doing El Cid Moro Beach in Mazatlan. Where/how did you get tickets? How did you get there and how long did it take from the ship? Do you just walk in and grab a table/lounge chairs/umbrellas or do you have to stop at the front desk or some kind of check in? How was the food service? Do they have any shady areas? Two of us stay out of the sun at all cost! Thank you for any/all info you can provide on El Cid.

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