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  1. After some advice. I have taken a jump of faith and booked the Sept 2021 Radiance Transpacific and so far have just paid the deposit to secure a Spacious Oceanview Balcony Cabin. I have a FCC from a cruise on Voyager which was cancelled in March. Should I apply the FCC to my new booking now or hang off until last day to pay in case cruise cancellations continue or flights between Australia and Hawaii don't resume? Did Radiance transpacific in 2018 and loved it, so jumped at the chance to do it again.
  2. Royal have handled this terribly, at least Carnival and P&O have let guests know what is going on and cancelled their cruises. Royal are still trying to sell cruises out of Australia for the next couple of months despite Radiance going nowhere today, Ovation and Voyager heading to Sydney with crews apparently being sent home. No information from Royal, cruise guests just left hanging in the wind.
  3. Want to do transpacific again in Sept 2021, so was hoping to book this month with the 2021 season deployment, but with everything going on, we may be waiting a while.
  4. Same here. Apparenty a brawl broke out at guest services after the change of itinerary to NZ was announced with 4 arrested and to be put off once she docks. Some pretty upset passengers on board.
  5. Thanks gbenjo. We were on Ovation last year as Platinum members and at 11.00am we took just 10 mins to get from bag drop off to onboard. 🤗 On Voyager next month as Emerald members so can hope.
  6. Just wondering if anyone who has recently sailed Voyager can tell me if once you get into the check-in area at the OPT, if there are still separate queue lines for Gold, Platinum, Emerald and Diamond C&A members. Thought I read somewhere that with the introduction of online check-in through the app and 'The Key', this has now been done away with but can't find the post. If so, just another C&A loyalty perk which has gone.
  7. Not normally until late March but has been as late as early May in some years.
  8. Yep tried different browsers, still nothing and we are now 9 days out?
  9. I have less than 12 days until my cruise on Ovation of the Seas, but no activities have appeared in the cruise planner. Is this normal, or because its just a 3 night getaway all bookings need to be done on board? We have also booked the ultimate dining package. When we get on board whats the best way to get reservations for Wonderland booked?
  10. In the last couple of years, Australia/South Pacific has tended to slip from March to late April.
  11. I believe they have to go to Papeete first to clear customs.
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